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Mirror Europeans at Sligo Yacht Club - Overall

by Steve Wilkinson 20 Aug 2010 14:12 BST 15-20 August 2010

Following an assessment on the course by the committee boat, the final day's racing has been abandoned due to winds of 30+ knots over the course and broken seas. This means that Ross Kearney and Max O'Dell (IRL) have won the 2010 Mirror Europeans by a margin of 36 points.

The consistent sailing of the 2005 Mirror World Champion, with a result no worse than third all week, has meant a comfortable win for Ross. Second were local crew Beth and Shauna Armstrong (IRL) whose performance on the water yesterday left them in a strong position whatever the weather today.

Another crew whose performance yesterday elevated them from fifth to a final finishing position of third were Ed and Beth Grey (GBR), leaving them the top performing British boat.

The week has proved to have had fantastic sailing and close racing in Sligo Bay, with a variety of conditions for the 74 entries, with a warm welcome extended by the hosts Sligo Yacht Club and the Irish Mirror Class Association.

Overall Results:

PosFleetSail NoBoatHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1stGold70624Tryanasauross MaxRoss KearneyMax OdellRoyal North of Ireland YC / Northampton11-3111-313312
2ndGold70580Purple Monkey DishwasherBeth ArmstrongShauna ArmstrongSligo Yacht Club21359-262-21102548
3rdGold70515Jack A'ttackEdward GreyBeth GreyRoyal Western Yacht Club868513-207-244253
4thGold70563Flat StanleyNigel ThomasRob ThomasWeston Sailing Club-19410854107-14856
5thGold70534Arctic DonkeezMatthew Lulham-RobinsonBenjamin Lulham-RobinsonYeadon SC / Otley SC/ Yorkshire Dales SC611-2115(BFD)36312157
6thGold70465 Graham DalyEoin HickeySkerries Sailing Club10RDG4215514-236-2263
7thGold70511UntouchableAdam McCulloughToby McCulloughRoyal North of Ireland Yacht Club93-30134-178145763
8thGold70333VengeanceAlfie WisdomSam WarrenLough Derg Yacht Club7-37943-16112151667
9thGold70225Still ThinkingCian HickeyPaddy McGowanSkerries Sailing Club17-297323-324811275
10thGold70634 Calum MacKenzieRory MacKenzieOgston Sailing Club12-16161121213(DNS)71184
11thGold70123 Mark ArmstrongEva MartinSligo Yacht Club159-28171014-23913693
12thGold70606All the Right ReasonsJames WilkinsonEsme ShepherdRestronguet Sailing Club1110216-1910-2417101995
13thGold70456Fat BuoyEmma GraysonRachel GraysonBeaver Sailing Club3720248(RAF)175-2917101
14thGold70621 Peter ReganJack RyanLough Ree Yacht Club13815-28-3172541118101
15thGold70172e does not look 'appyBarry ArmstrongRonan ArmstrongSligo Yacht Club162-347718-27211824113
16thGold70556 Peter SedgewickNick PughYorkshire Dales SC / Poole Yacht Club24151710915-32-29194113
17thSilver70622 Tiarnan DicksonShane DonoghueLough Ree Yacht Club14-32119-29620161725118
18thGold70507Point BlankJohnny HillAdam HillRoyal North of Ireland Yacht Club2323252028(DNF)22-309132
19thSilver70533 Jack MayeNicola MurraySligo Yacht Club21172614112311-419-31132
20thSilver70636 Padraig DolanLee ThorntonMullingar Sailing Club4518391624-4518(BFD)10134
21stGold70426Benina SplitHelena PughLibby CouragePoole Yacht Club-402113126-285282228135
22ndGold70538Ace of SpadesJohn PetersonClare PetersonWhitstable Yacht Club512-322212251626-2721139
23rdGold70560Dr Tom 3Maddy AndersonKim May-PapilouBrightlingsea SC / Poole Yacht Club30-336233021-37112313157
24thGold70428 Callum MaherDavid JohnsonSutton Dinghy Club22-35191814133020-3526162
25thGold70015B LimeyEdward GraysonMatthew FosterBeaver Sailing Club25202430-33-351915829170
26thGold70619 Oliver WhiteWilliam HideRipon Sailing Club202829212019(DNF)-331620173
27thGold7058Blue BelleAnna WatkinsRosie WatkinsPoole Yacht Club1819-38-37222718273214177
28thGold70567 Catherine HideEllie HideRipon Sailing Club2914276(DNF)(DNF)22303123182
29thGold70529Cant touch thisKerri-Ann BoylanTim ConnelSkerries Sailing Club282712-3127(BFD)9312127182
30thGold7033 Cillian DicksonJulie RyanLough Ree Yacht Club-4218233217(DNF)3463915184
31stGold69797Flashpoint IVColm HackettRoisin HackettMullingar Sailing Club343011292493332-42-40202
32ndGold69949HaloCallum McLoughlinMuireann MorrisseySligo Yacht Club-38-413535183715132032205
33rdGold70501and PerkyMiles OdellRory OdellNorthampton and Hayling(OCS)223340(BFD)812372433209
34thSilver70620 Sinead DicksonAoife BourkeSutton Dinghy Club-3531222535112834-4535221
35thSilver69558BlackadderKevin HackettHugh DuffyMullingar Sailing Club3936(DNF)27-472629193830244
36thSilver69664SureailKevin MartynJack McDermottSligo Yacht Club332636363822-42-422634251
37thSilver70290Smooth CruiserAndrew BradyMuiris FitzgeraldSligo Yacht Club3124312625(DSQ)3551(BFD)39262
38thBronze70464Breaking WindAli RonanSuvi RonanSligo Yacht Club263414-504029-48354348269
39thBronze70075LapdancerJack CollinsFiachra McHughGalway Bay Sailing Club44(DNF)37334339262228-45272
40thSilver70587HummingbirdAmy StevensHettie StevensHunts Sailing Club3625(DNF)43373436-483436281
41stSilver70347Poppy BlueMilly PughMadeleine WatkinsPoole Yacht Club46-48(DNF)38214643253641296
42ndBronze70335Gybe BunnyHarry CollinsFergus CollinsSligo Yacht Club4339(DNF)45(BFD)4140393337317
43rdSilver70508ReflectionEimear McDermottDearbhla O'SullivanLough Derg Yacht Club27424146-5649415325-60324
44thSilver70355 Mairin RyanEaveen EdmundsonLough Ree Yacht Club32-55(DNF)49323139504151325
45thBronze70266InsomniacCian WhiteOisin DonoghueLough Ree Yacht Club374639445036-523640-61328
46thBronze69650Vintage 95Aoife FlanaganCormac CreamerSligo Yacht Club5338(DNF)-65343350404938335
47thSilver7045Emerald Isle IIDaniel MaddenAisling MaddenOtley Sailing Club4540(DNF)-64365438475142353
48thBronze70607Keep On SmilingMegan BoylanMelissa DalySkerries Sailing Club4847(DNF)4145583143(BFD)44357
49thSilver69451 Hodel HelihyHilary HerlihyLough Derg Yacht Club47604048(BFD)52(DNF)384646377
50thBronze53561 Thomas DeanRobert DeanBeaver Sailing Club4944(DNF)564638444458-59379
51stBronze70309N/ASinead AlcockSarah Grace BreenSkerries Sailing Club4152(DNF)-68414851465256387
52ndBronze70228 Rex HendersonAndrew HendersonRoyal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club5150(DNF)424842-65525065400
53rdSilver70289 Rosie DonnellanAshley McDermottLough Derg Yacht Club56(DNF)(DNF)52424455594449401
54thBronze69287OhoyCraig ForrestCallum MustardShetland Sailing Centre-5851(DNF)58444054555455411
55thBronze70001Invisible TouchMatthew BennionSinead HarrisonSkerries Sailing Club-6361(DNF)54394757545352417
56thBronze70288 Matthew CollinsJamie GillenSligo Yacht Club-685742555351-60575553423
57thSilver69800Magic MushroomRobert ButlerCian FeeneySligo Yacht Club50(DNF)(DNF)53495947606247427
58thBronze69818Trivial PursuitJoshua McCormickColm HoganMullingar Sailing Club6543(DNF)47(BFD)3049715767429
59thBronze69525KnabSaul SwansonNiall GrayShetland Sailing Centre / Sligo YC5445(DNF)6351624658-6754433
60thBronze70518Final Answer?Isabelle Roche GriffinNatalie Roche GriffinRoyal St.George Yacht Club6154(DNF)61(DNF)61DNF453750443
61stBronze78384EnvyAlan SmythKevin GalliganMullingar Sailing Club5258(DNF)-67585753496562454
62ndBronze7050CognacJames ConnellSamual WraySligo Yacht Club55(DNF)(DNF)51525358676058454
63rdBronze70031 Rian ConboyAaron O'ReillyGalway Bay Sailing Club60(DNF)(DNF)34DNSRAF61565943461
64thBronze69668Don't Panic!Steven ShannonDavid ShannonSligo Yacht Club6653(DNF)6255(DNF)56694757465
65thSilver70444Dead OnRonan Roche GriffinGavin Roche GriffinRoyal St.George Yacht Club57(DNF)(DNF)59544363616963469
66thBronze62765ChaosTom StevensMartha StevensHunts Sailing Club6462(DNF)575750596266-71477
67thBronze69524LeiranessFraser McKenzieCamille BaconShetland Sailing Centre / Sligo YC5949(DNF)60(DNF)5568666164482
68thBronze70325 Gemma CollinsNiamh McKeonSkerries Sailing Club6256(DNF)70(DNF)4564636366489
69thBronze66536SupernaturalIsabelle DuffyTara KelleherMullingar Sailing Club6759(DNF)7159(BFD)666456DNF516
70thBronze89558Half-BoatDarren SmythRory HoganMullingar Sailing Club69(DNF)(DNF)69DNF5667654869517
71stBronze70332Sinking FeelingFreya RonanStephen KerinsSligo Yacht Club70(DNF)(DNF)73DNF60DNF706468553
72ndBronze2012 Catherine McCollumSophie JacksonSligo Yacht Club(DNF)(DNF)DNF66DNF6462727072554
73rdBronze69819 Rachael O'DwyerEllen O'DwyerSligo Yacht Club(DNF)(DNF)DNF72DNF6369686870558

Junior Overall Results:

PosNatHelm and Crew
1GBRMatt and Ben Lulham-Robinson
2GBREmma and Rachel Grayson
3IREPeter Regan and Jack Ryan
4GBRPeter Sedgewick and Nick Pugh
5IRETiarnan Dickson and Shane Donoghue
6GBRHelena Pugh and Libby Courage
7GBRJohn and Claire Peterson
8GBRMaddy Anderson and Kim May-Papilou
9IRECallum Maher and David Johnson
10GBROliver White and Will Hide

Mirror Europeans Gear Guide:

Sail NoHelmCrewCombined weightHullSailsMastFoils
70624Ross KearneyMax Odell107kgWinderP&BS.sparWinder
70515Edward GreyBeth Grey108kgWinderGoacherS.sparWinder
70563Nigel ThomasRob Thomas134kgWinderRooster and speedS.sparWinder
70534Matt Lulham-RobinsonBen Lulham-Robinson90kgWinderLulham RobinsonS.sparWinder
70634Calum MackenzieRory Mackenzie118kgWinderP&BS.sparWinder
70606James WilkinsonEsme Shepherd112kgDuffinNorthS.sparClapp
70456Emma GraysonRachel Grayson97kgDuffinP&BN.sparMilaines
70556Peter SedgewickNick Pugh99.7kgWinderP&BS.sparWinder
70426Helena PughLibby Courage110kgDuffinP&BS.sparMilaines
70538John PetersonClare Peterson116kgWinderP&BS.sparWinder

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