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Noble Marine 2022 YY - LEADERBOARD

Noble Marine Insurance Dart 18 Nationals and World Championships at Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club

by Dartsailor 4 Sep 2023 14:31 BST 30 July - 3 August 2023

The 2023 Dart 18 Nationals were held in conjunction with the World Championships in Bridlington East Yorkshire during August. With the Nationals getting a 100-plus entry for the first time in over 20 years there were 5 former champions there.

Worlds entries were from 3 continents with 2 former South African Champions and others from New Zealand as well as representatives from all the usual European countries.

Due to the 140 plus entries, a different starting system was put into place using the committee boat in the Centre with 2 separate line segments. It meant that no splitting of the fleet was required with everyone in the same race. This was last used in 1991 with the massive Dart 18 fleets then. (301 for the first Dart Worlds in Abersoch)

There were 2 practice races, one with a conventional line, the other with the double segment line. It all seemed to work OK which gave the PRO both options for the week. Former Champions Vincent Bouvier and Fanny Merelle suffered a broken mast but fortunately for them a new one was available from class supplier Windsport.

The opening ceremony was very impressive with the many sponsors and Mayor present and following a sad announcement of the recent passing of Former National and European Champion Bob Fletcher and minutes applause, a Live band and Free BBQ got the event off to an excellent start.

Race day arrived on the Sunday and so did the wind! The fleet was postponed on shore but the forecast 30 plus knots arrived and the racing was canned for the day.

Monday arrived and 3 races were held to make up for the lost day. French Sailors Herve LeMaux and daughter Milania took race 1 after a battle with Dee SC sailors Mike Moruzzi and Max Spedding but followed up the win with a Black Flag in race 2. The second and third races were dominated by Grant and EllaMay Piggott who had superior down wind speed on the fleet in his 44-Year-old Yellow Dart which still has many original parts including the mainsail! Rob Garcka and Fi led at this point having had a consistent first day.

Tuesday Only one race was held as the wind went light then shifted 180 degrees before falling off to about 3 knots! The Piggott's continued where they left off the night before with the race win from former World Champions Dan Norman and local crew Alyesha Monkman. The Le Maux's got through to Third.

Wednesday was programmed to be the lay day and Champagne Cruise but the with the event behind schedule a race day was planned until the morning when another 30 knot plus day arrived- So the lay day happened but the Champagne Cruise also became a victim of the weather that evening.

Thursday. 2/3 races planned and the breeze was full on. The first race of the day got away after a couple of recalls, one being very late as the race team checked their cameras to see if all boats had been identified. The windward mark was very difficult to see, being close to the harbour with numerous other yellow fixed buoys in the area and quite a few boats overlaid it. Local boat Matt and Jacob Exon had no such problems leading from Start to Finish with Norman again second.

The second race of the day and the left hand side was paying again with David Lloyd and Jojo Trafford vying for the lead with Bouvier and Merelle but just as they were tacking for the windward mark the UJ on the tiller extn failed and the Exons stormed through but could not catch Bouvier who had now very much got used to his new mast.

There was substantial damage during the day as the wind was gusting up to 30 knots and with barely half the fleet finishing the second race no more racing was held that day.

Friday and 2 races planned to get the total to 8 meaning 2 discards Close overall with several boats still able to win both events. Bouvier came to the fore in first after Tom Kelley and Rosemary Crinion from Parkstone had led for most of the Race but in the second it was Norman and Monkman who narrowly held off the New World Champions who won the event by just 2 points. The Piggott's sailed through to 7th after a poor start to give them the National title from Garcka and the Worlds runner up stop.

When Grant Piggott last sailed a Dart 18 Nationals 10 years ago (6th Place) his Granddaughter crew was just a few months old!

The sponsorship of the event was very much in evidence (Food was included most evenings for the whole fleet and several live bands) with Marine sponsors headed by Noble Marine Insurance, Hyde Sails, Windsport International and UKIDA, with Rix, Hudson Contract, WJ Group, East Riding Council, Pineapple, MKM Building Supplies, Tucker, Deva, Segal's Jeweller's, and Joe Franks Joinery making up the rest.

Next year the Worlds will be held in Tarquinia Italy and the following year Zaandvort on the Dutch coast.

World Championship Overall Results: (National Championship Results can be found here)

PosNatSail NoHelm NameCrew NameBoat NameClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1stFRAFRA 8019Vincent BouvierFanny Merelle Toulouse OAC4‑1534‑1011215
2ndGBRGBR 1013Grant PiggottEllamay PiggottGP SAILSWeston Sailing Club‑16111‑1534717
3rdGBRGBR 8000Robert GarckaFi GoegebeurTofiWorthing Sailing Club622‑113‑283420
4thGBRGBR 7945Dan NormanAlyesha MonkmanBlueIsle Of Sheppey Sailing Club7‑38‑1322413129
5thSUISUI 6708Michiel FehrAndri Fried YCL34‑26875‑10936
6thGBRGBR 7534James DouglasAlison DouglasBOGTOTTER IIDee Sailing Club91166‑1378‑2147
7thFRAFRA 7977Herve Le MauxMilania Le Maux Arradon ‑ France1(BFD)243814(DSQ)353
8thGBRGBR 7973Mike MoruzziMax SpeddingDeva Sail RacingDee Sailing Club27‑29‑1717961253
9thFRAFRA 7944Morisset FrancoisLenaic BillardEGEOCV Sanguinet5‑17‑2216141512668
10thGBRGBR 4914Caleb CooperChloe Millward Worthing Sailing Club(DNC)141212417(BFD)1069
11thGBRGBR 8010Rod WinrowHolly Winrow Worthing Sailing Club186‑45‑2158211169
12thGBRGBR 7711David LloydJoanna Jones‑PierceDinghyinsurance.comStokes Bay Sailing Club‑2432110‑35237872
13thNEDNED 1193JanWillem te Gussinklo OhmannEva de GrootHannahWV Zandvoort1095‑37(DNC)1692372
14thGBRGBR 7602Dan TeubertAmy TeubertDorleRestronguet Sailing Club(OCS)13‑652091217576
15thGBRGBR 8004Mat ExonJakob ExonMat FinishRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club22258‑351222‑3080
16thGBRGBR 7749Matt AmbroseDan Ryder Davies Lea Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club14‑33‑2591210161980
17thNEDNED 7960Nicolette van GorpRuud van Gisbergen ZVR215‑4051821‑301585
18thGBRGBR 4853Jason ClarkeJenny Ball Marconic Sailing Club13‑37‑502861951788
19thGBRGBR 7747Thomas KelleyRosemary Crinion Parkstone Yacht Club‑311019‑38262021895
20thGBRGBR 7983Ben WillisAbbey JuppFalcon PerformanceRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club‑3816171927615‑39100
21stBELBEL 7434Luc ChauvetFrancois De VriendtHappy HourLa Rochelle Nautique1118‑30‑5511221924105
22ndNEDNED 7989Gerben Ter AvestNienke Warmerdam GWV De Vrijbuiter17‑4941722(DNC)1413114
23rdGBRGBR 6473Andy KelleySue NelsonThis ol' Dart of mineStokes Bay Sailing Club1227434‑48(DNC)3526138
24thGBRGBR 7475Mark RobinsonMartyn Warner Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club‑5624233325‑412014139
25thGBRGBR 6232Ben Cutler‑SharpKez Cutler‑SharpKevs SpareStarcross Yacht Club‑462031‑6623272422147
26thGBRGBR 7664Simon FarthingCat FarthingSimon FarthingGrafham Water Sailing Club27‑423413203926(DNC)159
27thGBRGBR 7785Dave GoodwinMarcus Kimmnsdouble expressoWorthing Sailing Club362136‑41242523(BFD)165
28thGBRGBR 7923Des BarnesFionnuala BarnesBusiness as UsualRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club40(DNC)72443(RDG)1842174
29thGBRGBR 7838Deborah WatersBarry PetersTesting The WatersWorthing Sailing Club4982730(DNC)(DNC)3429177
30thGBRGBR 7644Tom ParkerEvie ElliotOne for the RoadNetley Sailing Club15(BFD)37‑10216403732177
31stGBRGBR 7942Hector BunclarkAndrea MontelMaverickNorth Devon Yacht Club2329‑51422138‑5125178
32ndRSARSA 7609Ben Mienie  Stilbaai Yacht Club4534202230‑60‑6028179
33rdGBRGBR 7583Neil BondJoanna Bond Stokes Bay Sailing Club2535‑5731362428‑65179
34thGBRGBR 7846Chris WhiteDave Ryder Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club55195225(DNC)11(BFD)20182
35thFRAFRA 8013Thierry WibauxLucie Teynie CV Angouleme20(BFD)3218392946(DNC)184
36thGBRGBR 7930Jonny WilliamsKaritas Odinsdottir Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club26123553(DNC)(DNC)3333192
37thGBRGBR 8011Joe FranksKieran FranksFluidRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club344416‑4628RDG39‑61194.6
38thGBRGBR 7716Kev PorterReggie PorterTykeRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club‑7032929294752(BFD)198
39thFRAFRA 7959Olivier BillardAlan Billardsuper frogbn île grande41233915‑663354‑84205
40thGBRGBR 7673Mat PollockJonny O'Connor Dee Sailing Club33(RET)(DNC)5233372527207
41stGERGER 7875Florian BleischAdrian Bleisch SVAB5253‑58323818‑5816209
42ndGBRGBR 7986Lido BadawyMark WebleyDiabloParkstone Yacht Club29(DNC)1559194364(BFD)229
43rdGBRGBR 7750Guy Playford  Snettisham Beach Sailing Club57391043(DNC)46‑10135230
44thGBRGBR 4301Gordon KohlerVicky‑Lea MillsSplash GordonRoyal Tay Yacht Club854‑64‑6734504145232
45thGBRGBR 7248Andrew McQueen Pirate CidaarStokes Bay Sailing Club442228(OCS)53‑574049236
46thGBRGBR 8014Charlie HillierHenry KeatsHertelParkstone Yacht Club542633‑7042(DNC)4836239
47thGBRGBR 889Paul GrattageYvonne Pike East Down Yacht Club30574614(RET)2670(DNC)243
48thGBRGBR 7611Richard ChidwickThomas Britton North Devon Yacht Club19364464‑6542‑6646251
49thGBRGBR 7807Bill ParkerAndy BaldwinToucanzabeerParkstone Yacht Club32(BFD)67‑7673323131266
50thGBRGBR 7707Billy ChristieMark StonesPussy GaloreDee Sailing Club39315640(DNC)(DNC)3666268
51stGBRGBR 7324Tom RawlingsJosh RawlingsOcean RopeWorthing Sailing Club(DSQ)4643‑5450365340268
52ndGERGER 7098Peter HebelJonathan Palazzolo Echinger Segelclub4743‑61‑6257304944270
53rdGBRGBR 7990Bill CarsonGreig RobertsonThe MistressRoyal Tay Yacht Club354780‑934013(BFD)59274
54thGERGER 6175Max PalazzoloPaul Felsch SSGR(DSQ)281826(DNC)DNC2747281
55thGBRGBR 7649Dan SmithTom RouseHiFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club‑97(BFD)487137353853282
56thGBRGBR 6558Alexander JardineIona Deacon Dee Sailing Club‑80605973(DNC)442948313
57thRSARSA 4665Kim PhillipsNoah ClulowDartHenley Midmar Yacht Club37(BFD)11(OCS)4455BFD37319
58thGBRGBR 7426Chris SmithDalton SmithAquanautiqueRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club60‑72‑745641514567320
59thGBRGBR 7443Sam RowellLu MustillWilly NillyFelixstowe Ferry Sailing Club50514951(DNC)(DNC)5962322
60thGBRGBR 7577Darren WoodTracey‑ann WoodFat Boys SlimIsland Yacht Club5330(DNC)2732(DSQ)47BFD324
61stGBRGBR 7425Ben Charnley  Snettisham Beach Sailing Club43565561(DNC)(DNC)6256333
62ndGBRGBR 7962Mick SingletonOlivia BarrettJust GingerRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club59557250‑7431(BFD)73340
63rdGERGER 9Hans KniepkampMona Kniepkamp WLS e.V7341(DNC)44556168‑78342
64thGBRGBR 6890Jon Pearse  Marconic Sailing Club‑727042497164‑10054350
65thNEDNED 7651Bard LouisLonneke Louis WV Haringvliet42(DNC)(DNC)7458DNC1134354
66thGBRGBR 7708Chris AspinallWilliam Aspinall Dee Sailing Club51(DNC)(DNC)9945487741361
67thGBRGBR 7982John HollandMarta Bielska Parkstone Yacht Club58584747(DNC)(DNC)7181362
68thITAITA 7988Martino SalvoGiorgio Vincenti Circolo Nautico Volano626253835649(BFD)‑93365
69thGBRGBR 7113Matthew Cooper  Worthing Sailing Club654868‑1105152(BFD)85369
70thGBRGBR 7748Ian ParkerRosie ParkerToucan TangoNetley Sailing Club6165‑78‑8852547570377
71stGBRGBR 7847Ellis StonehouseTilly Stonehouse Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club4840(DNC)81(DNC)DNC3250386
72ndGBRGBR 7735Tony DodJames DodOld School House WhitstableWhitstable Yacht Club7163(DNC)82616361‑83401
73rdGBRGBR 5481Paul HemsworthRacheal MeddickSoggy MoggyMumbles Yacht Club28613890(DNC)(DNC)50DNC402
74thGBRGBR 6701Samuel WalkerElsa Penrose Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club63716997(DNC)(DNC)4458402
75thGERGER 7691Elmar JanikAnnette Wienekeno nameYCSO68506339(DNC)(DNC)BFD60415
76thSUISUI 0104Matthias DrescherAnja LangenkampLikeaBirdYCZ‑837773‑10172627472430
77thGERGER 7481Swen HagelsteinStefan HagelsteinWhite PearlWasserburger Segler Club74456663(DNC)(DNC)57DNC440
78thITAITA 8016Mario bellintaniAlessandro Baldi LNI Ostia7867(DNC)36(DNC)DNC7657449
79thGBRGBR 5797Jack ClarkRachael DawesDouble TroubleRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club96(DNC)761146845(BFD)55454
80thGBRGBR 7755Neil White  Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club677381‑94(DNC)539289455
81stGBRGBR 7979Geoff SherwoodLiz SherwoodMurrayParkstone Yacht Club(OCS)(BFD)5460DNCDNC4243469
82ndGBRGBR 7091Louis Knight‑Webb  Parkstone Yacht Club7982(DNC)10569(DNC)6571471
83rdGBRGBR 7546Andrew McLeishEmma RumgayMuttley crewFairlop Waters Sailing Club90696289(DNC)(DNC)8379472
84thGBRGBR 7389Chris MurphyLiam Thom Shanklin Sailing Club(RET)5960(OCS)70DNC8174479
85thGBRGBR 7345Rob ClayScarlett Cobb Marconic Sailing Club987884‑10449(DSQ)8490483
86thGBRGBR 6223Mark PattenColin Wright Stewartby Sailing Club898087‑10867(DNC)8680489
87thGBRGBR 7663Duncan McIntoshChris TaitSpringbok IVRoyal Tay Yacht Club99(BFD)881095959(BFD)76490
88thGBRGBR 7429Richard LedgerSarah Oliverpog mo thoinWhitstable Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)DNC5854DNC5664502
89thGERGER 7717Leon SasZJoscha Slowik YCSO947485(OCS)46(DNC)72BFD506
90thGBRGBR 6127SImon MCPhersonEuan MCPherson Runswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club105(DNC)(DNC)12164566796509
91stGBRGBR 6786Duncan BainesGregory Baines Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club8783(DNC)12063(DNC)6987509
92ndGBRGBR 7344Simon PalmerRosa Palmer Worthing Sailing Club84(DNC)(DNC)77DNCDNC4338512
93rdGBRGBR 8012Colin CarrieJulie SmithD'artagnanLoch Lomond Sailing Club103767195(DNC)(DNC)8886519
94thGBRGBR 7877Richard WillisTom WillisGreat whiteRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club6652(DNC)69(DNC)DNC63DNC520
95thGBRGBR 6907Andrew PerksEmma Perks Marconic Sailing Club927975116(DNC)(DNC)8094536
96thGBRGBR 7075Chris O'connell GambayRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club102(DNC)(DNC)11831DNC7395554
97thGBRGBR 5063John EnglandGlen Jeffrey Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club112(RET)(DNC)123626698101562
98thGBRGBR 6959Nigel JamesKaren CorleyWolf v1.8Marconic Sailing Club1008486100(DNC)(DNC)94100564
99thGBRGBR 6895Dave ParkinsonPaul MocklerOpairRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club107(DNC)(DNC)126476591DNC571
100thGBRGBR 2264Gordy baines  Grafham Water Sailing Club81687979(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC577
101stGERGER 7304Angelo PalazzoloNina Schulz SSGR77(DNC)(DNC)86DNCDNC7869580
102ndGBRGBR 5887Stephen MennhinickSean WebsterC'est La VieRoyal Tay Yacht Club887583112(DNC)(DNC)89DNC582
103rdGBRGBR 7420Jonathan GarnerGarner UKIDA(DNC)(DNC)DNC75DNCDNC5551586
104thGBRGBR 7778Lee MatthewsChantelle MatthewsDaisy & ButtercupDee Sailing Club7664(DNC)45(DNC)DNCDNCDNC590
105thIRLIRL 6137Kevin MastersonWarren BidwellDee‑rangedDee Sailing Club95667787(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC595
106thGBRGBR 7894Mike Abbey  Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club86(DNC)(DNC)98DNCDNC7963596
107thGBRGBR 7714Sean O'ConnorHelen O'ConnorElektraNetley Sailing ClubRDGRDG(DNC)68(DNC)DNCDNCDNC609
108thNEDNED 7705Reinout den Teuling  ZVDR(DNC)(DNC)1465DNCDNCBFDDNC619
109thIRLIRL 6457Mercedes FrancoChristopher Burke Worthing Sailing Club(RET)8682124(DNC)DNC9997623
110thGBRGBR 6563Christophe ClarkeAmelie ClarkeBettyrMarconic Sailing Club75(DNC)(DNC)92DNCDNCBFD52624
111thGBRGBR 7969Adrian ParsonsPaul SmithCaptain NemoDatchet Water Sailing Club85(DNC)(DNC)80DNC58BFDDNC628
112thGERGER 5225Bernd‑Uwe MeyerThomas Fox YCSO64(DNC)(DNC)84DNCDNCBFD75628
113thGBRGBR 1229Tim RobertsSue Jones Runswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club69(DNC)(DNC)23DNCDNCDNCDNC632
114thGBRGBR 7839Martin smithPippa Rocks Rutland Sailing Club91(DNC)(DNC)96DNCDNC8788632
115thGBRGBR 7298Steve BissellEvie BissellEvie BeeRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club104(DNC)(DNC)113DNCDNC8568640
116thGBRGBR 5739Steve CrockerJenny HandslyMac the KnifeRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club11085(DNC)119(DNC)DNC9799645
117thGBRGBR 6692Peter Sherwin FBStone Sailing Club82(DNC)(DNC)78DNCDNC82DNC647
118thGBRGBR 1419Peter RichardsonKyle Tibbs Marconic Sailing Club93(DNC)(DNC)106DNCDNC9682647
119thITAITA 4872Pietro PasquarelliAlessandro Trani LNI Ostia(DNC)81(DNC)117DNCDNC9392653
120thGERGER 4225Lars Prof. BuchelFranz Blum Emil Sasz YCSO(DSQ)(DNC)DNC5760DNCBFDBFD657
121stFRAFRA 7072Maurice CousinVanessa CousinRoger the CatUS CARMAUX101(DNC)7085(DNC)DNCDNCDNC661
122ndGBRGBR 4520Taylor SageAbbie Sloan Island Yacht Club113(DNC)(DNC)107DNCDNC9091671
123rdGBRGBR 7791Steve FowlerRosie Kelly Fowler Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club108(DNC)(DNC)72DNCDNCDNCDNC720
124thGBRGBR 8007Simon MoruzziSara StonesDeva ElectronicsDee Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)DNC48DNCDNCDNCDNC723
125thGBRGBR 7119Phil Williams Despicable MeRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)DNC125DNCDNC9598723
126thGBRGBR 6817Ashley RycroftKim HarriesTeam DrinkRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)DNC122DNCDNCDNC77739
127thGBRGBR 7958Simon LakeMichelle Ryder RYA111(DNC)(DNC)91DNCDNCDNCDNC742
128thGBRGBR 3766Will StefanouAmanda JenksPale RiderStokes Bay Sailing Club109(DNC)(DNC)103DNCDNCDNCDNC752
129thGBRGBR 3867Simon CarrPaddy CarrDaisy DartRunswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club106(DNC)(DNC)115DNCDNCDNCBFD761
130thNZLNZL 7066Mark PattersonSonia HarePatSonTakapuna Boat Club(DNC)(DNC)DNC111DNCDNCDNCDNC786
131stGBRGBR 0000Ken PorterIan Sanderson Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC810
131stGBRGBR 5374Simon EagleOliver EagleAssegaiRoyal Yorkshire Yacht Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC810
131stGBRGBR 1322Paul Chatfield  Stokes Bay Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCOCSDNCDNCDNCDNC810
131stGBRGBR 7968Nigel JuppMelanie Jupp Worthing Sailing Club(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC810

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