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2024 Fireball Worlds at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Overall

by Harry Fisher 16 Feb 11:17 GMT 5-16 Februay 2024

British Fireball sailors Tom Gillard and Andy Thompson have been crowned World Champions at the 2024 Fireball Worlds in Geelong, Australia.

The duo sailed a near perfect regatta, rarely falling outside the top three and ending up winning with a race to spare.

Gillard said he was proud of the achievement, especially given the fact the British container didn't arrive on time.

"In the build up to the event we knew that we weren't going to have our boat so we had to spend a lot of time working on the boat we borrowed," he said.

"At pre-worlds we basically did one race a day, found out what was wrong with it, came back in, mended it and made sure it was good for the World Championships."

His crew, Andy Thompson, said the regatta win was a special one for the pair considering they had not planned to attend the event initially.

"We shouldn't really be here to be honest because we weren't in the container to start off with, so we're really lucky to be here."

Gillard thanked the Australian Fireball Association and the committee members, who worked hard to ensure those left without a boat from overseas were able to sail borrowed Australian boats to get them through the regatta.

In second place was fellow British sailors DJ Edwards and Vyv Townend, who also sailed an extremely consistent regatta, but ended up just short of the regatta leaders in most races.

Third place, and first Australians, were local heroes Brendan Garner and Ben O'Brien who hail from the Royal Geelong Yacht Club and had a really good start to their event to set up a successful result.

The event was incredibly well run by the Royal Geelong Yacht Club with ten races across a mix of conditions that threw up a few challenges for the race committee.

Event website:

Overall Results:

PlaceNationSail NumHelmCrewR10R9R8R7R6R5R4R3R2R1Pts
1GBR15122Thomas GillardAndy Thompson23[4]1121[18]2315
2GBR15144Dj EdwardsVyv Townend12[13]2213[6]5218
3AUS15026Brendan GarnerBen O'Brien361[8]452[16]1123
4AUS15159Ben SchulzAngus Higgins54[8]433453[5]31
5GBR15101David HallPaul Constable4.2G97[B]47[13]4451.2
6AUS15071Tom GordonJack Fletcher[18]106[23]1011539660
7AUS14786John HeywoodDaniel George101[22]11[17]682131364
8AUS14933Ben KnoopJames Belton7[13][18]10599127766
9AUS15153Jalina Thompson‑KambasNathan Stockley816[28]561012114[45T]72
10AUS15152Heather MacfarlaneChris Payne651231512198[F][21]80
11SUI14897Kurt VenhodaSonja Zaugg1282131818[27]415[27]90
12GBR15000Kevin HopeWilliam Cook1312[19]69[17]167111690
13AUS14599Sophie JacksonJosh Galland[U]72416[Q]7111461297
14GBR15166Simon KingsJono Loe1411211211206[30][F]9104
15AUS15062Addy BucekPeter James15241719716[38][38]108116
16AUS14608Myles GavinDarren Spence232551713[46]101016[F]119
17FRA14673Claude MermodEsteban Hernandez1614[26]1421151711[36]15123
18AUS15027Phil PeverellBruce Shand9[29]3[F]241918172814132
19AUS14851Mark JarredGlenn Stewart[35]211627121320[31]822139
20CZE14936Petr KoranPavel Winkley1191018202624[29]24[26]142
21GBR14808Vincent HoreyRichard Pepperdine[U]201524.3G141415[36A]24146.3
22AUS15025Mark MatthewsPeter Sinclair2928[30]158212322[37]10156
23AUS15072Scott LidgettJack Lidgett[40]227[33]272526241718166
24AUS14603Tony McraeBenjamin Doak2217[34]2514[38]28192123169
25GBR15048Nicholas ReesEveline Schotte30181128.5[31]22[43]92929176.5
26AUS14812Peter MoorCampbell Reid[U]3639[U]16821212017178
27GBR150Allan TylerChrissie Tyler20232392232[33]25[F]30184
28CZE14649Ladislav VomackoJiri Gemperle2419142230[31]29[40]2528191
29CZE14747Milan SnajdrMatej Snajdr28[34]272623[30]22261825195
30AUS14414Glenn PeverellBruno Lanati1730[41]30192337[48]2320199
31AUS15049Nick GunnerSimon Gunner37[45]2536[B]2713411211202
32AUS15136James HackettMichael Parks26353220[F]24253234[F]228
33IRL15017Adrian LeeOssian Geraghty[U]312939[B]2815372238239
34CAN14545Richard QuinlanLiam Quinlan1926[49]372529353633[45T]240
35IRL14826Frank MillerEd Butler2133[47]43T26[43]30203539247
36AUS14810Benjamin GarnerSam Williamson2542202132[42]3933[44]37249
37AUS14814Susannah GillamAndrew Butler3132[38]28.5343336[50]2731252.5
38FRA14793Jean Francois NouelAlexis Nouel3227313236[40][47T]273236253
39AUS14601Rod BarkerDarrell Ralph44[44][48]31283431342632260
40AUS14971Peter AllisonIan Nadebaum2739353438364228[42][42]279
41FRA15081Olivier BurgaudFlorence Devaux[45]37364129373439[C]35288
42AUS14650Don AllenMatty Allen34[47]4538353541[47]4033301
43SUI15063Mianne ErneClay Poulson36153343T[B]44[47T]4545T44305
44ITA15054Fabio PalermiAdriana Curcio[46]38424040T39[46]233845T305
45SUI15090Mona VenhodaJakub Napravnik394652T43T40T[52T]3235[F]19306
46AUS15154Peter DurranSebastian Durran41[49]4035334840[49]3143311
47AUS14745Jessica De La PerrelleJames Gaskell384037423741[F][42]4141317
48AUS14586Jaemie WilsonDavid Scammell.4G.4G5043T39[F][F]433034327.8
49AUS15032Tony SchnaarsMarc Wilson33[Q]4443T40T[51]45464345T339
50CAN15106Mark CummingsEvelyn Chisholm43414343TC[F]47T[U]45T45T365
51AUS11867Kevin LuffNicholas Luff49[52]5143T40T4547T51[C]45T371
52AUS10974Peter RussellJen Russell475152T43T40T5047T[53][C]45T375
53AUS13217Anthony DucatBryce Densley485052T43T40T49F54[C][F]394
54AUS14943Mark TeasdaleAndrew KeanCCC[C][C]4744523940396
55CAN13946Kelly GallinsEric Diller42484643TCCF44[C][F]397
56FRA11059Denis HernandezPascale BourelF5352T43TC52T47T55[C][F]418
57GBR14782Barbara NewsonGuy NewsonCCCCCCCC[C][F]464

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