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Breault's Vela Racing Team dominates California Dreamin' Series

by J/Boats 11 Feb 16:07 GMT
California Dreamin' Series © St. Francis Yacht Club

It was a beautiful day for sailing on San Francisco Bay as the Vela Racing team led by skipper Nicole Breault arrived at St. Francis Yacht Club for the second stop of the California Dreamin' Series tour.

The team had dominated the first event in San Diego, winning every race and showing their mastery of the J/22s. The competition was expected to be fierce, with several top teams competing, but Breault and her team were confident and ready to defend their lead in the series.

As the sailors made their way out to the starting line for their first race, the tension was palpable. The wind was light and shifty, making it difficult to predict which way the boats would be moving. Breault and her team were focused and ready to use their experience and expertise to outmaneuver their first competitor. The starting gun fired, and the race was on.

The Vela Racing team got off to a great start, taking an early lead and holding on as the wind shifted and the other boats tried to catch up. The crew worked smoothly together, making quick decisions, and executing their tactics flawlessly. Breault was in her element, expertly maneuvering the boat and keeping her eagle eye on the competition.

As the race wore on, the other team tried to close the gap, but the Vela Racing team remained in control. They had a strong lead, and their superior sailing skills allowed them to stay ahead of their first victim. The finish line was in sight, and the spectators on shore could feel the excitement and roared in approval of their hometown gal leading the race as the boats approached.

The Vela Racing team crossed the finish line first, with a comfortable lead over her hapless competitor. The crowd again erupted into cheers and applause as Breault and her team basked in the glory of another victory. They had once again proven themselves as the top team in the California Dreamin' Series, and their dominance was undeniable. And so it went for the rest of the first day in the round-robin qualification series.

The next two days of racing were intense, with several close finishes and nail-biting moments. However, the Vela Racing team continued their winning streak, taking first place in every race and solidifying their lead in the series. They had shown that their victory in San Diego was no fluke and was an indomitable force to be reckoned with.

As the final awards ceremony took place, Breault and her team received their well-deserved trophies, along with the admiration and respect of their competitors. They had dominated the racing in San Francisco Bay, showcasing their extraordinary skills, razor-sharp focus, and fierce determination.

With a smile on her face, Breault looked out across the beautiful Bay and thought about the challenges that lay ahead. She was already looking forward to the next stop of the California Dreamin' Series and the opportunity to compete once again. With her team behind her and their sights set on the finish line, she knew that anything was possible. The California Dreamin' Series has only two events left, but it's clear the Vela Racing team will be a tough team to beat.

The next stop will be at the St. Francis YC on March 4-5, also in J/22s, finishing at Long Beach YC on April 1-2 in 37-foot keel-tubs.

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