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Cyclops Marine 2023 November - LEADERBOARD

Safety & Performance: 'Happy Together' Onboard New KC5403

by Cyclops Marine 23 Aug 2023 17:00 BST
Safety & Performance: 'Happy Together' Onboard New KC5403 © Cyclops Marine

Last month, Kinetic Catamarans announced the successful launch of their latest KC54 'Happy Together'. 'Happy Together' has been built for Randy and Lennie Smith, known online for sharing their boating adventures on their YouTube channel, with their new boat they have ventured into the exciting world of performance cats for the first time.

This is also an exciting launch for Kinetic and Cyclops, as 'Happy Together' is the first yacht to feature Cyclops' load monitoring system as an OEM upgrade.

Kinetic Catamarans are designed with one thing in mind - luxury performance. Their bluewater performance cruiser/racers are 100% carbon fibre and optimised for weight and performance whilst maximising the space and cruising comforts that catamarans provide. The result is a world-class, agile and fast, yet spacious and comfortable catamaran giving you more sailing and cruising enjoyment.

This commitment to performance and comfort has led Kinetic Catamarans to partner with Cyclops Marine to embrace the latest load monitoring technology.

The integration is a match made in heaven - with the live data from Cyclops' system facilitating the performance desires of Kinetic sailors, as well as safety and ease-of-sailing - for smooth, efficient and luxurious life on board, while also ensuring the longevity of rigging and sails.

Leon Scheepers, Managing Director, Kinetic Catamarans: "We're thrilled to be offering this innovative new technology to our customers. Kinetic has a well-deserved reputation of going the extra mile to deliver luxury and performance on every project, and offering this integration is a great way to give our customers the chance to excel in terms of performance and sit back, relax and enjoy life onboard more often - anything that delivers more satisfaction to our sailors is fantastic."

More about the system

Kinetic Catamarans are optimised to perform at high levels. This brings a world of enjoyment, but pushing performance hard on any boat can lead to rig overload, which can increase the risk of damage.

The installation of Load Pins from Cyclops (pictured below) provides owners with key rig loads on their onboard displays, smartphone or tablet. Cyclops Load Pins are available as both wired and wireless installations and easily connect to your instrumentation - connection between the pins and displays giving you ultimate control.

A wide range of load sensing devices are available to add to any part of the rig.


The simple installation of Cyclops technology provides a centralised data display on your instruments or mobile device - with second by second load data to let you know when to take action to keep the boat safe.


The load data can be displayed in multiple formats - either as raw numbers on screen, or as a dial in green, amber or red to indicate safety level. All data is also logged for later viewing and analysis.

Efficient & Easy Sailing

Monitoring your loads also allows you to set up to an efficient setting and stay there, for easier, more comfortable passages. Just set yourself up for the conditions and keep an eye on the numbers/colours being displayed. Hit the same numbers/colours time and time again for ease and control.


Creators of the system, Cyclops Marine have popularised load sensing at every level of racing, having delivered high-performance sensing solutions to everyone from America's Cup & IMOCA teams down to weekend dinghy sailors.

The live load data allows you to learn your fastest numbers, adjust your rig to optimal settings, and enjoy sailing fast - pushing hard, safe in the knowledge that you are within recommended loading limits.

Contact Kinetic Catamarans to upgrade or learn more.

Discover Cyclops load monitoring solutions at

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