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US and Kiwi Red Bull Youth Americas Cup teams go head-to-head

by Amando Estela, SailX 27 Aug 2013 14:17 BST 30 August - 5 September 2013

On 7th August, USA 45 Racing, the team selected to represent the USA in the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup, issued a challenge to the other Red Bull Youth America's Cup teams to a Fan Vs. Fan Challenge on SailX. Today we are pleased to announce that FMJ Racing, the team selected to represent New Zealand, are the first team to have accepted that challenge.

With less than two weeks to go to their main event, these two teams are now encouraging their US and New Zealand sailing fans to get behind them and their challenge to win the inaugural Red Bull Youth Americas Cup, not just by watching them on TV, but by actually racing on their behalf on SailX:

FMJ Racing Skipper, Will Tiller, "When we received USA 45 Racing's SailX challenge we couldn't fail to take it up, as of course, being Kiwi, we are sure we have the strongest sailing fanbase! These next weeks are going to be super intense for us and there is no better way for our fans to appreciate what we are up to, than by taking part in a similar 'virtual regatta' on our behalf. This is also a nice way for us to say thanks to our sponsors (AON, GAC, Pindar, Kaenon,,, Line7 and Doyle Sails) with a bit of unexpected coverage. Let's all get to it!"

This Fan-versus-Fan challenge will kick off on Friday 30th August with a Qualifier Series that will conclude on Wednesday 4th September. On conclusion of the Qualifier Series, the Top-7 individuals from each team will race each other and against the Top-7 individuals from the 'Rest of the World' in a Final 21-boat fleet race Regatta on Thursday 5th September to determine the team with the strongest fanbase plus an overall individual winner.

If you want to join the racing then click on ONE of the following options:

  1. To register and race as a fan of USA 45 Racing (please donate to support their challenge):
  2. To register and race as a fan of FMJ Racing:
  3. To register and race as part of "Rest of World":

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