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29th Broadland Youth Regatta run by Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association

by Ruth Knight 19 Sep 2023 17:42 BST 9 September 2023
Jack Aitken wins the Lady Mayhew Trophy - 29th Broadland Youth Regatta © Trish Barnes

The BYR was hosted by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, Wroxham on behalf of the Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association (NSBA) last Saturday 9th September. Over 80 competitors competed over four racing starts.

The weather did not bode well for sailing, being very hot, humid and crucially a complete lack of wind until mid afternoon when eventually a light north-easterly sea breeze arrived. The morning therefore commenced slowly with cold drinks and ice-creams and the children nevertheless simply took to the water in whatever manner on paddle-boards, canoes or simply leaping in fully clothed.

Following early lunches a breeze developed and sailors were called afloat for a 13:20 first starting series; 74 boats set off only to be virtually becalmed just to windward of what should have become a start-line, such that the race-management team could not possibly set a clear start-line. All boats returned to moorings but then after another half-hour the wind finally arrived though fitful and of inconsistent direction. Nevertheless there followed two full series of racing.

The prize for first overall double hander went to Johnnie Rudd and Sam Dernie of the host club sailing a Norfolk Punt at almost exactly twice as fast as the slowest Optimist fleet. Despite such trying wind conditions, starring performances of double wins were achieved by Zoe Barnes (Optimist), and by Jensen Jakob (Topper), both representing Snowflakes SC.

Elsewhere Jack Sisley from Beccles sailed consistently to head the Laser Class without actually winning either race. The front of both Handicap fleets saw equally traded first and second places such that "last-race" tiebreaks had to be applied.

On-water judges were given the unenviable task in such light conditions where nothing much of remark might be taking place, to select an individual sailor for showing best endeavour overall; actually there was indeed a clearly agreed standout performance by one very young man for showing independence and determination in not following the pack but applying his own spirited strategy across the course towards commendable placings; Jack Aitken of Norfolk Broads YC was thus awarded the Lady Mayhew Trophy for his endeavours.

Finally all results collected and the best six rankings achieved by team members added together for the eagerly awaited overall Club result; following some very close top-three totals and a tie-break applied for the runner-up slot, the Centenary Salver was awarded to Horning Sailing Club.

Thanks go to our generous sponsors for supporting the event: Green+Purple, Barracuda Bay, NBD Broads Tours, Reids of Norwich, Norfolk Marine & Bewilderwood.


Centenary Salver (top club): Horning SC
Lady Mayhew Trophy (individual endeavour): Jack Aitken (Optimist)
Whelpton Cup (double-hander): Johnnie Rudd & Sam Dernie (Norfolk Punt)

Team Ranking Results:


AllComers B (Slow) Fleet Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2Pts
1stSplash812Hamish Harmer HSC213
2ndRS Feva839Henry DrewFinn ElsonNPC123
3rdRS Tera Sport1257Lily‑Rose Phillips WOBYC347
4thRS Tera Sport1256Emily Hooten WOBYC538
5thRS Feva XL4886Seth Blackburn‑CannGeorge FraserNBYC7613
6thMirror69776Annabel HootenPhoebe ThomasWOBYC41014
7thRS Tera Sport1260Harry Calver WOBYC9514
8thRS Feva248Lizzie FordJess FordNBYC6814
9thSplash825Julian Mander HSC10717
10thRS Feva2808Jack HollandJack PembertonNPC8917

Laser Fleet Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmClubR1R2Pts
1stLaser Radial169155Jack SisleyBASC224
2ndLaser Radial180316Hugo HardyHBSC437
3rdLaser Radial146475Rose LingHBSC369
4thLaser Radial136532Tallulah Reardon‑BurrHSC549
5thLaser 4.7160919Harry WemyssSFSC1910
6thLaser Radial176457James StreetHSC10111
7thLaser Radial217748Ralph LeftleyNBYC8513
8thLaser Radial143102William WoolstonHSC6713
9thLaser Radial203161Elizabeth WhitefootSFSC7815
10thLaser Radial118118Harrison RyderHSC91221
11thLaser Radial76457Ella MiddletonHSC141024
12thLaser 4.785598Rosie PankSFSC111425
13thLaser Radial152416Charlie PorterBASC161127
14thLaser Radial136095Eleanor HolmesRBSC121527
15thLaser Radial198164Lucy PitcherHBSC151328
16thLaser Radial120142Fenn AustinNBYC13NSC34
17thLaser 4.7123456Lizzie FordNBYCDNCDNC42
17thLaser Radial212026Tom ThwaitesSFSCDNCDNC42
17thLaser Radial212110Harry WhiteSFSCDNCDNC42
17thLaser Radial198991Charley WhiteSFSCDNCDNC42

Optimist Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2Pts
1st4523Zoe BarnesSFSC112
2nd6027Hugh WalkerWOBYC224
3rd6496Jack ReeveWOBYC336
4th6121Thomas PrangleyNBYC549
5th4404Henrietta HighfieldRBSC6612
6th4854Annie BatsonNBYC9514
7th2258Jack AitkenNBYC7714
8th6514George GentryBASC41418
9th6566Matilda ChapallazNBYC10919
10th4546Evie BrowneRBSC81220
11th4089Luli Truman‑GrieveNBYC14822
12th5123Isla Ferrier‑HangerNBYC121022
13th6290Lily Davies‑FraryNBYC131124
14th6827Bertie WalkerWOBYC111324
15th3Una Prosser‑SnellingRBSC151530

Topper Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2Pts
1st48709Jensen JakobSFSC112
2nd47625Ellie ThwaitesSFSC235
3rd47634Abbie PennyHSC527
4th12322Anya GittinsHSC347
5th44352Theo ChapallazNBYC6511
6th43879Lily HerringHSC4913
7th47543John WhitefootSFSC8816
8th5744Bruno AshfordBASC12719
9th29734Yasmine BrahamSFSC14620
10th5Perrin SpaulBASC71320
11th4Isobelle JohnsonBASC91221
12th46977Oliver SmithHSC131023
13th40635Charlie GouldHSC151126
14th33292William KettBASC161430
15th8Oliver BesantHSC191534
16thCThomas PerremHBSC181735
17th37130Jasmine HerringHSC10NSC38
18th6Asha SpaulBASC201838
19th41376Toby AdlamNBYC11DNF39
20th25428James Prosser‑SnellingRBSC241640
21st36735Tilly Roelofs‑StorieRBSC211940
22ndDSophie PerremHBSC232043
23rd26119Adam MugridgeRBSC17DNC45
24th46186Adam BarhamNBYC22DNC50
25th31919Hugo JurySFSCDNCDNC56
25th41218Freddie MutimerNBYCDNCDNC56
25th46977Ethan WestNBYCDNCDNC56