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Laserfest Sprints at Whitstable Yacht Club

by Steve Gray 5 Jul 20:47 BST 1-2 July 2023

Whitstable Yacht Club has been running Laserfest since 2017 as its Laser focussed weekend of racing and socialising with the objective of getting as many WYC Lasers racing as possible and sharing the fun with other local clubs.

For 2023 Laserfest was rebranded as a sprint event and generously sponsored by and local Laser agent Sail and Sport. There was a target of five races of day of 20-minute duration, with quick turnover between races to keep the Laser racers focussed!

After much planning by class captain Adam Whitehouse and team, sunny weather and good winds greeted the 33 Laser and ILCA sailors who arrived for the event.

The sprint format took a little getting used to for both racers and race management and races became progressive shorter and more frenetic as experienced was gained. What started as triangle/sausage courses moved to windward/leeward courses due to a drifting gybe mark in race 3, however that proved so popular that windward/leeward courses were used for the rest of the weekend.

So, the racing: day one saw a battle between youth and experience as Charles Campion traded the lead with youngster Harry Newton. Hot on their heels was another youngster Leo Yates from Island Barn in his radial and Kevin Hall and Adam Whitehouse from the home club. There was some serious wind during race three which challenged many and led to a number of capsizes, but fortunately races four and five were (slightly) easier on the aching muscles.

The Saturday night social of Laserfest is the stuff of legend, and this year was no exception. After a fish and chip supper, the band 'Sold on Soul' took to the stage on the club deck with the Laser fleet forgetting their aching legs and taking to the dance floor.

Sunday morning was once again sunny with a decent breeze and more forecast. Race officer Tom Bruton had the course ready for a prompt start with all five races completed in just two hours. Sadly, Harry Newton was unable to compete, but that left the stage to a dual between Charles Campion and Leo Yates for the first two places in all five races with Adam Whitehouse, Vojta Nemec, Bevis Field and Kevin Hall from WYC following close behind.

The Peter Raymer trophy for the top WYC racer went to Charles Campion who won the first day which was then rolled up into what was effectively race one of day two, and two of the five day two races.

Leo Yates took overall 2nd, first radial and first youth with a 3rd placing from day one and three wins and two 2nds on day two.

Finn Crockett from WYC took first cadet with 11th overall and Ruth Oliver was first lady with 12th overall.

Adam Whitehouse, class captain in addition to taking 3rd overall thanked the race team and organisers agreed with the rest of the racers that the sprint format was a great success.

With thanks to our generous sponsors and Sail and Sport.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoRigHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1212200LASERCharles CampionWhitstable Yacht Club1122219
2195049LASER RADIALLeo YatesIsland Barn Sailing Club32111210
3219042LASERAdam WhitehouseWhitstable Yacht Club53433321
4192493LASERVojta NemecWhitstable Yacht Club136644437
5130733LASERBevis FieldWhitstable Yacht Club144366639
6217723LASERKevin HallWhitstable Yacht Club481455541
7216730LASERPaul KellyWhitstable Yacht Club7107716754
8198210LASER RADIALAndrew GuerinWhitstable Yacht Club8911871457
9172568LASERAndy JacksonWhitstable Yacht Club17125108860
10217828LASERMike HansonWhitstable Yacht Club67101119962
11177578LASER RADIALFinn CrockattWhitstable Yacht Club1014914171377
12115387LASER RADIALRuth OliverWhitstable Yacht Club9171613151282
13217720LASER RADIALGuy AlexanderHerne Bay Sailing Club19151717101189
14188353LASERMatt CrockattWhitstable Yacht Club15161518111590
15191114LASER RADIALMarc DumasWhitstable Yacht Club12241815121091
16202411LASER RADIALOliver YatesIsland Barn Sailing Club20181212131994
17217717LASERAli NicolsonWhitstable Yacht Club112019211417102
18217418LASERAndrew ProvanWhitstable Yacht ClubDNC131319916104
19183125LASEREdmund WilsonWhitstable Yacht Club211120161818104
20190566LASER RADIALJohn GibbonsWhitstable Yacht Club241923202422132
21184334LASERKelvin TolsonWhitstable Yacht Club252325252020138
22186022LASER RADIALSonia McNallyWhitstable Yacht Club262522222321139
23154779LASER RADIALSaul WilsonWhitstable Yacht Club282227232123144
24211435LASERJon SilkWhitstable Yacht ClubDNC58DNCDNCDNC149
25163109LASER RADIALGeorge MassinghamWhitstable Yacht Club22RET249DNCDNC157
26218032LASER 4.7J Quinney‑MartinWhitstable Yacht Club27RET26DNC2224167
27140002LASERChris GerryWhitstable Yacht ClubDNC212124DNCDNC168
28202316LASERHarry NewtonWhitstable Yacht Club2DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC172
29130222LASER RADIALAndrew McGlashanWhitstable Yacht Club16DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC186
30212015LASERChristian BrewerWhitstable Yacht Club18DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC188
31174574LASER RADIALJohn PhelanWhitstable Yacht Club23DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC193
32139197LASERTim De KlerkWhitstable Yacht Club29DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC199
33179746LASERMike OliverWhitstable Yacht Club30DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC200

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