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West Lancashire Yacht Clubs 24 Hour Race

by Louise Halliwell 16 Sep 2012 22:00 BST 15-16 September 2012

The 46th 24 Hour Race took place over the weekend of 15-16th September. This year's race began with a running start in a pleasant force 2 with the GP14s in flight 0 setting the pace for the whole event.

The Radio Merseyside Trophy for the fastest first two laps went to Burwain SC A Team with Royal Windermere YC A and South Staffs A in second and third positions. The Enterprise class did not find the conditions favourable but, the boats from West Lancs YC, Killington Lake SA, Soul Sailor RA and 24 Hour Race stalwarts Papercourt SC, had their own close tussle for the first four places in their class. Unfortunately, Soul Sailor, having managed to overtake the others, broke a boom and never managed to fully recover, leaving the other three boats to battle it out..

Early penalties for Burwain A and South Staffs A in the GP Class also changed the rankings with last year's winners, Hollingworth Lake SC A, taking over the lead, pursued by the GPs of Budworth A and Royal Windermere A and Southport SC A. At this point in the afternoon the wind had increased slightly to marginal planing conditions and boats started to entertain the spectators with interesting capsizes and righting techniques.

By nightfall, the GP14 of Hollingworth A and the Enterprise of West Lancs had taken their class leads which they held until the end of the race.

During the afternoon, our two Olympic / Paralympic Sailing medallists from the North West, Stuart Bithell, silver medallist in the 470 class, and Niki Birrell, bronze medallist in the SKUD18 class, had kindly exhibited their medals and later allowed some of the very young sailors to wear them and be photographed with their heroes. Hopefully the youngsters will be inspired to follow in their footsteps (and will their friends believe them when they tell them they have worn the medals?).

During the course of the evening, there was a continuous battle between the GPs of Budworth A, Royal Windermere A, Southport A, West Lancs A and Derwentwater A.

The Dogwatch Trophy for the fastest lap at 8pm was won by Hollingworth A with West Lancs B and Budworth A in second and third.

Late in the evening, the West Lancs GP took a penalty and slipped from third to sixth.

The Midnight Race was won by Budworth A with South Staffs A and Hollingworth A in 2nd and 3rd. At this time of night there is also the Don Ibbetson Trophy for the boat in first place at the race's halfway stage, this went to Hollingworth A.

The wind had become quite light in the late evening but the night hawks were exposed to an unpleasant squall in the early hours. As the night slowly faded, the South Staffs A GP clawed their way back from their one lap penalty and took 3rd place behind Budworth A, and the West Lancs Enterprise crept into the top ten in the ninth place remaining there until an unfortunate incident with a port tack boat caused them to capsize. However, their position as first Enterprise remained unchallenged. Behind them, Pilkington A had consolidated their position as second Enterprise, with Ulley A passing Killington shortly before the end to finish third Enterprise.

The Stanley Leach Trophy for the Dawn Race was won by Southport A with Burwain A and Midland A in 2nd and 3rd.

The Coddington Cup, sailed at 8am, was won by Hollingworth A with South Staffs A and Budworth A in 2nd and 3rd.

The Heineken Trophy for the fastest lap sailed by an all female crew next after 10am was won by Ann Jackson and Alex Halliwell of the previously unlucky Soul Sailor team.

The race finished without any of the strong winds threatened in the coastal waters forecast for the Irish Sea and before the rain really arrived.

At the Prizegiving the visiting teams were welcomed to Southport by the Mayor of Sefton,who had also officiated at the start of the event.

Overall Results:

Pos'nTeamClass/Sail NoClubLapsPenalty
1st 1GP 14021 Hollingworth Lake S.C. (A) 95 laps  
2nd 2GP 14039 South Staffs S.C. (A) 94 laps ‑1
3rd 3GP 13881 Budworth S.C. (A) 93 laps  
4th 18GP 18 West Lancs YC 92 laps ‑0.25
5th 7GP 7 Southport S.C. (GP) 92 laps  
6th 15GP 15 Royal Windermere Y.C. (A) 92 laps ‑0.5
7th 8GP 14037 Derwent Reservoir S.C. (A) 92 laps  
8th 21GP 1408 South Staffs S.C. (Youth) 91 laps  
9th 20GP 14034 Derwent Reservoir S.C.(B) 91 laps  
10th 5Ent 22310 West Lancashire Y.C. (A) 91 laps  
11th 6GP 13924 Burwain S.C. (A) 92 laps ‑1
12th 12GP 13785 Staunton Harold S.C. (A) 90 laps  
13th 14Ent 23121 Pilkington S.C. (A) 90 laps  
14th 58GP 13709 Bolton S.C. 89 laps ‑0.25
15th 16GP 16 Budworth S.C. (Masters) 89 laps  
16th 24Ent 21889 Ulley S.C. (B) 88 laps  
17th 28Ent 22943 Killington S.A. 88 laps  
18th 22Ent 22 West Oxfordshire S.C. (A) 87 laps ‑0.25
19th 31GP 31 Hollingworth Lake S.C. (B) 87 laps ‑0.5
20th 4Ent 23089 Soul Sailor Racing Assoc. 86 laps  
21st 34GP 120 Winsford Flash S.C. 86 laps  
22nd 10GP 14089 South Staffs S.C. (B) 86 laps ‑0.5
23rd 37Ent 20860 Hoylake S.C. 85 laps ‑0.5
24th 30Ent 20753 Ogston S.C. 85 laps  
25th 26Ent 22461 Scammonden Water S.C. 84 laps ‑0.5
26th 46Ent 22400 Chester S. and C.C. 84 laps  
27th 17Ent 17 Papercourt S.C. 84 laps ‑0.5
28th 33Ent 20518 Staunton Harold S.C. (B) 83 laps ‑0.25
29th 49Ent 22506 Manchester University 83 laps ‑0.5
30th 41Ent 20055 Covenham S.C. (A) 82 laps ‑0.5
31st 42Ent 22901 Midland S.C. (B) 81 laps ‑0.25
32nd 43Ent 21318 Toddbrook S.C. 81 laps ‑0.25
33rd 48GP 13760 Budworth S.C. (C) 81 laps ‑0.25
34th 25Ent 22905 Combs S.C. 81 laps ‑1
35th 59GP 13810 South Windermere S.C. 80 laps ‑0.75
36th 13GP 14045 Midland S.C. (A) 79 laps  
37th 29Ent 23042 Sussex Y.C.(A) 80 laps ‑0.5
38th 27Ent 2312 Pilkington S.C. (B) 79 laps  
39th 19Ent 22620 Ulley S.C.(A) 79 laps  
40th 60GP 13770 Bangor University S.C. 79 laps ‑0.25
41st 44Ent 22878 Loughborough University S.C. 79 laps ‑0.5
42nd 50Ent 21543 Covenham S.C. (B) 78 laps ‑0.25
43rd 40GP 13952 Royal Windermere Y.C. (B) 79 laps ‑0.75
44th 23GP 13767 Dovestone S.C. Ladies 77 laps ‑0.25
45th 55Ent 55 West Oxfordshire S.C. (B) 76 laps ‑0.25
46th 45GP 45 Burwain S.C. (B) 76 laps ‑0.25
47th 39Ent 20264 Southport S.C (B) 75 laps ‑0.25
48th 57Ent 18657 Birmingham University S.C. 75 laps ‑0.25
49th 54Ent 54 Rudyard Lake S.C. 74 laps ‑0.5
50th 32Ent 20228 Pennine S.C. 73 laps ‑0.5
51st 35Ent 13518 Strathclyde University 71 laps  
52nd 56Ent 22921 Rotherham S.C. 72 laps ‑0.5
53rd 51Ent 22397 Etherow Country Park S.C. 71 laps ‑0.25
54th 36Lark 1029 Sussex Y.C. (Youth) 71 laps  
55th 47Ent 690 Pilkington S.C. (C) 69 laps  
56th 52Ent 2825 Sedbergh School 67 laps  
57th 53Ent 18974 Lancaster University S.C. 65 laps ‑0.25

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