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Hublot PalmaVela Regatta - Day 3

by Eva Dallo 17 Apr 2010 21:58 BST 14-18 April 2010

Matador moves up and Container confirms

Guillermo Parada moves Matador up to the second position in the TP52 class

Container confirms her leadership after the today's coastal race for the Mini Maxis

The wind had trouble establishing itself again today, and the postponement flag had to be raised at around 11:00 this morning. Finally, in around 8 knots southwesterly wind, the committee boat gave the start signal of the first race of the day, at 13:43 hours. The TP52's, RI's and ORC's have shared racing area, opossite to the Arenal. In the TP52 class Matador did two very good races, with skipper Guillermo Parada at the helm, finishing both of them first, ahead of Artemis, with Paul Cayard calling tactics. The Swedish boat had remained unbeaten till today, when he did a second and a third place, but benefited from the discard after race six, which helps her hold to the first position in the overall standings. Matador is second, just one point ahead of John Cook's Cristabella, which is third. Weapon of Choice, former Matador, closes the classification, but the final standings will not be decided until tomorrow.

Maxis and Wallys, and Traditional and Classic Yachts had their coastal race today, a course of 24,6 miles and 21,81 miles respectively. In Maxi Wally Richarson's J One won today's both races, kicking Magic Carpet of Daniel Gallichan out of the first position which she had held from the first day, which is now just half a point behind. Behind, Y3k did two four places, and sees Italian Indio getting dangerously close, half a point behind. We'll have to wait till tomorrow to know the final standings. In the Mini Maxi class, Udo Schutz Container confirms its first place, after finishing first and third. Andres Soriano's Alegre wasn't able to cut down distances, but keeps a comfortable second position, since Neville Crichton's Shockwave is five points behind.

Carlos Martínez's Peraleja Golf gets closer to the victory after doing two first places and a third one today in the J80 class -the 22 footer which has grown popular in Spain during these three last years-. Nextel is second and ECC Viviendas is third, after he went over the line in the first race, and losing the chances of final victory.

In the International Rating class, Jose Maldonado's Cuadernos Rubio won both today's races and kicked Peninsula Petroleum out of the first position. The Gibraltar flagged GP42 didn't have a good day today, and could only be eighth in the second race, sinking to the third position in the overall standings. With the current classification, Aifos of the Spanish army, with Jaime Rodríguez Toubes at the helm, is silver after winning the last race. The fourth position goes to Minnic, with a second and a third place today.

Results after Day 3:

Maxi Wally
1. J One (Richarson), 2+3.5+3+1+1: 10.5pts
2. Magic Carpet 2 (Gallichan), 1+1+4+3+2: 11pts
3. Y3K (Offen), 3+2+1+4+4: 14pts

Mini Maxi
1. Container (Schutz), 1+4+1+1+3: 10pts
2. Alegre (Soriano), 3+2+2+4+1: 12pts
3. Schockwave (Crichton), 4+1+3+3+6: 17pts

J 80
1. Peraleja Golf (Martínez), 1+3+1+1+1+(3): 7pts
2. Nextel (Camino), 4+1+3+4+(4)+6: 16pts
3. ECC Viviendas (Torcida), 2+4+10+(14)+2+1: 19pts

TP 52
1. Artemis (Tornqvist), 1+1+1+1+2+(3): 6pts
2. Matador (Roemmers), 3+3+2+(3)+1+1: 10pts
3. Cristabella (Cook), 2+2+(4)+2+3+2: 11pts

Platú 25
1. Iberdrola (Weiller), 2+2+(2)+1+1+1: 7pts
2. UEP Design (Carbonell), (4)+4+1+2+2+2: 11pts
3. Inmobiliaria Nova (Forteza), 1+1+3+4+(4)+3: 12pts

RI 1
1. Cuadernos Rubio (Maldonado), 5+1+2: 8pts
2. Aifos (Rodríguez Toubes), 2+6+1: 9pts
3. Peninsula Petroleum (Bassadone), 1+3+8: 12pts

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