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New Vaikobi V-Grip Gloves Range

by Vaikobi 26 May 00:01 BST
New V-Grip Gloves Range © Vaikobi

Vaikobi is thrilled to announce a new product range to its lineup of sailing gear: V-Grip Gloves; next generation gloves with superior grip, comfort and durability.

Vaikobi's new range of V-Grip sailing gloves offers four product options for sailors:

  • The V-Grip DECK gloves (grey in colour) are suited for smaller diameter lines and high trimming activity, such as dinghy, skiffs, sports boats, catamaran and smaller keel boats, and are available in short and full finger styles.

  • The V-Grip PRO gloves (orange in colour) offers more abrasive resistance, more palm protection and an extra durapro layer; better suited to larger diameter lines, higher loads and large keel boats, also available in a short and full finger styles.

Vaikobi Product Innovator and Designer Bart Milczarczyk explains "the design of Vaikobi's V-Grip Sailing Gloves is completely unique, coming about as a result of the demand among our sailing customers worldwide for a more durable sailing glove. By using this feedback as fuel for our design process, we're proud to say the V-Grip Gloves are created as a perfect match to sailors' specific needs and wants."

What makes the V-Grip gloves stand out is the innovative use of the V pattern print, which acts as a powerful sticky grip and a secondary abrasion-resistant layer. This unique material combination provides unmatched comfort and durability for sailors who need to perform under pressure.

And the innovations don't stop here: the V-Grip Gloves feature a true 'no side seam' construction, which eliminates bulk and pressure points on the outer edge of a sailor's hand.

"We put significant effort into moving seams away from the side. This way we are increasing the durability because we're not point-loading a specific area of the glove, and we've achieved a nicer shape that flexes organically around the hand. The major feedback we receive from sailors who use the V-Grip Gloves is: Wow, really nice feeling, not too stiff, not too insulating from what's going on, but offers enough protection." explains Milczarczyk.

Vaikobi's V-Grip Gloves offer the right mix of flexibility and protection through several features:

  • Double layers of reinforcement on the palm for abrasion resistance
  • A single layer on the finger tips for feeling and dexterity
  • Lightweight breathable stretch fabric (UV50+) on the back of the hand
  • Adjustable cuff with low profile meaning less material bulk on the wrist (a sensitive area to the temperature for warmer conditions)
  • Embossed V texture of the Amara-Tex Synthetic suede leather for extra grip and abrasion resistance

The main difference between the two V-Grip sailing glove options is the design of the palm: the Pro Gloves feature Vaikobi's DURAPRO abrasion resist material on the palm and thumb providing more protection, while the Deck Gloves have an innovative V-Grip placement on the palm to provide GRIP and SLIP zones for superior control with thinner lines.

Milczarczyk describes the way the GRIP and SLIP function works; "The grip covers half of the palm to create an area of high grip and high friction, but allows some slip and clutching action with the lines. Through a small rotation on the wrist, you can turn the grip on or release it."

The V-Grip Pro and V-Grip Deck gloves are the first products of the new V-Grip Range, which will in future extend to two more specialised glove styles for different watersports and conditions.

The sailor gets to decide which glove option is best for them, based on their needs, the loads they are handling and the type of boat they are sailing. But no matter which option you choose, you can count on Vaikobi's V-Grip Gloves as an essential part of your sailing kit.

We can't wait for your feedback after you try the gloves on! Vaikobi's sailing glove range is available in all good sailing retailers across the world and on the online store.

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