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Golden Globe Race

Golden Globe Race

Show news Susie Goodall rescued in Golden Globe Race
Joyous ending to 50 hour nightmare in the Southern Ocean
Posted on 8 Dec
GGR - Susie Goodall rescued!
Susie Goodall rescued!
Posted on 7 Dec
Golden Globe Race day 158: Update on Susie rescue
British yachtswoman Susie Goodall remains safe and secure aboard her yacht DHL Starlight
Posted on 6 Dec
Golden Globe Race day 157
Susie Goodall dismasted 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn
Posted on 5 Dec
AC36, RORC Transatlantic Race and GGR 2018 news
Latest newsletter from David Schmidt of Sail-World
Posted on 4 Dec
Golden Globe Race day 155
Distance narrows between race leaders
Posted on 4 Dec
Golden Globe Race day 148
Van Den Heede rounds Cape Horn and gains on all but Mark Slats
Posted on 26 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 145
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede set to round Cape Horn tonight
Posted on 23 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 142
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede to round Cape Horn on Friday
Posted on 20 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 135
Mark Slats has closed the gap on the leader by 500 miles this week
Posted on 13 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 131
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede given 18 hour time penalty for improper use of GGR satellite phone
Posted on 9 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 130
Race leader will make repairs to his mast at sea
Posted on 8 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 127
Van Den Heede suffers knock-down and mast damage
Posted on 6 Nov
DHL partnered Susie Goodall arrives into Storm Bay
A tough couple of weeks in the Golden Globe Race
Posted on 1 Nov
Golden Globe Race day 122 update
Susie Goodall arrival in Hobart
Posted on 31 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 120 update
Barnacles plague yachts badly
Posted on 30 Oct
Jean-Luc van den Heede drives lead in the GGR 2018
2,000 nautical mile advantage over sailors half his age
Posted on 29 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 114 - Loïc rescue successful
Loïc Lepage was transferred from his yacht by the Japanese bulk carrier
Posted on 23 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 113: Lepage rescue update
Expected to be evacuated from his dismasted yacht today
Posted on 23 Oct
Attrition and drama rates climb in the 2018 GGR
Attrition rate of 55% is evidence that Mother Nature is in charge
Posted on 22 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 112: Loïc Lepage rescue
600 miles SW of Perth, Western Australia
Posted on 22 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 111: Code Red Alert
Mayday alert from Loic Lepage
Posted on 21 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 110 update
No one can board the yachts or provide any assistance and the skipper cannot disembark
Posted on 19 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 106 update
Mark Slats injured during knock-down
Posted on 15 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 97 - Van Den Heede arrives
First to the film gate at Hobart
Posted on 6 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 96 - Van Den Heede at Hobart
The 73-year old skipper is expected to sail in to Storm Bay
Posted on 5 Oct
Single handed in the centre of a forming hurricane
Golden Globe sailor fell from the top of the mast during roll over after hanging from watch strap
Posted on 3 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 92 - Jean-Luc builds up lead
Jean-Luc and his yacht Matmut are expected to reach Hobart film drop
Posted on 1 Oct
Golden Globe Race day 88: Kopar goes to the rescue
GGR skipper Istvan Kopar goes to the aid of solo yachtsman in South Indian Ocean
Posted on 27 Sep
Golden Globe Race day 87: Gregor McGuckin rescued
Gregor McGuckin 'well and in good spirits'
Posted on 26 Sep


    Show photos from

    Susie Goodhall lifted by crane from her dismasted yacht during the Golden Globe Race
    © Andrey Zashibis Tkachenko / MV Tian Fu
    The race is on! Relative positions of Jean-Luc Van Den Heede and Mark Slats at 08:00 UTC today - Golden Globe Race
    © Golden Globe Race
    Positions at 08:00 UTC 03.12.18 - Golden Globe Race
    © Golden Globe Race
    Susie Goodall and her Rustler 36 DHL Starlight - now in search of rain - Golden Globe Race
    © James Darling
    Rolling round the Horn. 2nd placed Mark Slats light winds and 6m seas as he rounded up into the Atlantic on Saturday - Golden Globe Race
    © Tapio Lehtinen / PPL / GGR
    Jean-Luc Van Den Heede predicts a Jan 23 finish - Golden Globe Race
    © Christophe Favreau / GGR / PPL
    Uku Randmaa, plagued first by barnacles - and now sharks! - Golden Globe Race 2018
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Jean-Luc Van Den Heede - hoping for continued good weather when rounding Cape Horn on Friday - Golden Globe Race 2018
    © Jean-Luc Van Den Heede
    Positions at 09:00 UTC 20.11.18 - Golden Globe Race 2018
    © Golden Globe Race
    Istvan Kopar - a further 6 hour 40 minute penalty for encroaching into the Southern Ocean NO-GO Zone - Golden Globe Race 2018
    © Barry Pickthall / PPL / GGR
    Tapio Lehtinen - pulled perilously close to a lee shore on New Zealand's southern tip - Golden Globe Race 2018
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Mark Sinclair has been enjoying an easy ride so far, but is now low on drinking water - Golden Globe Race
    © Mark Sinclair / GGR / PPL
    Jean-Luc Van Den Heede now with renewed vigour to complete the Golden Globe Race after deciding to repair his mast at sea
    © Jean-Luc Van Den Heede
    Tapio Lehtinen spent 36 hours anchored at the Hobart Film Gate making running repairs to his boat and rig in the Golden Globe Race
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Tapio Lehtinen still smiling after 54 hours without sleep in the Golden Globe Race
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Positions at 15:00 UTC 5.11.18 - Golden Globe Race day 127
    © Golden Globe Race
    Race Leader Jean-Luc Van Den Heede suffers knock-down and damage to the rig of his yacht Matmut
    © Christophe Favreau / Matmut / PPL
    Istvan Kopar arrives in Hobart in 5th place battered, bruised but still smiling
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Kopar's hands are suffering from what appears to be a fungal infection from his time at sea.
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Kopar has overcome considerable difficulties to recover from last place to be 5th on the leaderboard at this half-way stage
    © Jessie Martin / PPL / GGR
    Arriving at night, Goodall stayed at anchor for 12 hours, fixing her self steering and scraping barnacles from the bottom of her yacht DHL Starlight
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Showing cuts to her hands and fingers sustained during a recent storm, still bandaged with gaffer tape.
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Overcome by the welcome...and thousands of messages from well-wishers.
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Susie Goodall in good form last night after arriving at the Hobart pit-stop in 4th place
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    British-born Susie Goodall arrived into Storm Bay, Tasmania on the DHL Starlight
    © Ben Kelly
    Happy with his performance so far, but will the barnacle growth give Susie Goodall the opportunity to catch up
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    The barnacle growth on Randmaa's yacht One and All - a problem shared with several skippers. Is the cause a failure of modern antifouling systems...or simply not applying enough paint?
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Uku Randmaa and his Rustler 36 One and All - 3rd at the Hobart film gate
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Randmaa: `Yes I have lost weight...and hope to look a lot younger when I get back to the finish!`
    © Christophe Favreau / PPL / GGR
    Golden Globe Race - Day 113 - Igor Zaretskiy has successfully repaired a broken forestay on his yacht Esmeralda
    © Group V team / PPL / GGR