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Craftinsure 2023 LEADERBOARD

Marblehead GAMES 4 event and Mermaid Trophy at Guildford Model Yacht Club, Abbey Meads

by Roger Stollery 5 Apr 14:19 BST

A slightly smaller entry than previously was offset by the quality of the nine sailors, who enjoyed 16 races in superb conditions at Abbey Meads. The northerly wind straight down the lake was at times at the top end of the A rig strength, giving some exciting downwind legs on the windward leeward course.

RYA pathway coach, James Hadden borrowed Roger Stollery's lightweight UP and was initially nervous as he had never sailed a Marblehead before, having been successful racing IOMs. He needn't have worried as he got a good start in Race 1 and led to finish with a big lead in front of well-known dinghy sailor, Nigel Barrow and Barrie Martin both sailing a STARKERS.

James won Race 2 by an even bigger margin from David Cole sailing a GRUNGE followed by Nigel, who then went on to win Race 3 from Paul Tickner sailing a GRUNGE with James third.

The results were repeated in Race 4, but in Race 5 Paul came to the front with Nigel second and David third. James had a technical problem in this race, but came back in Race 6 to win with Nigel 2nd and Bob Iles sailing a STARKERS third having made a magnificent port tack start. Nigel's consistency gave him Race 7 in front of Bob Pearson sailing another STARKERS with James in third place.

The results were repeated in Race 8 and in the last race before lunch, Paul won from David and Nigel.

The lunchtime leaderboard was headed by Nigel with 10 points from James & Paul each on 15.

The forecast sunshine never arrived, but after lunch the wind had a touch more westerly direction, which caused a more variable wind that got stronger in some of the gusts. Enjoying the potential gain in tacking downwind with the swing rig, James was making the best of the extra pressure to keep UP planing for longer with the extra speed helping to win him both Races 10 and 11 from Nigel and Paul respectively.

Paul was also doing consistently better in the stronger wind and won Race 12 from Nigel and James, who with Barrie got the best start in Race 13 to win ahead of David and Barrie. After some poor results, David finally hit the front to win Race 14 ahead of Bob Pearson and Paul, who went on to win Race 15.

The final race would decide the winner of the event and James finished with his seventh win to beat Nigel and Paul in both Race 16 and the event.

At the prize-giving James thanked Race Officer Roger Stollery for lending him his UP and for the team running the event, which he thought was great fun. The next Marblehead GAMES event in Guildford's special three-event Summer Series is on 17 June for the new Halfpenny Trophy.


Best Improver's prize - Bob Pearson
Vic Cooney 'Masters' Trophy - Bob Iles

1st James Hadden, Gosport, UP - 24pts
2nd Nigel Barrow, Frensham Pond, STARKERS - 26pts
3rd Paul Tickner, Guildford, GRUNGE - 34pts
4th Bob Pearson, Gosport, STARKERS - 56pts
5th David Cole, Hampton Court, GRUNGE - 59pts
6th Bob Iles, Poole, STARKERS - 62pts
7th Barrie Martin, London MYC, STARKERS - 66pts
8th Martin Crysell, Guildford, PRIME NUMBER - 74pts
9th Mark Mortimore, Guildford, UPROAR - 122pts

GAMES current standings after this event:

1st Nigel Barrow - 250.1pts
2nd Paul Tickner - 230.6pts
3rd Roger Stollery - 223.8pts

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