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Rooster RS Tera End of Seasons at Draycote Water Sailing Club

by Emily Davis 29 Oct 2017 21:51 GMT 28-29 October 2017

The weather had brought a sudden chill to the air as 68 eager sailors arrived at Draycote Water Sailing Club for the Rooster Sailing RS Tera End of Season Championships this weekend. With a windy forecast of 20kts by the afternoon, it looked set to be an exciting weekend!

After a briefing from PRO Ally Jones the fleet was launched in time for racing to begin at 11.25. The regatta fleet of 11 boats enjoyed a brief onshore introduction and then took to the water for some short coached races.

As the breeze picked up, the first race in the Pro fleet was dominated from the start by Jonathan Bailey (Hunts SC), extending his lead all the way through the 4 lap race with Jack Oakley (RHS) and Luke Anstey (Frensham Pond) taking second and third. A sudden squall blew through half way through the second race decimating the rear end of the fleet but the front runners kept it together and battled on. Jonathan remained dominant for race 2 but Dylan McPherson (Burnham SC) and Samuel Blaker (Benfleet YC) had a close tussle for second and third with Dylan clinching it in the end.

With the fleet reduced to 17 the third trace looked to have Luke Anstey taking the lead right to the end; however he turned out to have been black flagged giving Jonathan the win once more. Jack and Dylan took second and third.

The wind having dropped off slightly after the squall it was great to see local sailor James Knight returning to the fleet again to join the last race for the day. Luke managed to keep the right side of the line at the start and it was a great race to the end with Samuel Blaker once more taking a podium spot and Jack a close third. Jonathan had the overnight lead from Jack and Luke.

In the Sport fleet, Abby Hire (RLymYC) gave a great demonstration of strong wind sailing, pulling away from the rest of the fleet to take a commendable lead from the rest of the pack. Much place changing occurred with Alice Davis (Great Moor SC) eventually fighting her way through the pack to take second from Peter Cope (IoMYC). When the squall came through, the safety team were very busy with the back end of the fleet; only 19 managing to finish the race! Abby once more flying away from Ben Meek (SWYSA/ Salcombe) who was having the race of his life and Jakey Wood (HISC) in third.

Race three saw the wind begin to drop; Max Sydenham (Dell Quay) decided at the last minute to rejoin the racing, starting a god couple of minutes behind it was great to see him catch up the fleet and even take a few places! At the front of the pack Tristan Ahlheid (Frensham Pond) knocked Abby from the top spot with James Johnson (Windermere) coming in second and Joseph Blaker (Benfleet SC) taking third. Tristan once more fought hard to take first again in the fourth race from Abby, Max Steele (WHSC) having a great race to come in third. Abby had a great overnight lead from Tristan and Alice.

The regatta fleet enjoyed 3 races in challenging conditions with the fleet getting smaller and smaller as they found themselves to be in the windiest part of the lake! All sailors proved what guts Tera sailors have in tough conditions, Kai Blackah (WHSC) being the overnight leader from clubmates Lauren Attwell and Toby Smith (Rutland SC).

An early evening supper of fish and chips for tired and chilly children (not to mention parents!) and judging of the annual Pumpkin Carving Competition took place; with Toby Smith being the resounding winner with his amazing creation of the Good Ship Tera 3091.

After a welcome lie in due to the clocks going back, all arrived back at Draycote on Sunday Morning ready for the first start at 0955. With the wind still fresh but having swung round to the North today's challenge was shift spotting.

In the Pro Fleet, Luke Anstey continued his form from the previous day coming in first, Alastair Brown (Great Moor SC) fighting off Jack Oakley all the way to take second. Race 6 saw Becky Caiger pull off an amazing victory with Jonathan Bailey snapping at her heels all the way, Luke relegated to third.

In race 7 Luke pulled himself together to take the win from Jack, Dylan McPherson once more climbing onto the podium in third. With Luke and Jonathan now on equal points and equal number of firsts, it was all down to the last race! Race four began, Luke took the lead early on and was comfortably sailing towards the finish when he realised that he had not done the required number of laps!

With the entire fleet following him before anyone realised, the tables turned quickly when he realised and altered course to go up the beat again. The race was in the balance as Alastair Brown (Great Moor), in his final race in the Tera, took the win from Jack with Luke managing to clinch third and the title.

The sport fleet racing began and Alice Davis (Great Moor SC) showed what a good night's sleep she had had soaring away from the fleet to take the win from Joseph Blaker (Benfleet) and Max Steele (WHSC) once more in third. Race 6 saw Akira Blackah sailing his socks off fighting with Alice for the first 2 laps before she sailed away once more taking the win, Akira holding onto second from Joseph Blaker.

In race 7 the top places were hard fought with much place changing going on between several sailors; at the top of the last beat Jakey Wood (HISC) and Alice were clear ahead of the rest but neck and neck; Alice clinching it on the leeward mark getting room and taking the win once more; James Johnson (Windermere) falling back to third after leading for much of the way. Alice had now won the Championship with a race to spare but that did not hold her back as she went on to win the final race, Jakey once more in second and Joseph Blaker third.

In the regatta fleet they held 8 more races, making up for time lost yesterday, with the results going down to the last race, Toby Smith taking the regatta fleet title from Akira Blackah by one point! Lauren Attwell continuing her form and finishing third. We look forward to seeing the regatta fleet sailors making their way to the main fleet at next years events.

Prizegiving took place as soon as possible with amazing prizes from our Event Sponsor, Rooster Sailing, allowing families to begin their arduous journey home to lands far away by 4pm. Our thanks go to Draycote Sailing Club and Rooster Sailing for making the event run so smoothly with great prizes.

Winter Squad training will take place at various venues over the winter; for more information on events and training in your area please contact the area reps from the website

Our next event will be the Start of Seasons at Northampton SC, 21-22 April 2018. We welcome sailors old and new to the class and pride ourselves on being friendly and accessible to all. The intention is to have a regatta fleet at the event, designed for sailors who can sail a triangular course but are new to fleet racing. For more information please see the website.

PRO Fleet Results:

PosSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
12391Frensham Pond SCLuke Anstey3‑5(BFD)1131312
23375Hunts SCJonathan Bailey111‑4‑924413
32612Royal Hospital SchoolJack Oakley2‑4233‑72214
42442Burnham Sailing ClubDylan McPherson‑112355103‑1128
52842Great Moor sailing clubAlastair Brown6‑115‑11296129
61693Draycote Water Sailing ClubFergus Pye564‑946‑10732
72584Sevenoaks SchoolBecky Caiger77‑87715‑934
82472Benfleet Yacht ClubSamuel Blaker83926‑14‑151038
92632Burnham sailing clubCaitlin Morley4‑1066‑1287839
103211Bough Beech SCJoseph Warwicker‑14(DNF)1014848549
112167Alton Water Sailing ClubOliver Johnson10978‑14119‑1254
122086Royal Harwich Yacht ClubJames Russell1313‑1513115‑20661
133444Isle of Man Yacht ClubCharlie Whitbread9811121015‑18‑2065
142171Rutland SCCarys Attwell12121210‑131312‑1671
152936DWSCJames Knight15(DNF)(DNC)161818131393
162279Royal Lymington Yacht ClubTheo Bell‑1915‑16151616161593
172305Olton Mere Sailing ClubWilliam Sunderland20(DNF)14(DNF)1512171795
18743Emsworth SCLizzie Foster16(DNF)1318171714‑1995
192323Royal Corinthian OttersImogen Palmer18(DNF)(DNC)DNC19201114106
20985Emsworth SCOllie Williams‑2214171722‑232222114
211885Draycote Water S.C.Isabella Hughes17(DNF)(DNC)DNC20191918117
223251Burnham Sailing ClubCallum Fraser21(DNF)(DNC)DNC23222121132
23719BSCThomas Goodsell23(DNF)(DNC)DNC2121DNFDNC137

Sport Fleet Results:

PosSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1st798Great Moor Sailing ClubAlice Davis2‑54‑5111110
2nd344Hayling Island Sailing ClubJakey Wood535‑84‑112221
3rd2025Royal Lymington YCAbby Hire11‑10279‑12626
4th2743Benfleet Yacht ClubJoseph Blaker10‑113‑11236327
5th1874FPSCTristan Ahlheid(DNF)81111‑135430
6th2950Windermere SchoolJames Johnson74295‑203‑1630
7th3354Isle of Man Yacht ClubPeter Cope3‑1084‑1074531
8th2644WHSCMax Steele67633‑1010‑1535
9th1881SWYSA / SalcombeBen Meek42‑121094‑161241
10th1906Middle Nene SCToby Hatsell8(DNF)7666‑14942
11th3262Northampton Sailing ClubImogen Wade99117‑14‑128751
12th1901Dell Quay Sailing ClubMax Sydenham11(DNF)‑15151587864
13th888Frensham PondBeth Lewis13616138‑17‑191369
14th2968Windermere SchoolTom Johnson141313(DNF)‑161691176
15th3443Isle of Man Yacht ClubTom Whitbread121291218‑22‑232083
16th3496FelphamAdelicia Lavender17151416‑2015‑201491
17th2157Hayling Island Sailing Club (HISC)Sophie Blaydes‑28141818‑2418111796
18th2941Welsh Harp Sailing ClubAkira Blackah18(DNF)(DNC)DNC1721318103
19th1922Llandudno/Rydal PenrhosFflur Pierce16(DNF)(DNC)1421141821104
20th2838Brightlingsea SC/Royal Harwich Yacht CluHarry McTiernan15(DNF)(DNC)DNC12515DNF117
21st2872HISCHolly Mitchell‑27181717‑28262419121
22nd2162Olton Mere Sailing ClubFreddie Sunderland22(DNF)(DNC)DNC1319DNF10134
23rd2357Llandudno/Rydal Penrhos SchoolKeira Luke25171920‑31‑282727135
24th2652Welsh Harp Sailing ClubTroy Tsang2419(DNF)(DNC)22272228142
25th2392FPSCOliver Stratton‑Brown3016(DNF)1927(DNF)2923144
26th625Hayling Island SCBen Stokes20(DNF)(DNC)DNC23DNF1724154
27th2645Welsh Harp Sailing ClubJoseph Henderson29(DNF)(DNC)DNC19242522154
28th2987NorthamptonThomas Humphrey26(DNF)(DNC)DNC26212126155
29th2893Brightlingsea SCEdward Eeles19(DNF)(DNC)DNC292326DNC167
30th2670HISCAlex Baker31(DNF)(DNC)DNC25DNF3025181
31st2739Royal Harwich Yacht ClubNathan Russell32(DNF)(DNC)DNC302528DNC185
32nd2611Llandudno/Rydal SchoolFreddie MacLaverty21(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNFDNCDNCDNC196
33rd2122Bartley SCMillie Hardiman23(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC198
34th2664Alton Water Sailing ClubWilliam Johnson33(DNF)(DNC)DNC3229DNFDNC199

Regatta Fleet Results:

PosSail NoClubHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11Pts
1st3091Rutland WaterToby Smith1‑2(DNC)2121212113
2nd3250Welsh Harp Sailing ClubKai Blackah‑3111313121‑414
3rd2456Rutland SCLauren Attwell232‑4434‑634328
4th1316Shropshire Sailing ClubJames Barraclough5(DNF)(DNC)3242546233
5th745Royal Lymington Yacht ClubViolet Edwards4(DNC)(DNC)5555773647
6th1901Dell Quay Sailing ClubAlex Sydenham64(DNC)66‑88355548
7th45Royal Lymington Yacht ClubMarcus Edwards8(DNC)4‑9766469959
8th1216Christchurch Sailing ClubWilliam Sears‑9638877998(DNC)65
9th2081Great MoorOskar Shepherd75(DNC)7(DNC)DNCDNC887874
10th3263Northampton Sailing ClubHarriet Wade‑107(DNC)10999101010781