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Ovington 2021 - ILCA 3 - LEADERBOARD

Ovington Boats launch the Musto Skiff X smaller mainsail

by Ovington Boats 16 Feb 12:00 GMT
Ovington Boats launch the Musto Skiff X smaller mainsail © Ovington Boats

Ovington Boats, in partnership with the Musto Skiff International class association, are very pleased to formally launch the Musto Skiff X, a smaller mainsail for the current boat.

The small sail development aims to bridge a gap and encourage more people looking to sail this premium high performance single hander but may view it as too powerful and better suited to heavyweights.

The Musto Skiff X reduces the mainsail size by 2sqm, to 9.77sqm, meaning the sailor weight range reduces to 50 - 80kg. Feedback from extensive sail testing is that the boat becomes far more manageable for lighter weight sailors and is considerably easier to gybe in heavy winds when learning.

The best part - no further hardware changes are necessary to use the small sail meaning this new arm of the class remains very accessible.

The International class association members have voted overwhelmingly for the adoption of the small sail based on the following proposal.

Two-year adoption trial period (2024 - 2025):

  • Sailors shall nominate which mainsail size they will use before the regatta starts - X or standard.
  • Sailors may change their mainsail for any one or more days during the regatta. Results will only be counted for the originally nominated sail.
  • X mainsail users will not be eligible for a top ten placing in World Championships.

Longer term options (beyond the two-year trial) to include:

  • A continuation of the trial arrangement, or refinements of.
  • The introduction of a separate fleet.

During the adoption trial period, the Committee will monitor class member comments and feedback, and how the events are working.

You can view and order the sail at