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What's new in Velocitek's Prism 2 electronic compass?

by Anna Zyk 14 Sep 2023 17:00 BST
Prism 2 electronic compass © Velocitek / Peter Hurley

Sailing demands precision and accuracy, and a reliable electronic compass is indispensable for this purpose. Velocitek, a prominent name in sailing hardware, continues to lead in innovation with this year's release of the Prism 2.

This upgraded version of their electronic compass promises to elevate the sailing experience. In this article, we'll explore the Prism 2's key features and what's new in this model compared to the first Prism compass.

Digital Compasses in One-Design Sailing Classes

Many one-design sailing classes, such as 49er, Nacra, 470 and Finn are allowing digital compasses - a trend that wasn't prevalent in the past. From not so long ago it is now legal to use it in the Optimist class, leading to a surge in demand for parents seeking the latest equipment for their Opti kids.

Understanding the updated Prism 2

Velocitek Prism 2 represents the latest in their line of sailing electronic compasses. It builds upon the success of the original Prism, known for its accuracy and reliability. The Prism 2 integrates user feedback and technological advancements to deliver an exceptional sailing tool.

Key Features of Prism 2 electronic compass

The Prism 2 boasts several key features that set it apart:

  • USB Charging Point: Unlike the previous model new Prism 2 features a USB charging point. This makes charging easy and independent of cloudy weather or shaded locations. You can recharge the device in about 6 hours and take it to the water even if the battery is not 100% charged (full charge will give you 48hrs of operation). The solar panel now serves as a backup and extends the battery life.
  • Updated Software: The Prism 2 comes with new updated software that includes battery charge status. Inside the compass, an advanced solid-state geomagnetic sensor, similar to the one in Velocitek's ProStart instrument, offers enhanced accuracy and calibration stability, regardless of temperature changes or conditions.
  • Faster Display: One of the standout improvements is the refresh rate, which has significantly increased from one update per second to an impressive four updates per second. This rapid refresh rate ensures real-time, lag-free data updates, particularly beneficial during manoeuvrers like tacking.'s partner Peter Kohlhoff, professional sailor and CEO of Kohlhoff Rigging also highlights the advantages of Prism 2: "This is by far the best dedicated electronic dinghy compass on the market." Velocitek markets the Prism as a "stripped-down racing compass".

Some sailors prefer sailing instruments that combine a number of functions, but if you are looking for unprecedented accuracy, a massive high visibility display in a compact package - the answer is Prism. Weighing only 137g it is the world's lightest sailing electronic compass!

Summary on Prism 2 electronic compass

Velocitek has prioritised user-friendliness by designing the device with a single button on top, simplifying its operation. In terms of durability, the Prism 2 is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. It is both water-resistant and robust, ensuring consistent performance even when facing challenging circumstances. Additionally, its high-visibility display ensures effortless data reading, even in bright sunlight or when wearing UV-protection sunglasses, enhancing the overall user experience. Check out Prism 2's specifications:

  • USB charge + solar panel
  • 4 Hz display update rate
  • 44 Hz sensor sampling rate
  • ProStart's magnetic sensor
  • 4.8oz / 137 g
  • Made in USA

Whether you are a dinghy sailor yourself or a parent looking for the best device for your young sailor, you will find Velocitek's Prism on our website with the best price guaranteed, do check it out today!

If you have any questions about Prism 2 electronic compass or any of the Velocitek equipment range, please feel free to email us at , or click the link below to see the device in our shop:

View Prism Online

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