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Sam Pascoe steered his Musto Skiff to a masterful victory in the Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash 2023

by Andy Rice 21 Nov 2023 15:44 GMT 18-19 November 2023
Sam Pascoe wins the Draycote Dash 2023 by 1 point © Tim Olin /

Multiple dinghy champion Sam Pascoe trapezed his Musto Skiff to a one-point victory at the Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash last weekend, 18 & 19 November. This was the first of eight events in the 15th edition of the Seldén Sailjuice Winter Series.

Competing in a 109 boat handicap fleet made up of 44 different dinghy, catamaran and keelboat classes, Pascoe won the weekend by a single point from the RS800 sailed by Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore.

The breezy weather made for a trapeze boat top three, with Olympic aspirants Arran Holman and Alex Hughes sailing their 470 to victory on Pursuit Race Sunday and third overall.

There was a diverse entry of sailors ranging from 11 to 76 years old, and 41 youth competitors, all looking to enjoy close racing in four back-to-back handicap races on the Saturday followed by the two-hour Pursuit Race on Sunday morning.

With low pressure dominating the UK's weather, the forecast was not too encouraging, with storms, wet and windy conditions predicted. Fortunately conditions at Draycote Water turned out much better than expected, with a moderate but gusty breeze and mainly dry conditions. The trapeze boats were powered up most of the time, making it good going around the square courses on Saturday for the faster boats and hard work for the hikers.

Rob Richardson sailed his Musto Skiff to victory in the first race of the weekend, but the next three went to Sam Pascoe, with the RS800 of Morris and Fillmore in hot pursuit with a bunch of 2nd places.

The breeze was slightly higher for the Sunday as local Topper sailor Oscar Rowe took the lead for the first hour of the tortoise-and-hare competition. Bronwen Thomas, another local sailor, hiked her ILCA 4 singlehander into the lead, then to be overtaken by Series veteran Val Millward from Rutland in her Challenger trimaran. Eventually the trapeze boats started to come through, first the 420 of Imogen Wade and Hugo Valentine of Draycote, before they were overtaken by the eventual winners Holman and Hughes in their 470.

As the 470 took the lead, Pascoe was down in 17th and a good mile behind the leader, but still catchable. Pascoe was pushing hard but capsized with 13 minutes to the finish yet still managed to recover to 4th by the finish. He finished just a place behind the RS800 who crossed in 3rd, so Pascoe won overall by the smallest of margins.

Pascoe breathed a big sigh of relief after a big weekend out. "Proper brutal today with lots of death angle reaching," he grinned. "The lake was completely full of white caps and we were doing 17 knots hanging on for dear life without the kite." Pascoe finished runner-up at the GJW Direct Bloody Mary at the start of the year and is planning on coming back for more this winter. "They're brilliant, well-run events and it's great training for next year's Musto Skiff Worlds in Weymouth."

Behind the front three podium finishers it was Ed Presley's Contender in 4th and Ben Flower hiked his ILCA 7 to 5th overall, first non-trapeze boat at the event just ahead of former Series winners Tom Gillard and Rachael Gray in their Scorpion. First junior was Draycote's Freddie Sunderland who took his ILCA 6 to 8th overall.

The GPS tracking always brings up some interesting viewing during and after racing. The breeze was strong enough for even the Toppers to be hitting sustained speeds over 8 knots.

Top sustained speeds from SailRacer GPS trackers:

Daniel GOODMAN, Waszp, 16.31 kts
Thomas MORRIS, RS800, 15.87 kts
Sam PASCOE, Musto Skiff, 15.26 kts

Corrected sustained speeds:

Imogen WADE, 420, 11.43 kts
Sam PASCOE, Musto Skiff, 15.26 kts
Val MILLWARD, Challenger, 10.75 kts

Next event on the schedule is the Datchet Flyer on 9 & 10 December, with 30 boats already entered including a Norfolk Punt crewed by Ed Clifford and Alex Standley.

To enter this and the other events, go to

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubR1 R2 R3 R4 PurPts
1Musto Skiff636Sam PASCOE Castle Cove SC‑411147
2RS8001248Thomas MORRISGuy FILLMOREHayling Island SC22(BFD)228
34704Arran HOLMANAlex HUGHESSutton SC(DNC)634114
4Contender2708Ed PRESLEY Castle Cove SC‑9528722
5ILCA 7 / Laser191126Ben FLOWER Paignton SC13‑1457328
6Scorpion2057Thomas GILLARDRachael GRAYSheffield Vikings SC798‑16529
7Musto Skiff645Robert RICHARDSON Royal Windermere YC13‑652635
8ILCA 6 / Laser Radial222470Freddie SUNDERLAND Draycote Water SC6‑17991135
9Musto Skiff638Sam BARKER Castle Cove SC54‑762944
105059177Tom JEFFCOATETim HARTLEYChew Valley Lake SC1212(BFD)18648
11ILCA 6 / Laser Radial213678Derin Can SOYER Draycote Water SC(RET)716122055
12ILCA 4 / Laser 4.72214961Bronwen THOMAS Draycote Water SC10‑2718191057
13RS Aero 74307Joe SCURRAH Carsington SC1418‑21141662
14ILCA 7 / Laser216239Jamie BLAKE Great Moor SC18‑33.513.5291878.5
15Challenger312Val MILLWARD Rutland SC26‑302324.5881.5
16K1175Simon HAWKES Castle Cove SC22‑3624221482
17Solo6074Chris BROWN Draycote Water SC24.515(BFD)212383.5
18RS Aero 63866Ellie CRAIG Bassenthwaite SC20‑3522321387
19ILCA 6 / Laser Radial223085Felicity ANGELL Draycote Water SC1516‑472637.594.5
20RS300371Matt BANBROOK Bowmoor SC‑39.522253025102
21ILCA 7 / Laser222540George COLQUITT West Kirby SC‑45381536.515104.5
22Challenger280Duncan GREENHALGH Bassenthwaite SC27‑413036.512105.5
23RS Vareo621Luke FISHER Emberton Park SC24.5‑32293135119.5
2442056943Imogen WADEHugo VALENTINEDraycote Water SC3‑1043DSQ120
25Comet Trio (MK I)505Adrian PADROCallem PADROShustoke S.C342831‑3532125
26Blaze862Richard BOTTING Draycote Water SC‑5233.5192852132.5
275059246Michael SIMSAdam KENNEYBurton SC8812‑13DNC138
28Devoti D‑Zero328Thomas SOUTHWELL Lee on Solent SC51‑64284222143
29Osprey1382Roger BLAKEJonathan OSGOODGreat Moor SC‑7142343334143
30ILCA 7 / Laser209976William WHITTAKER Draycote Water SC39.5‑48324131143.5
3142057224Gabs BURLTONHennie BURLTONRoyal Southern YC28.52669(DNC)21144.5
32ILCA 6 / Laser Radial223458Joe ROWE Draycote Water SC(BFD)131111DNC145
33ILCA 6 / Laser Radial221502Sam GRAYTON Draycote Water SC1711(BFD)15DNC153
3442055854Clem MIDDLEAdam AZIZDraycote Water SC‑905935.54317154.5
35Graduate3020Fresh ABENDSTERNRoss SouthwellR.D.N.B.Y.C.434741‑5427158
3642055371Eddie PALINGEddie QUINNDraycote Water SC3549‑594430158
37RS300523Harry MCVICAR Draycote Water SC112117(DNC)DNC159
38RS2001700Ben WHALEYLorna GLENParkstone YC‑301913.517DNC159.5
39RS Aero 63674Joe JONES Burghfield SC‑36311010DNC161
40ILCA 4 / Laser 4.711Peter ASTLEY Draycote Water SC41.5‑67384739165.5
41Challenger270Graham HALL Rutland SC1620‑2720DNC166
42Scorpion2026Ian CADWALLADEREllie DEVEREUXDraycote Water SC595837(DNC)19173
43RS4001505Chris LARRAbigail LARRDraycote Water SC2123(DNF)DNC24178
44Topper48672Oscar ROWE Draycote Water SC31.5‑7743.55947181
45RS Feva XL8034Mia HATELEYMona NYGARDSouth Staffs SC3745‑5850.551183.5
46ILCA 7 / Laser211405Daniel WIGMORE Grafham Water SC31.5‑392024.5DNC186
47RS Aero 71585James EBERLEIN Hythe & Saltwood SC56‑724650.536188.5
48ILCA 7 / Laser197774Carl AVERY Burton SC465053‑6041190
49RS Aero 73201Nigel DAVIES Draycote Water SC33‑372623DNC192
50Flying 153862Pete BADHAMPete WHITEDraycote Water SC645249(DNC)33198
51Enterprise22901Paul YOUNGLauren MORGANMidland SC5546‑565245198
52Vortex2018Jonathan CARTER Rickmansworth SC1924‑5049DNC202
53RS Aero 51717Gwyneth LANYON Notts County SC(BFD)2543.527DNC205.5
54Challenger304Alex HOVDEN Rutland SC234435.5‑46DNC212.5
55Miracle3805Hannah METCALFE‑SMITHTom METCALFE‑SMITHThornbury SC576362(DNC)37.5219.5
56ILCA 4 / Laser 4.7164422Dilara SOYER Draycote Water SC44‑533334DNC221
57ILCA 7 / Laser216543Marcellus PRYOR Draycote Water SC58‑70616142222
58ILCA 7 / Laser177453Simon ODLING Draycote Water SC‑7560.5655346224.5
59ILCA 4 / Laser 4.7151120Zach AZIZ Draycote Water SC48‑514240DNC240
60RS2001709Bryn ABENDSTERNEmma ROBERTSONToddbrook SC‑7368735643240
6142054089Chris HAMPSHIREOllie LUMBDraycote Water SC50‑574538DNC243
62ILCA 4 / Laser 4.7215695Hatty CONNOLLY Draycote Water SC47‑655239DNC248
63Miracle4114Graham WATTSHelen JACKSStaunton Harold SC494354.5‑58DNC256.5
64RS Aero 71926Brian COOPER Draycote Water SC6383‑867140257
65Hadron H2148Dave BARKER Draycote Water SC54‑624057DNC261
66RS Aero 71365Steven ANGELL Draycote Water SC6871‑797449262
67ILCA 6 / Laser Radial164918John CANT Erith Yacht Club5354‑5748DNC265
68RS Tera Pro1885Ben ANGELL Draycote Water SC(BFD)81677048266
69RS2001125Marcus PAKESPatrick PAKESHaversham SC85‑88756944273
70Topper46971Edward WHITTAKER Draycote Water SC79‑87727250273
71RS300421Chris HATTON Bowmoor SC28.529(DNF)DNCDNC277.5
72RS2001318Nigel PEPPERDINEDiana PEPPERDINEStaunton Harold SC625651(DNC)DNC279
73ILCA 6 / Laser Radial182627Christine STATHAM Attenborough SC6160.5‑6855DNC286.5
74Phantom1301Matt PRITCHARD Burton SC696939(DNC)DNC287
75470891Joseph WARWICKERCharlotte BEARDSALLBough Beech SC(DNC)BFDDNC4528293
76Blaze763Peter MCFARLANE Burghfield SC657348(DNC)DNC296
77Supernova588Rob BELL Emberton Park SC67‑756063DNC300
78Phantom1457Simon WIGMORE Grafham Water72‑806362DNC307
79RS Aero 72549Andy SHARP Bowmoor SC608554.5(DNC)DNC309.5
80RS4001552Nathan SMITHJohn IRONMONGERStaunton Harold SC41.555(DNF)DNCDNC316.5
81RS300346David NUNN Bowmoor SC667470(DNC)DNC320
82GP1413456Adeel KHANRoger JEFFSWelsh Harp SC707964(DNC)DNC323
83ILCA 7 / Laser182539John NYGARD Draycote Water SC‑81767464DNC324
84RS4001113Neil KELSALLBeccy KELSALL‑GOOCHDraycote Water SC83‑906668DNC327
85Byte CII1237Clive JACKSON Dorchester SC84‑897165DNC330
86ISO814Bob LADELLTom CAVEKing George SC‑82788066DNC334
87Fireball14778Mike DEANEPaul DISNEYDraycote Water SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNC9339
88RS2001165Esther HEATHCOTEEllie PICKARDBowmoor SC88‑977667DNC341
89Waszp2928Daniel GOODMAN Datchet Water SC866685(DNC)DNC347
90RS200732Gregory JONESPete BLAKEYDraycote Water SC788277(DNC)DNC347
91Topper47533Hari CLARK Draycote Water SC748481(DNC)DNC349
92ILCA 6 / Laser Radial182597Nick RYLES Wimbleball SC3894(DNF)DNCDNC352
93Topper42356Oliver BARON Draycote Water SC87‑958473DNC354
94Topper46512Alexander STAINTON Draycote Water SC809278(DNC)DNC360
95RS Vareo443Paul NORTH Milton Keynes SC769682(DNC)DNC364
965059126Tim BIRDMike PRIDDLEBurton SC(BFD)40DNCDNCDNC370
97Laser 30003390Amy COOKEJames DAVIESShropshire SC918683(DNC)DNC370
98Contender2373Gareth LINCOLN Draycote Water SC7793(DNF)DNCDNC390
99Supernova1083Serena STEWARDSON Emberton Park SC8991(DNF)DNCDNC400
10042054418Zach AZIZWilliam MAWBY‑GROOMDraycote Water SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100Albacore8237Matthew METCALFE‑SMITHNatalie SMITHOgston SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100Phantom1496Rob COOK Northampton SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100Hadron H2145Richard LEFTLEY Bowmoor SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100RS600810Jake WILLARS Notts County SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100Javelin580Eddy REIDNeil REIDGlossop SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100ILCA 7 / Laser211414Rob HUNT Draycote Water SC(DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100ILCA 4 / Laser 4.7185306Jemima RYLES Wimbleball SC(DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNC440
100ILCA 6 / Laser Radial211145Lewis BACON Leigh and Lowton SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC440

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