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Three Solutions to Transform and Protect Your Boat

by Gemma Scarth, Grapefruit 20 Feb 2018 12:00 GMT
RENOLIT Dolphin S | Grapefruit Coatings © Grapefruit

We are now into the final stretch of winter and it's not long to go until boating season starts. It's important to get your boat ready after it's long winter's nap, as you don't want to be spending hours preparing your boat on a warm, sunny spring day which is perfect for boating!

At Grapefruit Coatings, we have three solutions which are quick, easy and cost-effective ways to prepare and transform your boat.


A vinyl boat wrap is the perfect way to turn your boat into a masterpiece. The vinyl can be any colour you wish and is a durable solution so not only does it look good, it also protects your boat from harmful UV rays. Boat wrapping is a very popular option because you can personalise your boat to your own taste and safely remove it without impacting on the resale ability.

The process is fast compared to painting with the hull of a 30ft boat being completed in approximately 2 days by our professional vinyl wrapping specialists.


For many years, boats have been using a variety of anti-fouling paints to prevent marine growth from attaching to the hulls of vessels. Recently there has been a growing concern over what these paints are doing to marine life and how they're polluting waters, particularly around harbours and marinas as they are leeching biocides into the ecosystem.

RENOLIT Dolphin S is a fouling release film which offers an alternative to the traditional antifouling paint, it's biocide free, easy to maintain and has the added benefit of reducing fuel consumption.

The film is composed of a fluro-polymer coating which works by giving the hull an ultra-smooth finish that organisms have difficulty sticking to.


If you have ever had the tedious task of cleaning a fouled prop, rudder or shaft you'll know how much time and effort goes into making them shine again in order to work efficiently. Luckily for boat owners, Propspeed is a biocide-free, eco-friendly coating which can be applied to running gear to help improve performance, fuel costs and to ultimately prevent marine growth from sticking to the surface for 1-2 years!

The foul release coating system is made up of a two component etching primer, followed by a clear silicone based coat, providing a super smooth outer layer.

Wish to find out more about these innovative products? Contact us on or click to visit our Grapefruit Coatings website.