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CoastWaterSports 2014
Golden Globe Race

Golden Globe Race

Show news Golden Globe Race Day 193
Jeremy Bagshaw a Cape Horner
Posted on 18 Mar
Edward Woodward
He played Lieutenant (Henry Harbord) Harry ‘The Breaker' Morant in the film.
Posted on 12 Mar
Golden Globe Race Day 185
Solo woman leading with 200-year-old weather routing! More storms ahead!
Posted on 8 Mar
Golden Globe Race Day 179
Kirsten & Abhilash fighting for lead and two new Cape Horners
Posted on 3 Mar
Not a bag of liquorice
There was a standout notion. That would be all sorts, hence the title.
Posted on 27 Feb
Golden Globe Race Day 170
Abhilash Tomy second Cape Horn rounding despite gear failure
Posted on 22 Feb
Neuschäfer on the cusp of making sailing history
First woman to round Cape Horn at the head of the solo Golden Globe Race
Posted on 17 Feb
Golden Globe Race Day 164
Kirsten Neuschäfer first around Cape Horn
Posted on 16 Feb
Golden Globe Race leaders face a big storm
Skippers undertaking the most difficult part of the course
Posted on 7 Feb
Kirsten Neuschäfer takes lead in Golden Globe Race
An extraordinary solo woman sailor quite unlike any other
Posted on 31 Jan
Major windvane failure for GGR leader Simon Curwen
After weathering the worst of a deep depression in 40 knots and 6-metre seas
Posted on 28 Jan
Cold, wet and challenging Golden Globe Race
Simon Curwen 1200 miles to Cape Horn as first gales sweep across
Posted on 27 Jan
Golden Globe attrition, frustration and barnacles
Jeremy Bagshaw loses battle and now relegated to Chichester Class
Posted on 20 Jan
Golden Globe Race heading to Les Sables d'Olonne
Simon Curwen breaks away again!
Posted on 11 Jan
Neuschäfer wins CCA Rod Stephens Seamanship Trophy
South African rescues fellow Golden Globe Race competitor after his yacht sinks in Southern Ocean
Posted on 4 Jan
Golden Globe Race and Sydney to Hobart Fleet meet
Kirsten Neuschäfer in the lead?
Posted on 1 Jan
Youngest Golden Globe entrant faces retirement
The Atlantic has taken quite a toll on the GGR fleet
Posted on 20 Dec 2022
Arnaud Gaist out of the Golden Globe Race
Broken sextants and time take their toll
Posted on 10 Dec 2022
Golden Globe Race lifesaving regulations
Asteria sinking, lessons to be learnt
Posted on 29 Nov 2022
Tapio Lehtinen rescued in the Indian Ocean
Picked up by fellow Golden Globe Race competitor
Posted on 19 Nov 2022
Tapio Lehtinen abandons ship in Golden Globe Race
Liferaft floats 460 nautical miles SE of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Posted on 18 Nov 2022
Golden Globe sailors through Cape Town gate
Pat Lawless and Damien Guillou forced to retire due to wind vane failures
Posted on 15 Nov 2022
Golden Globe sailors through Cape Town gate
The Southern Ocean on their doorstep!
Posted on 10 Nov 2022
Golden Globe Race arriving at the Cape Town Gate
Simon Curwen (UK) should be the first arrival on Sunday afternoon
Posted on 4 Nov 2022
Golden Globe Race Cape Town Gate gets interesting
Battling High Pressure Systems, barnacles (again) and local hero makes a big bet
Posted on 3 Nov 2022
Golden Globe Race windvane safety
And GGR 2026 open for entries
Posted on 27 Oct 2022
Damien Guillou breaks windvane in the Golden Globe
Tapio in the lead, but is he really? Next gate favours eastern positioned yachts
Posted on 21 Oct 2022
Trade wind twist for Golden Globe Race fleet
Wet windy trades on the nose with confused sea sand low 30 degrees temperatures
Posted on 13 Oct 2022
Captain Barnacles is back
23,000 miles to go in the Golden Globe Race
Posted on 7 Oct 2022
Golden Globe fleet dive into doldrums
Frustrating first test for many
Posted on 30 Sep 2022


    Show photos from

    Jeremy is officially a Cape Horner!
    © Nora Havel / GGR
    100% success rate at the Cape Horn crossing for South Africa!
    © Jeremy Bagshaw / Golden Globe Race 2022
    With Kirsten parked for several days, Abhilash has been greatly reducing the gap, and Simon joined to play!
    © GGR
    A happy Abhilash!
    © GGR
    Leading pack of the GGR Virtual Race approaching Les Sables d'Olonne in the Bay of Biscay
    © GGR Virtual Race
    After several days idle in no wind, Nuri is back on the move!
    © Nora Havel / GGR
    28th May 1990 – Maiden crossing the Whitbread finish line, surrounded by supporters
    © Andrew Sassoli-Walker
    Onboard ‘Flyer' surfing in the heavy weather in the Southern Ocean during the 1981/2 Whitbread. Skippered by Cornelis van Rietschoten, Flyer won the race on handicap and took line honours
    © Dr Julian Fuller / PPL Photo Agency
    Neptune during her recent refit
    © Tanneguy Raffray
    ‘Sayula II' skippered by Ramon Carlin, returning to Portsmouth to win the first Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race
    © PPL Photo Agency
    1973: Start of the first Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race with Chay Blyth's 'Great Britain II' leading Eric Tabarly's French entry 'Pen Duick VI'
    © Bob Fisher / PPL Photo Agency
    Swan 651 `Spirit of Helsinki`
    © Ocean Globe Race
    Marie Tabarly / Pen Duick
    © James Tomlinsen
    Kirsten Neuschäfer
    © Kirsten Neuschäfer / GGR
    Abhilash has been challenged with ongoing repairs aboard Bayanat, including stitching a four metre rip in his mainsail
    © Abhilash Tomy / GGR
    Two storms for Jeremy Bagshaw
    © GGR
    Golden Globe Race weather picture
    © GGR
    Jeremy Bagshaw and the Race office may have little sleep in the next few days
    © Nora Havel / GGR
    Clara, sponsored by Howdens, has been very impressive in strategy with limited information and raw speed, pulling away from Nuri and catching up with the leaders!
    © Josh Marr
    Cape Horn was the high point of his voyage, now Michael has to deal with changing weather conditions, and sailing in an ocean he knows for the first time in months
    © Michael Guggenberger / GGR
    Kirsten Neuschäfer first to reach Tapio Lehtinen's position, and take him to safety aboard Minnehaha, after sharing a good glass of rum, Tapio was transferring onto the Bulk Carrier M.V. Darya Gayatri
    © Kirsten Neuschäfer
    It was a spicy Sunday breakfast for the fans of Captain Gugg and Nuri Sardines with all eating chilli sardines with Michael to celebrate
    © Aïda Valceanu
    It was a spicy Sunday breakfast for the fans of Captain Gugg and Nuri Sardines with all eating chilli sardines with Michael to celebrate
    © Aïda Valceanu
    It was a spicy Sunday breakfast for the fans of Captain Gugg and Nuri Sardines with all eating chilli sardines with Michael to celebrate
    © GGR2022
    Puffin is dealing with the southern oceans' conditions better than her skipper, but Ian's humour and determination will be precious for the next 2300 miles to Cape Horn
    © GGR2022 / D&JJ
    Jeremy Bagshaw, 1200 miles from Cape Horn, getting cold, sailing fast but will the storms stay away?
    © GGR2022 / D&JJ
    DAY179: Kirsten and Abhilash fighting for Golden Globe lead and two new Cape Horners!
    © GGR2022
    Somewhere over the horizon... must be Kirsten! The race is on for Abhilash and Kirsten on the last fifth of the GGR
    © Abhilash Tomy / GGR2022
    Sagarmatha stops in Hobart
    © John Curnow
    Guy Waites continues around the globe on Sagarmatha
    © John Curnow