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Snow Globe 2023 at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Burnham - Races 5 and 6

by Petru Balau 28 Nov 2023 14:14 GMT 25 November 2023
Charlie Matthews, and the Halls, lead the fleet - third week of the RCYC Snow Globe © Petru Balau Sports Photography /

The third day of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club' SnowGlobe series, on 25th of November, saw Charlie Matthews move to the top of the table, after a second and a first place.

A clear and cold November morning, with a westerly wind averaging 10 knots, saw the Race Officer set a sausage course, with a start line between a triangle on the RCYC pontoon and a pin end buoy placed close to the navigation channel, upwind to West Quay, down to another buoy set at the end of the RCYC moorings and back through the line.

16 boats lined up at the start, including 4 Otters and 2 visiting boats, with Laser Radial/ILCA 4 making up the bulk of the fleet.

Nick Milton, sailing on a Blaze, was the first to start in the first race, followed by Kathryn Hutton-Penman and Matthew Pike on RS200 and Steve and Alison Hall, on Merlin Rocket.

Steve and Alison easily took the lead and headed towards the north shore to short tack towards the West Quay mark, while the Blazes took a more direct approach.

Lulls in the wind caught some of the competitors unprepared and a few boats capsized, forcing the RCYC safety boat to jump into action, fortunately with no other work to do apart from keeping station.

Steve and Alison were the first at the windward mark, followed by the Blaze fleet, Malcolm Hutchings, Nick Milton, Charlie Matthews and Jason Phelps, being joined by James Hutton-Penman on his Laser Radial/ILCA 6.

Disaster struck for Malcolm when he capsized and got stuck in one of the mooring buoys, forcing him to ask for assistance from the safety boat and therefore retire from the race.

With an impressive recovery after an earlier capsize, Charlie took advantage of Malcolm's miss fortune and led the fleet in pursuit of the Merlin Rocket, making the order at the leeward mark: Steve and Alison, Charlie on second, James and Nick fighting for 3rd, with the Corinthian Otter Nathan Flynn and Keith Gilmore, both on Laser Radial/ILCA 6, competing for 5th and 6th.

The ebbing tide soon split the fleet and while Steve and Alison kept their lead to take the line honors, it was not enough to win on corrected time, with the win going to James, Charlie in second and Keith in third.

Corinthian Otter Amelia Kilgour took the 4th in what is her first club event in Laser 4.7/ILCA 4, after she moved class from the RS Tera, where she had impressive results, including a 2nd overall in the Pro Fleet at the RS Tera Eastern Championships and a comprehensive win at the Otter Week earlier this year.

The second race saw Jason Phelps on his Blaze pick the pin end and the south shore for more wind, in a move greatly appreciated by the onlookers from the club.

Unfortunately, a capsize pushed him back to 4th at the first mark, with the Merlin Rocket being first, followed by Charlie and Malcolm in Blazes.

The wind strength dropped and the stronger tide started to pose problems to the competitors, with many boats losing ground on port tack and struggling to make headway on starboard.

Eventually, Steve and Alison, followed by Charlie, increased their lead and kept it all the way to the end, with Charlie taking the win on corrected time and Steve and Alison coming second, while Malcolm took a comfortable 3rd.

James took the 4th, after an extra tack close to the finish line, in a move that might have cost him a top 3 finish.

Overall, Charlie Matthews moves top of the overall results table, on draw points with James Hutton-Penman, 7 each, with Steve and Alison Hall drop to 3rd with 8 points.

Keith Gilmore sits on 4th with 14 points, while Otter Nathan Flynn is on 5th with 21 points.

The next day of the series will take place on 2nd of December at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, with 2 races planned.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1stBLAZE764Charlie Matthews RCYC‑1031(DNC)217
2ndLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6209087James Hutton‑Penman RCYC22‑321‑47
3rdMERLIN‑ROCKET3645Steve HallAlison HallRCYC11‑44‑528
4thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6213598Keith Gilmore RCYC3‑6533‑1114
5thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6209957Nathan Flynn RC Otters45(DNC)(DNC)7521
6thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6161435Nick Peel RCYC6‑9666‑1024
7thBLAZE836Malcolm Hutchings RCYC(DNC)(DNC)21RET325
8thBLAZE680Jason Phelps RCYC‑181175‑12629
9thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6203945Phil Aspinall RCYC912(DNC)(DNC)8837
10thBLAZE830Nick Milton RCYC124(DNC)(DNC)9RET39
11thRS 2001152Jo TribeMarcus CollingbourneBSC17887(DNC)(DNC)40
12thLASER 4.7/ ILCS 4172147Charlie Rawling BSC818(DNC)(DNC)101248
13thRS 200879Scarlett AndersonCarl AndersonRCYC221098(DNC)(DNC)49
14thLASER 4.7/ ILCS 4200520Amelia Kilgour RC OttersNSC15(DNC)(DNC)4751
15thRS 2001515Kathryn Hutton‑PenmanMatthew PikeRCYC1913(DNC)(DNC)13954
16thLASER/ ILCA 749Stephen Carty BSC‑23RET10916(DNC)58
17thSTREAKER1687Gregory Walker URYC‑212111RET15(DNC)58
18thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6178228Hayden Gilmore RC Otters1419(DNC)(DNC)11DNC72
19thBLAZE854Robert Coyle RCYC137(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC76
20thLASER 4.7/ ILCS 4179051Lucie Prior RC Otters516(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC77
21stLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6189090Florence Fisher RC Otters1520(DNC)(DNC)14DNC77
22nd20002882Nic BarnesFreddie BarnesRCYC717(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC80
23rdLASER/ ILCA 7108378James VanSchagen BSC1614(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC86
24thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6173352Ethan Hague RC Otters11(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC95
26thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 644Luca Winfield RC Otters20(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC104
27thLASER 4.7/ ILCS 423Meghann Haynes RC Otters(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC112

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