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Sea Sure 2021 - RED - LEADERBOARD

Reverso Air 2021 LEADERBOARD

A Hipgnosis image created for Nick Mason's 1981 album 'Ficticious Sports' - photo © Hipgnosis

Dear Recipient Name

This time 40 years ago the drummer Nick Mason released an album called Fictitious Sports. As with his band Pink Floyd (who released a few slightly more well-known albums), Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis were called upon for the album art, creating the image you see above, which seemed apt as an intro for this editorial.

When the International Olympic Committee came to World Sailing to say they had concerns with the Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, asking for an alternative to be proposed, they knew they may be forced into to hammering a square peg in a round hole.

Savvy Navvy 2021 YY MPU v2   Sailingfast 2018 600x500

Formula Kite Mixed Team Relay European Championships - photo © IKA / Alex Schwarz
Formula Kite Mixed Team Relay European Championships - photo © IKA / Alex Schwarz

26 submissions were made, which each had to be considered and checked to see whether they adhered to the IOC's criteria framework. In the end just three of the submissions were approved by the World Sailing Board to be discussed by the Events and Equipment Committees on May 10th & 11th, with World Sailing's Council discussing and voting on the alternative on May 14th, ahead of the IOC's May 26th deadline.

The three approved event proposals are Individual Men's and Women's Formula Kite, Individual Men's and Women's 470, and Mixed Team Racing in ILCA 6s.

The Kiteboarding and 470 proposals could be regarded as 'safe' submissions, especially with the Men's and Women's 470 being events at Tokyo 2020. With just three years until the Paris Olympics, this would provide continuity. Kiteboarding brings the appeal to Generation Z and Alpha (yes, that's the term for those born from the early 2010s) who the IOC is desperate to court.

Henri-Lloyd 2021 M-PRO PURE BLACK - MPU   B&G 2021 Zeus 3S - MPU

ILCA Vilamoura European Continental Qualification day 6 - photo © Jon Emmett
ILCA Vilamoura European Continental Qualification day 6 - photo © Jon Emmett

The team racing idea has come up in social media discussion, but would 2-on-2 mixed teams in ILCA 6s be any good? Team racing has nearly always been held in boats with two (or more) crew and, to my knowledge, never been held in ILCA 6s with mixed teams. To my mind the boat just isn't suited to team racing and this is the cobbled-together option. I love the idea of team racing bringing together other members of a nation's sailing team, but this would only realistically be viable for teams who field a full roster of sailors. The submission may have complied with the IOC's criteria, but its contrived nature leaves me thinking of that fictitious sports imagery.

But wait... what of the Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat? The IOC only said they wanted alternatives in case the keelboat event wasn't approved. How about if the concerns the IOC had were addressed?

This is exactly what the Oceanic and Offshore Committee are recommending to World Sailing, reducing the 'Field of Play' from 24,000 square miles to just 400 square miles, while also keeping the entire fleet within range of the French mobile networks. Could this be enough to persuade the IOC that the offshore keelboat event is feasible?

The image above shows a square, 20 nautical miles on each side, on a chart of the Mediterranean, for reference. - photo © Photo supplied
The image above shows a square, 20 nautical miles on each side, on a chart of the Mediterranean, for reference. - photo © Photo supplied

Zhik 2021 New Season MPU   IC-M93D

Sailing has so many facets and it would be great to see offshore keelboats represented. As we have discussed at length before, doublehanded keelboat sailing is a massive growth area of the sport. Also it would seem that World Sailing can take a two-pronged approach to this: offer the alternative while at the same time addressing the issues IOC had with the Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat.

As's Australian editor John Curnow said when we chatted on Monday:

"Sailing is represented by many wide and diverse classes or disciplines. Quite possibly the largest, and certainly one of the easiest ways to get into it, is via keelboats. Just look at all the sticks in marinas and clubs. So, if there is even the faintest of embers, or thinnest of threads that the Mixed Offshore event can get up, then we need it to be embraced for us sailors, and all those who might want to try being wet, windswept and tired, but with one hell of enduring smile.

"Then there is the media equation. You may not be into reality TV but loads and loads of audiences the world over most certainly are. So, if three days and two nights is not sailing's version of Big Brother, then I am not sure what the IOC would be looking for in terms of audience retention. So, c'mon IOC, look deeply into what is being offered here, and all the boxes the Mixed Offshore event ticks from supplied, genuine One Design equipment, to a great leveller, whether you're considered a sailing nation or a rank outsider."

John Curnow was fortunate to be one of the first to drive the awesome Figaro 3 back in 2017 off Barcelona - thanks Benteau - photo © Beneteau
John Curnow was fortunate to be one of the first to drive the awesome Figaro 3 back in 2017 off Barcelona - thanks Benteau - photo © Beneteau

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Cruise Village 2020 - MPU

I'm no fan of Big Brother, or any other reality TV for that matter, but I do know just how hooked we all were to the Vendée Globe tracker and the updates from each of the skippers. With the IOC embracing virtual sports, we could all race the Olympians at home on Virtual Regatta. The virtual Vendée attracted just shy of a million competitors from 150 different countries. Let's not forget that this is an event that takes place over 80 days and absorbs a huge amount of time. An offshore event which was compressed into, say, three days could get millions hooked first into virtual sailing and then converted into the real version.

Virtual Vendée Globe - photo © Virtual Regatta
Virtual Vendée Globe - photo © Virtual Regatta

One Design keelboats, provided to the event by one of the big manufacturers, together with rig tension set exactly the same on each boat, have the potential to provide a true level playing field and highlight another facet of sailing to the world - and a whole new way for non-sailors and sailors alike to engage in the action.

It will be interesting to see what decision the IOC come to when World Sailing put forward their submissions, but let's hope we don't see the equivalent of cuboid tennis balls and spherical dice in sailing.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Noble Marine 2020 - MPU   Harken Reflex Furler

Harayda & Caffari's Sun Fast 3300 Gentoo - photo © Rick Tomlinson
Harayda & Caffari's Sun Fast 3300 Gentoo - photo © Rick Tomlinson

J/88 selected for Mixed Offshore USA World Team Worlds Qualifier - photo © J-Boats
J/88 selected for Mixed Offshore USA World Team Worlds Qualifier - photo © J-Boats

Selden 2020 - E40i electric winch - MPU   Stoneways Marine 2021 - MPU

IKA event update May 2021
With travel restrictions easing and mass vaccination progressing quickly, the first international kiteboarding events will commence as planned from July onwards.

UK National Cadet Class' Alf Simmonds Trophy at Waldringfield Sailing Club
With Covid necessitating a change of venue where the fleet could get to without needing overnight accommodation, this year's Alf Simmonds Trophy was moved from Weymouth to Waldringfield and turned into a one day, four race affair.

A glimmer for mixed double handed offshore in 2024 Olympics
The Oceanic and Offshore Committee recommends that World Sailing recognize the following clarification regarding the Mixed Two Person Offshore Event and communicates this new information to the IOC.

Highfield Boats - YY - MPU   GJW Direct 2020 MPU
Bembridge Illusion St George's Day, Woodford Long Distance Race and Bill's Barrel
Saturday, the penultimate day of racing of the 2020-2021 Illusion season was a frustrating one! The forecast was for light cyclonic conditions and that was exactly what was delivered!

International 5-05 Day - 5th May
The International 5O5 Sailing Class has adopted the 5th May as International 5O5 Day to celebrate the 60+ years of history and community.

Optimist Open at Chichester Yacht Club
As the competitors arrived at CYC there was a downpour of hail and sleet on the approach to Chichester. Once at the club the competitors rigged and distributed themselves between the clubs two beaches.

J Composites 2020 - MPU   Allen 2020 - A.597 - 600x500
2021 470 European Championships at Vilamoura, Portugal - Day 1
At the top of the Men's fleet scoreboard is the Spanish crew Jordi Xammar and Nicolas Rodriguez after a 10th, 2nd and 4th in the three races of the day.

RORC Spring Series Race 3 and 2H Offshore Race: Whooper and Jago celebrate in Cowes
The Royal Ocean Racing Club organised two races over the May Bank Holiday weekend. 58 boats entered, including a 91nm race for IRC Two Handed, the first overnight race of the year.

TF35 Trophy Day overall: Alinghi wins the opening Grand Prix
At the skippers briefing in the morning PRO Benoit Deutsch warned that the day looked difficult as the early sunshine was forecast to give way to storm surges and thunder.

McConaghy Boats 2021 - MPU   Ocean Safety 2021 - MPU
Grafham Belle set to ring the changes for summer sailing
Even though the days are getting longer and warmer, the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series is set to continue with the Grafham Belle, a brand new multiclass handicap event being hosted by Grafham Water Sailing Club on Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May.

Women's mentorship program launched plus Women's Race Day 2022 announced
Antigua Sailing Week has worked with the Antigua and Barbuda Sailing Association and the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association to pioneer a mentorship program to encourage girls and women to consider the sport and business of sailing.

Smeg: 25 Years of Champion Sponsorship
Whether it's a high-performance sport or a small, local sporting club, to be successful, the organisation needs the support of commercial sponsorship or, at least, one major benefactor.

TMS 2020 October - Hamma Snaps - 600x500   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
2021 Hansa TT at Whitefriars Sailing Club
Finally, for the first time in over 19 months the Hansa Class UK have been able to run a TT event on 24th April. It wasn't quite the scale or format of old, but everybody agreed that it was fantastic to be able to take part in competitive racing again.

Team Childhood I on its way to Lithuania for The Ocean Race Europe prologue
The VO65 of Team Childhood I, left The Hague on Friday, April 30th, with destination Klaipeda in Lithuania. Onboard no fewer than nine talents: seven Dutch, Swedish Julius Hallström, and the South African Matt Whitehead.

A Community on the Water - New Campaign from Rooster
As life slowly becomes more like how we remembered, as events, regattas, and races get planned with fingers crossed, we'd like to share with your our campaign to form stronger communities, great attitudes, and supportive roles within our watery world.

Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU   Lennon Thermalite 300x250 1
Three submissions for alternative events proposal process for Paris 2024 approved by World Sailing
On 23 April 2021 World Sailing's Council unanimously approved the alternative event(s) proposal process to enable two alternative events to the Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat to be selected and proposed to the International Olympic Committee.

Spring Series and Commodores Cup races at Scarborough Yacht Club
The two races were a Scarborough Yacht Club (SYC) single class Commodore's 2 Cup on Saturday 24th April, and Spring 2, a four class race. Both had good turnouts as crews, relieved to be back on the water after lockdown.

Derbyshire Youth Sailing event at Burton Sailing Club
With sun, a good wind and reasonable temperatures, Saturday the 24th April started out with great promise and as 23 boats were rigged at Burton Sailing Club we knew our second Derbyshire Youth Sailing Event of the year was going to be a good one.

Marlow Ropes 2021 March MPU   Musto 2017 300x250 Superhuman
International One Metre IOM National Championship at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club - Preview
In recent weeks model yacht racers have returned to the water as Covid restrictions have started to lift. The programme for this year has been revised in the light of the government roadmap with the National Championship being hosted by Fleetwood.

Combined Comet Class Association announces sponsorship from Noble Marine for 2021 racing season
The Combined Comet Class Association is delighted to announce the continued sponsorship from Noble Marine Insurance for the 2021 racing season.

Flashback Friday to a stunning Sail Port Stephens
Here it is! The wrap video from last week at Sail Port Stephens, from the go to the nooooo I don't want it to end.

Allspars December 2019 MPU   Typhoon 2021 - MPU
Zhik's new Z-Skin – your breathable, warm 'second skin'
Zhik's Z-Skin® Top has evolved for 2021 to become one of the thinnest ever, skin-fitting neoprene tops. It's the perfect performance top to crossover high activity sailing and watersports, including paddling, body boarding and surfing.

Merlin Rocket Open at Ranelagh Sailing Club
Far outweighing the joy of the long awaited ending of lockdown, and the re-opening of pubs was the thrill and anticipation of the first Ranelagh Sailing Club Merlin Rocket open meeting of the year.

North East & Yorkshire Youth Travellers (NEYYTS) at Pennine Sailing Club
The first event of the North East & Yorkshire Youth & Junior Travellers Series was held at Pennine SC on Saturday 17 April. The day dawned bright and sunny with light winds. Race Officer Dominic Barnes started on time and set a simple course.

Reverso Air 2021 MPU   Vaikobi 2021 - MPU
Karver KF V3 Furler Accessories Guide
The Karver KF V3 range is now available at and with this latest iteration of their popular KF furlers, Karver have moved away from dedicated top-down drums in favour of a more flexible modular system.

2022 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 Europeans to be held in Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus has just been awarded the European Championships in 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 from 5 - 10 July 2022.

Sunsail collaborates with boat tech company savvy navvy to enhance & aid client on water experience
A recent collaboration between Sunsail UK and marine tech company savvy navvy will see Sunsail skippers integrate the boating app into their digital navigation classes.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club MPU   Crewsaver Ergofit MPU
Grafham Water Sailing Club Restart Series Week 4 & Overall
An icy Force 4 wind greeted the 60 boats who entered the final day of the Restart series at Grafham Water Sailing Club. The discussion in the dinghy party was not about who could win. Instead, the focus was on the now-open changing rooms.

RS Aero UK Spring Championship at Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
The weather played ball, with a cloudless blue sky all day and a shifty, brisk Force 3-4 wind from the east gusting up to 18kn. Class racing for 43 RS Aeros in these ideal conditions was just what the Class needed after several months without an event!

Ian Atkins Keelboat Award - Qualifying Regatta
Opportunity knocks for a young team of sailors to compete for the chance to race an SB20 at Cowes Week and 'Live the Experience'.

Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU   Craftinsure 2018 Retina MPU
IRCRecords™ launched - A brand-new concept for the world of sailing records
For decades record-setting in sailing has been dominated by adventurers, pioneers, eccentrics and, in recent years, pro-sailing teams in custom built machines.

Solo class Thames Valley Series at Maidenhead Sailing Club
Maidenhead SC held their Solo open on 24th April as part of the Thames Valley Series. This was the first of the series to be held in the wake of the pandemic as any events originally planned for March needed to be re-scheduled.

New arrival from Henri-Lloyd - M-PRO Back Block
Constructed from the rugged and durable GORE-TEX PRO fabric, the new M-PRO Navy Block features the same incredible features as our best-selling Pure Black series. You can be super dry, comfortable and the envy of others

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU   Gul 2020 Tri-Laminate Spraytop MPU
Enterprise and Solo open meeting and Firkin team race at Minima Yacht Club
Saturday's entertainment, in slightly milder conditions than Sunday proved to be, but still brisk, was the Firkin team race, a fixture between Minima and Twickenham which has been running since 1938, enhanced by the prospect of a firkin of London Pride.

Entries open for Marlow Ropes Women's Match Racing Championship 2021
Entries for this popular fixture in the RYA Match Racing Series are now open for teams of three or four competitors, with windward-leeward racing in one-design Elliott 6M keelboats.

Interview with former Vendée skipper Catherine Chabaud MEP on Ocean Health
Back In 1997 Catherine Chabaud became the first female sailor to complete the Vendée Globe, taking sixth place and in so doing becoming the first woman to race solo non stop around the world without assistance.

Pro-Set 300x250   Road to Gold - Russell Coutts MPU
Clipper 2019-20 Race to restart in February 2022
We have made the difficult decision to postpone the restart of the Clipper 2019-20 Race.

Albacore open meeting at Maidenhead Sailing Club
The god of sunlight smiled down on the thirteen competitors - including five visitors - in the first Albacore Open of 2021, recently held at Maidenhead Sailing Club on Sunday, April 18th.

GBR's Wilson and Squires bag top tens in Tokyo countdown - RS:X World Championships
British windsurfers Emma Wilson and Tom Squires earned top ten finishes at the RS:X World Championships - the last major regatta before the pair represent Team GB at Tokyo 2020.

Blaze open meeting at Burghfield Sailing Club
The first open meeting of the year at Burghfield, and for the Blaze class, attracted 16 entries and included five visitors. Champagne conditions were ordered and that is what we got, if it was a little fizzy at times!

Great prizes up for grabs in the RYA Joining Point Prize Box competition
Throughout May, June and July all clubs, training centres and marine organisations signed up to the RYA Joining Point programme will be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes in the RYA Joining Point Prize Box competition.

Launch of the Maxi Banque Populaire XI
The Ultim trimaran Banque Populaire XI exited the yard in Lorient, Brittany this Tuesday 27 April 2021.

Lightning 368 open meeting at Aldridge Sailing Club
Nine visitors joined the two locals at Aldridge SC in the West Midlands for the first Lightning 368 Open Meeting of the year.

Warsash Spring Championships 2021 - Second Weekend
The second weekend of the Championships was chosen by the J70 Class to be the start of their Grand Slam Series so a competitive weekend was guaranteed. On Saturday the wind started in the east at about 18 to 24 knots but the sun was shining.

Typhoon International's Storm3 wetsuit - perfect for all the family on sea and beach
Storm from Typhoon is a name you will be hearing a lot of in 2021. The Storm3 wetsuit heralds the beginning of a brand new product roll-out from leading watersports apparel and accessory manufacturer Typhoon International.

Uffa Fox 2022 Regatta announced by Royal London Yacht Club
To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Uffa Fox, one of the most highly regarded naval architects and enthusiast of all aspects of sailing, the Royal London Yacht Club are holding a series of exciting events in Cowes from 18th-21st August 2022.

UKLA Podcasts - An Hour With Flower and Heads UP
Over the past 12 months UKLA has been busy preparing for 2021. With many new and enhanced services for its members the ILCA class is looking in great shape.

PlanetSail: Launched
An explosive opening event to SailGP Season 2 got underway in Bermuda. Matt Sheahan reviews two days of high ocatane action.

Sprint 15 TT at Stone Sailing Club
Stone Sailing Club in Essex on the Blackwater Estuary was the host club for the first Sprint 15 event of 2021.

Bass Week to return in 2021
Here at Bassenthwaite Sailing Club we have been following the Covid Roadmap very closely and we are delighted with the prospect of being able to host Bass Week 2021 sponsored by the Lakes Distillery and Craftinsure.

Noble Marine 2020 - FOOTER

Savvy Navvy 2021 YY FOOTER v2

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