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Hyde Sails 2023 SIBS - LEADERBOARD

SAP 505 World Championship at the WPNSA - Overall

by Chris Thorne 5 Aug 2016 18:08 BST 30 July - 5 August 2016

The final and deciding race of the SAP 505 Worlds may not have had the epic qualities of some of the earlier rounds, but still produced some fine sailing in Weymouth Bay.

Although Americans Mike Martin and Adam Lowry went into the race with a seemingly comfortable points margin of 22 points over the rest of the field, they could not afford any mishap. If their best currently discarded result of 30th in Race 1 came into play, any one of six rivals could overhaul them for the title.

After the heavy winds of the previous three races, the 130 starting boats had a gentle breeze of 6-8kts to take them on the hour long sail east out of Portland Harbour to the starting area. Since both the 10th and 11th placed finishers in the previous race had already performed the duty, GBR 9131 sailed by Nathan Bachelor and Sam Pascoe, opened proceedings as pathfinder. Not for the first time in this regatta, the start had to be abandoned due to an over eager competitor impeding the gate boat, but all boats behaved themselves at the second time of asking.

By now the breeze had developed a little more oomph, with 10-12kts across most of the race track, and oscillating through about 15 degrees. At the first mark, Philippe Boite and Corbel Florian (FRA) clearly found the softer conditions more to their liking and slipped round at the top of the pile ahead of Mike Holt and Carl Smit (USA) and Germany's Tim Boger and Markus Schoner. But the big question was the whereabouts of the championship leaders, Martin and Lowry? The answer was buried deep in the 30s round the top mark, thus putting their title hopes in significant jeopardy.

The fleet split down the run, and significant pressure differences across the pitch produced more place changing. At the bottom gate it was Holt and Smit that led marginally from Wolfgang Hunger and Julien Kleiner (GER). The German boat opted to take the opposite side of the gate to Holt and the left hand side of the beat. However, Martin and Lowry also chose some good lines to move up the fleet, rounding in the high teens, enough to win the championship.

The conditions were clearly to the liking of Hunger and Kleiner who outpaced Holt and Smit up the second beat to establish a lead that they would not surrender, although by now the pressure had increased to 14-16kts, giving some sparkling sailing down the reaching legs in the middle of the race. Behind the leading two boats, Timon Treichel and Morten Roos (GER), Tyler Moore and Drew Buttner (USA) and Malcom Higgins and Nick Johnston (AUS) all remained in the hunt for third place.

However, the real story involved Martin and Lowry. It was their championship to lose, but would the pressure get to them? Martin, uniquely a previous winner as both a crew in 1999 and as a helm ten years later, was keeping his cool and was advancing through the fleet. Hunger and Kleiner took the finish gun with a comfortable advantage over Holt and Smit, with Treichel and Roos third. However, the new SAP 505 World Champions Mike Martin and Adam Lowry proved their mettle by crossing in fifth place, a considerable achievement after being apparently buried on the first leg.

The Classic fleet also enjoyed the more benign conditions, with Michael Wilson and Phil Hardisty (GBR) completing a clean sweep of first places in the seven races held.

The day proved a fitting end to a superb championship, with the only bad weather falling on the lay day and with winds ranging from 6kt to 28kts on the race days providing a true test for the competitors. The world class race management by the team from the WPNSA, with rapid and accurate changes to the course axis and length to meet the changing conditions, also played a huge part in ensuring that a full schedule of races was held and that the racing was a fair as possible to all. The title sponsors SAP, together with the clothing sponsors Gul and equipment sponsors Allen all combined to make this a truly memorable event for all involved.

Penultimate Day Interview with Martin and Lowry (from Nic Douglass, Adventures of a Sailor Girl)

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Overall Results:

Regatta RankSail NoHelm/CrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1 USA 9106MARTIN/LOWRY3043114212516
2 USA 9072HOLT/SMIT12815513324236
3 GER 9152HUNGER/KLEINER11126RET9553140
4 USA 9173MOORE/BUTTNER5364203978440
5 GBR 9131BATCHELOR/PASCOE397211411121745
6 GBR 9163PINNELL/DAVIES213241881271948
8 USA 9153HAMLIN/ZINN744137104452350
9 GER 9101TREICHEL/ROOS19232791471611379
10 GER 9146FINDEL/TELLEN24520316101810DNC82
11 DEN 9121BOJSEN‑MOLLER/BOJSEN‑MOLLER81830622622261092
12 AUS 8890HIGGINS/JOHNSTON184692515256218102
13 GBR 9143LOVERING/ALVARADO6633524211121921112
14 GER 9135BÖHM/ROOS4120562111686DSQ113
15 DEN 9128HOFFMANN BUHL/BUHL40641233718261311120
16 GBR 9177GILLARD/ANDERTON44928291717102522123
17 GBR 9085WALTERS/CRAM143210819RET271444124
18 FRA 9075BOITE/CORTEL2143519285030169127
19 RSA 8905WILLCOX/WILLCOX262419122316152026129
20 AUS 9105NICHOLAS/HAWES91118183412RET3131130
21 DEN 9118SAUGMANN/KARBO10116622431542730139
22 USA 9102HAGAN/DUFFIELD16154317624472942149
23 GBR 9124SCUTCHER/DIEBITSCH3229143927RET131725157
25 SUI 8614STAUFFER/JACOT13143936352114RET32165
26 GER 9169BÖGER/SCHÖNER50663743122917247169
27 CAN 8970TENNANT/BOURDOW55308103128244240171
28 AUS 9061CAMERON/HERITAGE33372642512791524171
29 GBR 8963HODGSON/MILES51645112262372827176
30 SUI 9147JACOT/JACOT391646144323533212179
31 USA 8808DIAZ/NELSON522222233820361838179
32 GBR 9174UPTON‑BROWN/MITCHELL31483412013855828184
33 AUS 9134QUIRK/DUNN11024504733RET3935189
34 SUI 9096BART/GROB631RET276734334118190
36 USA 9095NELSON/ANDERSON225429283239653415199
37 AUS 9167LOTT/FRANKS205723464835233320200
38 GER 8975HOLZAPFEL/BÖGER462531162938345329202
39 USA 9168EDWARDS/MUNDELL2834RET402615194759209
40 GER 9171GIESLER/BÖHM235049473032284314217
41 AUS 9028ALEXANDER/BOWDEN274244263336253834219
42 SUI 8613MARTI/BETSCHEN6021426937DSQ422313238
43 RSA 9094FUNKE/FUNKE254554353940403737253
44 AUS 9110STOWELL/ATTWELL45272557RET46413050264
45 FRA 9150DE KERGARIOU/GERON482657714178353633276
46 GER 8519GNADEBERG/TELLEN37247523658465774277
47 GER 8720TASCHE/TASCHE495333454052433549294
48 GER 8915SCHLESIGER/SCHLESIGER544151315044394553301
49 GBR 9093OWEN/BRUTON73283473613020DNS57303
50 IRL 8906MCNICHOLL/MCNICHOLL61765325549616641306
51 GBR 9104BRIDDON/KENNEY595559RETRET22312262310
52 GBR 8991MEADOW/READ178432814470824636326
53 GBR 8887WILLIAMS/DAVIES475940584547446248329
54 GBR 8514ILIFFE/NURSE4240536852RET484954338
55 AUS 8957WOOLMAN/SCAPENS10258384954RET325256339
56 GER 9043BIRKNER/STENGER38370544969847261344
57 RSA 8675HURTER/ZIMMERMAN448563565667454052356
58 USA 8831JOHANNESSEN/VON GREY436252596364505446366
59 SWE 8912HASTENPFLUG/HASTENPFLUG7947613866RET525651371
60 DEN 8828WONTERGHEM/WONTERGHEM5874691558RET736460397
61 GER 9035ROOS/ROOSRDG5287765748625969399
62 GBR 9136MEARS/TUCKERDNF8121534237RETDNC43408
63 AUS 8797PIKE/JONES747058678143494887409
64 GER 9020WILLE/BERGMANN629789346557567570419
65 GBR 9125DEANE/WILLIAMS566083RETRET45515075420
66 GBR 8708GOULT/RUSSELL537694607051605183421
67 POL 9170MILEWSKI/MILEWSKI2969725160RET768466423
68 GBR 9156PICKERING/PRIDDLE6751509779417465RET427
69 USA 9083ROSS/WATERMAN658867789356554464429
70 GBR 9159WESTON/HAWKES7672484871RET727847434
71 USA 9005KIVNEY/GREENFIELD646760709042775592435
73 GBR 8860JOHNSON/KING637362725959678363445
75 FRA 8847LE MORVAN/GOUGEON805685668072897758489
76 AUS 9022BURFORD/CHRISTIE68687582777664RET76504
77 AUS 8968HANSEN/WHITE8292746375RET707668508
78 GBR 9032BLYTH/AITKEN1057780947263876184524
79 GBR 9158LEWIS/HOLLAND947873RETDNC536660102526
80 GER 8750KRUSE/WITTEMER8893667488DNS716772526
82 FRA 9031PHILIPPE/VIVIEN10471RET618477798297551
85 GBR 8881RABBITTS/SAMANJOUL8999RET919961576991557
86 GBR 8749MILTON/MILTON971039310285606363109563
87 FRA 8752FRÉDÉRIC/YANN878791RET9480687186570
88 GER 8903KWEE/SPÖTTER779095967871758595571
89 GBR 8914BANNISTER/NICHOLSON8610768797674RETDNC89579
90 POL 9132ZAGORSKI/OLKO7279798869RETDNSRET67585
91 GBR 8384CULPITT/NICHOLSON1101011068910679597478586
92 GER 8550HAUSCHILD/HEYDER85112988687RET807377586
93 GBR 8340WADDINGTON/OCTON119129771009875698096595
95 AUS 8637CRONIN/WHITBREAD1161269210382RET586879598
96 AUS 9071HYDE/JOHNSON91120849273RET908188599
97 USA 8868KOWALSKI/GINTHER1038999105896883DNS81612
98 SUI 9060HOURIET/DONZE75659683101DNCDNCDNC65616
100 GBR 8650SELFE/MONTAGUE9580817774RETRETDNC93631
101 AUS 9018BOWDEN/KOROBACZ121125861099255DNC70101634
102 GBR 8432WHEELER/MARRIOTT114122828596RET7879103637
106 BER 9176WRIGHT/TAYLOR1091211081041037381RET108686
107 CAN 8755TRAINOR/JENNINGS100941019311481RETDNC105688
108 GER 9141OTTO/LIETZ98958884102RETDNCDNC104702
110 GBR 8243GREENLAND/MAWHINNEY115124114RET1056586DNS113722
112 GER 9123WILTS/SCHMIDT11210911264100RETRETDNC99727
113 GER 8806HAUSCHILD/MENGE10710410310697RETRETDNC82730
114 GBR 8925WILLMOTT/DRISCOLL10111711811011066DNCDNC110732
119 GBR 8780WRIGHT/POWELL99118107112RETDNSDNSDNC107805
121 FRA 8950QUEMARD/PICQUEREY123111109114109RETRETDNC114811
122 USA 8439FITZPATRICK/PITTACK125127100101108DNSRETDNC120812
123 USA 8939WYLES/FLETCHER122113113108RETDNSRETDNC106824
124 FRA 8542LEROY/GUITTENY117108RET111116RETRETDNF118832
128 GBR 7755FOX/FOXDSQ128116120115RETRETDNC119860

Classics Results:

PosSail NoHelm/CrewR1R2R3R4R5R7Pts

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