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Cherubs set for Isle of Sheppey this weekend

by Jamie Pearson 13 Apr 2016 17:11 BST 16-17 April 2016
Jill and Andy Peters - 2 x Cherub national champions © Tom Gruitt /

The second open meeting for the Cherub class will be happening this weekend at the Isle of Sheppey Sailing Club, a well known and well liked location.

Because of the beauty of development classes, no two boats are the same, meaning, we are never quite sure what the finishing results will be. To add to the confusion, the 97 rules boat (usually single trapeze, and with smaller sails) are at a disadvantage over the newer 05 rules boats when the wind is mild to off; but as soon as the breeze kicks in, they have a wild card which they play with much delight, often showing that no drag is better than lots of power!

Below is a list of confirmed entries and a brief description of the teams:

Robin Jones and Eleanor Craig Hull design: Banshee Boat name: Banshee Ambulance

Occasional moments of speed if they manage not to break themselves or the notorious Banshee Ambulance. The boat has been stumped over the winter, and with a bit of luck, her gantry is also now solid, but who can tell? Probably one of the most sailed UK Cherubs over winter.

Positives: Has showed bursts of speed particularly over 12 knots or so. Negatives: Absolutely hates light wind, not sailed together much

Nicholas Pratt and Jay Williamson

Hull Design: E5 Boat Name: Exultant Jubilation

With Green Bananas still ripening, Nick is borrowing EJ for the second time this year. He has been fast in both Cheese and Madge before, winning a race in the 2015 nationals, and the '97 trophy at the 2014 nationals.

Positives: Proven fast boat and hull shape Negatives: Lack of time in the boat together

Jamie Pearson and Rosie Williamson

Hull Design: P7 Boat Name: The Shiny Beast

With a lot of new kit, fancy twisty T foil mech, homemade jibs aplenty, and a fair bit of winter training done, will the Shiny Beast improve on her performance at Rutland? A new stiffer mast top should help! They've sure seemed quick training at Draycote recently.

Positives: Light wind flyer, lots of new kit Negatives: Lots of new kit

Dave Ching and Isaac Marsh

Hull design: E7 Boat Name: Little Chilli

With his usual crew Hayley unavailable, the pairing of class legend Dave Ching and newcomer to the fleet, Isaac Marsh, will likely be a one off, but they could prove to be very fast - Dave has a very well proven boat under his feet and in 2015 was right up there in all the events. Will most certainly be pushing the top spots.

Positives: Dave Ching is a legend, the boat is very quick Negatives: Never sailed together

Andy and Jill Peters

Hull Design: E5 Boat Name: Usagi Yojimbo

These double national champions have been racing their E5 for years now, and are well on the pace - especially in the light to medium stuff, though they fall back slightly in the heavier wind. One things for sure though, they are always somewhere near, and its never a surprise for them to win.

Positives: Consistency Negatives: Are there any...?

Dean Ralph and Simon Jones

Hull Design: E6 Boat Name: Eleanor

With Eleanor repainted and finished for the dinghy show this year, their boat is looking fantastic, and has all new control systems. A very consistent pairing, though a slight lack of sailing in the past couple of years could hold them back a tad. Often pushing the top spots, particularly in the mid/high wind range.

Positives: Home waters, and mid/heavy winds Negatives: Lack of time in the boat recently

Greg Patten-Kerr and Zara Wakeling

Hull Design: Italian Bistro Boat Name: Madge

Sailing Madge, bought recently off Nick, Greg will almost certainly have the most fun if its breezy, but the smaller sails will hinder otherwise.

Positives: t foil, well set up boat Negatives: not sailed a cherub before

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