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2017 SAP 5O5 World Championship at Annapolis, USA - Day 1

by Bryan Richardson 25 Sep 2017 07:59 BST 20-29 September 2017

Hamlin & Zinn draw first blood

There was a collective groan from the sailors when principal race officer Sandy Grosvenor announced from the deck of Severn Sailing Association that she was sending the fleet out on Day 1 of the SAP 5O5 World Championship.

Some of the competitors felt the forecast looked shaky, but Grosvenor thought there was a window to get in some racing. Grosvenor is a respected World Sailing race officer and it turns out she was right.

"I was delighted when we got out there and found the wind we did," Grosvenor said.

A northeast wind was blowing about 10-11 knots when the mark boat dropped anchor. That enabled Grosvenor to set the TL3 course that is standard for the International 5O5 class. It features a reaching leg thrown in after the first downwind leg and creates a triangle.

Californians Howie Hamlin and Andy Zinn drew first blood at the 2017 SAP 5O5 World Championship – snatching the lead just after rounding the leeward mark and holding it the rest of the way to win Race 1, which was seven legs and approximately five miles with a downwind finish.

"We got a good start in the middle of the line, which is where we wanted to be," said Hamlin, a Long Beach resident. "Andy set us up in a good spot and we knew right away that we looked good."

Mike Holt and Carl Smit, the 2015 world champs, were first around the initial windward mark and held the lead on the run. However, Holt-Smit and Hamlin-Zinn split gates and that would ultimately prove decisive.

"We gybed just before they did and went for the left gate. They went around the right one and it looked like they had more traffic," said Zinn, who has teamed with Hamlin to capture three North American Championships.

Holt confirmed that version of events and said a little hitch he and Smit had to take on the second upwind leg allowed Hamlin and Zinn to pass.

"I felt like we had a good start and good speed on the beat. We wanted to work our way left then take what opportunities we could to come back right, which is what we did," said Holt, world champion in 2014 and 2015 with different crew. "It was a surprisingly steady breeze, no shifts to speak of. So there were no real opportunities to find a passing lane or take them on. All in all, we were quite happy to come in second."

When it was over, most of the usual suspects were in the Top 10 with Chesapeake Bay locals Tyler Moore and Rob Woelfel taking third, just ahead of the British tandem of Ian Pinnell and Dave Shelton. Defending world champions Mike Martin and Adam Lowry finished eighth.

Grosvenor said the pressure steadily dropped during the race and was barely above the class cutoff of five knots when she went into sequence for Race 2. She got the fleet started, but very quickly abandoned, due in part to a strong ebb current that was sweeping boats down the bay.

Doug Hagan is an Annapolis native who competed in the Club 420 World Championship out of Severn Sailing Association way back in 1984. Hagan, who now lives in Maui, has returned to his hometown for the 2017 SAP World Championship and got off to a good start by placing sixth in Race 1.

"We wanted to start with as few boats as possible and noticed there was a gap in the line near the pin end. So we were able to get off and get away clean," said Hagan, who has Shane Illidge aboard as crew. "We had good speed and Shane pushed me hard to keep the boat rolling. It was kind of typical Chesapeake Bay sailing and definitely a nice finish for us."

SAP Race Analytics can be found here.

Results after Day 1:

PosSail NoBoat NameHelm / CrewR1Pts
1  USA 9160Frozen BananaHoward Hamlin / Andy Zinn11
2  USA 9072IO IntegrationMike Holt / Carl Smit22
3  USA 9173Team RoosterTyler Moore / Rob Woelfel33
4  GBR 9190P and B Race TeamIan Pinnell / Dave Shelton44
5  USA 8995blue boatKevin Taugher / Reeve Dunn55
6  USA 9102SUPDouglas Hagan / Shane Illidge66
7  USA 9106Mike's BoatMike Martin / Adam Lowry88
8  USA 9091Its Big Its White Edward Conrads / Brian Haines99
9  GBR 9088Gill Race TeamAndy Smith / Roger Gilbert1010
10  USA 8681Park Miller LLCStuart Park / Ryan CoxSCP11
11  FRA 9175505Philippe Boite / Florian Corbel1111
12  USA 8913USA8913Dan Herlihy / Austin Powers1212
13  USA 8831Big Red DogKerry Poe / Paul VonGrey1313
14  GER 9169compensation‑partner.deTim Boeger / Finn Boeger1414
15  GER 89298929Kai Bertallot / Jan Reifferscheidt1515
16  AUS 9191Swear jarMalcolm Higgins / Marcus Cooper1616
17  USA 9003Toxic AssetJesse Falsone / Chris Behm1717
18  USA 8715Pressure DropEthan Bixby / Parry Barclay1818
19  GER 9043Bikini AtollAngela Stenger / Skipper: Nikola Birkner1919
20  USA 8830NESSDrew Buttner / Mark Zagol2121
21  USA 9007License to KillMatthew Barry / Thomas Barrows2222
22  GBR 9180Ovington BoatsNathan Batchelor / Norman Byrd2323
23  USA 909IBIYCYHIA.J. Conrads / Richard MundellSCP24
24  AUS 9167SoakedNigel Lott / Bob Franks2424
25  AUS 9028Earle GreyEarle Alexander / Ian Gregg2525
26  USA 9041Bench MarkHenry Amthor / Dustin Romey2626
27  USA 8851USA 8851Ted Huebner / Mike Komar2727
28  AUS 9110OCCY 2Mark Stowell / Adam Brenz‑Verca2828
29  USA 8970BessyChristopher Segerblom / Eric Anderson2929
30  GBR 9178bottle of red bottle of whitechris lewns / Jarrod Simpson3030
31  USA 904904Benton Amthor / Doug Amthor3131
32  USA 9095Highway 95 RevisitedMacy Nelson / Russell Miller3232
33  IRL 8987LookadatlaPeter Scannell / John Dunlea3333
34  POL 9132White Wood Sailing TeamPrzemek Zagorski / Michal Olko3434
35  USA 8841SwagmanMichael Coe / Ali Meller3535
36  USA 81948194Clark Hayes / Clayton James3636
37  USA 8439Yes Dear!Anne Fitzpatrick / Christian Pittack3737
38  USA 9116The Great PumpkinKatherine Long / Dan Ginther3838
39  AUS 9134Boaty McBoatfaceCurtis Hartmann / Michael Quirk3939
40  FIN 8768GiiamariPetri Ebeling / Antti Salonen4040
41  GBR 9179The MechanicTudor Owen / Thomas Bruton4141
42  USA 8883Jane's AddictionKelsey Averill / Michael Renda4242
43  USA 9183No RetreatDylan Breton / Matthew Breton4343
44  USA 9005USA 9005Gordon Russell / Martin Goult4444
45  FRA 9086FRA 9086Neidhart Elisabeth / David De Monteil4545
46  GER 9146Magic MarineJens Findel / Johannes Tellen4646
47  DEN 9079Little BluenoseJesper Bülow / Søren Asboe Jørgensen4747
48  USA 7359HatoupCatherine Guiader / Christopher Brady4848
49  USA 9172TamakiPaul Scoffin / Brendan Heussler4949
50  FRA 9150KE ATAO IVHerve de Kergariou / Guillaume de Kergariou5050
51  USA 89378937Tim Murphy / Matt Merchant5151
52  USA 7606BattleshipBrendan Connell / Steve Lovshin5252
53  USA 8616Miami Vicemike powell / Lee Laney5353
54  AUS 9115SailingBits.comDean Souter / Brad Clarke5454
55  USA 8631FB Incognito Tom Crawford / Pierre Jeangirard5555
56  GBR 9126SerendipityStuart Turnbull / Andy Forman5656
57  CAN 8600MysteryMarie Gendron / David Brown5858
58  BER 9176YabstaGary Taylor / Brett Wright5959
59  CAN 7200More Desperate MeasuresJeff Boyd / Rachael Boyd6060
60  USA 8814SojournerLin Robson / Matthew GardinerSCP61
61  USA 8930BlondageDuane Delfosse / Sol Marini6262
62  AUS 9071Red BaronRichard Hyde / Lindsay Hyde6363
63  USA 8766The ShockerIan Conners / Jimmie CockerillSCP65
64  AUS 8877LEE SailsAmy Lee / Justin Mulkearns6565
65  USA 8081Poly StyreneMichael Parramore / Marco Giraldi6666
66  USA 8850Dr. CrashDoug Watson / Gabriel WatsonSCP68
67  USA 910SchnellerKaila Pfrang / Anna Patterson6868
68  AUS 9018EighteenBrett Bowden / Arielle Darrow6969
69  USA 8838Team TroubleSterling Spruill / Steve Taylor7070
70  USA 8952FIG JAMJake Spracher / Jay SmithSCP71
71  USA 8819Noch SchnellerChristopher Pfrang / Eric Schwab7171
72  GBR 9131UltraviresJim McGillivray / Ian Wilson7272
73  GBR 9125Rock BeatRoger Deane / Nigel Deane7373
74  GBR 8435505Patrick Mcgale / langdon junge7474
75  CAN 9138505Marek Balinski / Barney Harris7575
76  JPN 6999ApplesapShiro Noguchi / Takao Fijita7676
77  CAN 8368Send it!Paul Place / Nicolas Tosi7777
78  CAN 8755KryptoniteBrian Trainor / Mike Poulos7878
79  CAN 8260Red RocketShona Moss Lovshin / Devlin Lovshin7979
80  USA 7197MatildaDavid Neal8080
81  AUS 8968Devils Haircutmatt Hansen / Crazy John McLean8181
82  GER 8988LarissaGeorg Mittermayer / Dirk Barteldt8282
83  USA 7148CovfefeEric Konieczynski / Kyra Tallon8383
84  USA 8822Wicked PissaDavid Burchfiel / Bob Williams8484
85  AUS 8738A Salt WeaponJohn Macarthur‑King / Sarah Macarthur‑King8585
86  USA 8244HodorPaul Andron / Chris Drury8686
87  USA 8919Safety WordBryan Richardson / Ashley LoveDNF89

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