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RENOLIT Dolphin S: An eco-friendly alternative to antifoul

by Gemma Scarth, Grapefruit 6 Apr 2018 09:26 BST
RENOLIT Dolphin S alternative to antifoul © Grapefruit

The future of DIY antifouling is still unknown. Product regulations are likely to change significantly over the next few years due to the growing concern over what antifoul paints are doing to marine life by leeching biocides into the ecosystem.

We have recently teamed up with film specialists RENOLIT whose marine films are now making a strong impact in the industry, with solutions for above and below the waterline. If you're looking for an alternative to antifouling paints then RENOLIT Dolphin S could be the answer.

So what is RENOLIT Dolphin S and why should I use it over antifoul paint?

The product is a foul release film which is based on a high-quality fluro-polymer coating and works by giving the hull an ultra-smooth finish that organisms struggle to stick to.

Unlike antifoul paints, this film is completely biocide free and lasts for up to five years. Any fouling organisms that do manage to latch on are washed off when the vessel is moving above 7 knots or with light manual cleaning.

How long does it take to apply?

The product is applied by a specialist installation team who can apply RENOLIT Dolphin S on the hull of a 40ft yacht in just 2 days.

What happens if I run aground and puncture the film?

Like with vinyl hull wraps, if the film is damaged, the affected area can be trimmed away and a new patch can be installed in place.

Are there any other benefits to using this product?

Other benefits to using RENOLIT Dolphin S film includes lower fuel consumption, hull protection and is easy to maintain. As mentioned previously it's also environmentally friendly and doesn't contain any biocides or dangerous toxins.

What else can RENOLIT Dolphin S be applied to?

As well as the hulls of all vessels, RENOLIT Dolphin S can be applied to offshore power generation plants such as tidal power stations and turbines in both fresh and salt water areas.

Interested in RENOLIT Dolphin S? Talk to our Grapefruit Coatings team for more information:

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