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Come, service your yacht in Trinidad and Tobago

by Trinidad and Tobago 6 Feb 2023 10:11 GMT
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Trinidad and Tobago's strategic geographic location below the hurricane belt positions the country as an attractive location over other territories in the region for storage, repair and maintenance services. During the Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 to November 30), some Caribbean islands are affected by devastating tropical storms and hurricanes, however, Trinidad and Tobago's location, just south of the hurricane belt, offers shelter and protection for cruisers and yacht owners.


Located in the northwestern peninsula of Trinidad, Chaguaramas is a busy commercial port and is the main hub for yachting activities in Trinidad and Tobago. Chaguaramas boasts of some of the best repair facilities in the Caribbean. Boatyards and marinas are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment to undertake repair and maintenance services of vessels of various sizes, including haul-out services. Staff are also highly trained, skilled and experienced to undertake technical work.

Boatyards and marinas attract vessels from various countries internationally and in the Caribbean due to their world-class repair services and competitive pricing. Products and services offered at these boatyards include, but are not limited to repairs and maintenance (fiberglass work, welding, woodwork, upholstery services, sail making, electronics and electrical work, mechanical services, painting and rigging, propeller repairs, signs and engraving, tank cleaning, refrigeration, air conditioning), marina services (hospitality services, haul-out facilities, storage facilities and dock spaces) and other services (retail shops, travel agencies and readily available spare parts).

Some of the larger boatyards located at Chaguaramas are listed below:

BoatyardServices AvailableContact
Coral CoveProject Management, Fiberglass Repair, Tank Cleaning, Mechanical Supplies, Marine Hardware, Upholstery, Chandlery and Paint Supplies. Address: 125 Western Main Road
Telephone: 1(868) 634-2040
Peake Yacht ServicesRigging, Marine and Insurance Surveyors, Sails and Canvas, Paint Supplies, Hydraulics, Woodworking, Propeller Repair, Welding and Fabrication, Metal Work, Air Conditioning, Engine Repair, Polishing, Osmosis Blister Repair, Antifouling and Bottom Painting and Machinists.

Address: Lot 5 Western Main Road
Telephone: 1(868) 634-4420, 1(868) 634-4423
Power BoatsElectricians, Mechanical Supplies, Marine Hardware, Paint and Varnish Repair, Osmosis Blister Repair, Polishing, Dinghy and Bicycle Repair, Metal Work, Sails and Canvas, Engine Repair, Woodworking, Winch Repair, Outboard Engine Mechanics, Tour Service, Paint and Varnish Finishers, Plumbing and Electronics.

Address: P.O. Box 3163,
Carenage, Trinidad W.I.
Telephone: 1(868) 634-4303
Source: YSATT

For a more detailed listing of the services available in each boatyard, see


Marinas and Accommodation

Marinas and Accommodation Trinidad and Tobago ideally caters to all yachting needs within a convenient one-mile radius. To facilitate this, there are several marinas and hotels located in the Chaguaramas area that provide different types of services, including storage, accommodation and hospitality yachting for visitors. The three main hotels in the area are Chaquacabana, Crews Inn Hotel & Yachting Centre and Coral Cove Marina Hotel. Each hotel offers visitors a suite of hospitality services including restaurants, coffee shops, Wi-Fi, and other amenities for cruisers' comfort. Some of the major hotels located at Chaguaramas are listed below:

HotelAddress and Contact
Crews Inn Hotel & Yachting CentrePoint Gourde, Chaguaramas
Telephone: 1(868)-607-4000
Coral Cove Marina Hotel125 Western Main Road
Telephone: 1(868) 634-2040, 1(868)634-2244
Fax: 1(868)634-2248
ChaquacabanaWestern Main Rd, Chaguaramas
Telephone: 1(868)634-4319

The Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)

The Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) is a non-profit organization established in 1994 by the boatyards and marinas in the Western Peninsular of Trinidad, to facilitate the growth and development of the Yachting sector in Trinidad and Tobago. YSATT is the umbrella body for information in the sector for both local stakeholders and foreign visitors.

Tourist Attractions

Trinidad and Tobago is home to a multiplicity of attractive activities that visitors can be immersed in all year long. Activities range from hiking, nature trails, tours of heritage sites, beaches, festivals etc. The possibilities for fun and recreation are endless. Visitors can dock their vessels at any of the many boatyards or marinas available in Chaguaramas and enjoy all the diverse attractions that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer.

For those cruisers who do not wish to vacation or stay in Trinidad and Tobago, the twin island nation is also an ideal one-stop-shop for refueling, provisioning or undertaking any repairs required before continuing along to another destination. Although a twin island state, both Trinidad and Tobago offer unique experiences.

Things to Do: Trinidad

Trinidad offers a wide range of activities that cater to every preference. There are many nature tours and hikes within close proximity to Chaguaramas, such as the abandoned Tracking Station, Bamboo Cathedral and Gasparee Caves. For the adventure seeker, Macqueripe Bay, also located in Chaguaramas, has a zip line adventure through the rainforest, as well as over the Bay. In addition, there is the Five Islands Water & Amusement Park. Trinidad's coastline hosts a wide array of spectacular beaches with pristine waters. A favourite is the Maracas Bay, which is a short 30-minute drive through the mountainous and lush Northern Range from Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

For more information on things to do and places to visit in Trinidad, please click the link at

Things to Do: Tobago

Tobago, on the other hand, is located 20 miles from Trinidad. To get to Tobago from Trinidad, visitors can sail to Tobago or they can remain docked at their boatyard or marina and board a short flight with Caribbean Airlines (the national airline) to Tobago. Alternatively, there is also an inter-island ferry service that can be used to journey to Tobago. Both modes of transportation are very efficient and quite cost-effective. Tobago is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere and is a bird watcher's paradise. For tourists interested in diving and snorkeling, Tobago's reefs are rich in biodiversity. Popular spots that satisfy these hobbies include Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, Pigeon Point and Little Tobago.

For more information on Tobago please visit the link at

Make Trinidad and Tobago Your Next Stop:

It's no secret that Trinidad and Tobago is a yachting haven. It is the perfect spot for yacht visitors desirous of undertaking repairs and maintenance on their vessels or those searching for the ideal vacation destination. If cruisers are searching for a mixture of business and entertainment or to simply wait out the Atlantic Hurricane season, Trinidad and Tobago is definitely the place to be.

For more information on entry requirements for cruisers, visit the Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago on the following platforms:



Additionally, you can contact Jesse James at +1 (868) 683-5202 and Sharon Rose at +1 (868) 757-0139.

For accommodation and boatyard information, visit the following:

Peake Yacht Services

Power Boats

Coral Cove

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