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2022 Scorpion National Championship at Looe Sailing Club - Runners & Riders

by Alan Ritchie 8 Jul 14:50 BST 24-29 July 2022
Scorpions at Lymington © Tim Hampton /

So it's the annual prewarm-up warm-up ahead of the maxed out 2022 Scorpion Nationals. I'll not dwell on the ten races, practice race, crews race etc., but think about what the Scorpion nationals means to those of you unfamiliar with recent Scorpion activity.

Looe, one of every classes' favourite championship venue with a race team second to none, a club house hidden away from the front and a beautiful sandy beach for the families, there's 75 entered after pre-sales were completed 6 months ahead of the championship this year. We could take more but Looe is full! Recent previous Looe championships in 2005, 2010 and 2016 means we all know where the favourite pasty shops are. Though Stevie G has one in particular he's got a lifetime membership at.

Brand new plastic boats as well as old woodies and plenty of each in between is going to see a very busy Looe...and next year at Eastbourne will have similar popularity - book asap to ensure you're in!

Daily prizes and some kind of Pecker situation will be issued at 7.30pm - don't be caught out by flying spinnaker poles...

So for the schedule, no not the sailing one, we already know about that. Ten races starting with a practice on Sunday then two every day... Crews' race somewhere, but not on Sunday.

The real schedule:

Saturday arrivals - catching up with old chums and remembering what fun it is driving over the tourists feet with an empty road base - Evening means commodores reception - will Jerry have his big measuring tape and pole device out again...?

Sunday - Shwags (Scorpion Husbands, Wives and Groupies) start off their (in)formal off the water activity with the bring and share lunch - Contact Lady Helen on the whatsapp group for more info, more will happen I'm sure. Evening entertainment = games night. After last years injury strewn antics of the 'zookeepers' local emergency services are on standby.

Monday is Quiz night - After last year's quiz with a difference (thanks Pete and Rach) - Nigel is back in charge so brush up on your school days physics.

Tuesday is the AGM - learn more about our chairman's vision to continue the revival back up to 100 boat championships (sounds like a bit of a low target if you ask me).

Wednesday we've got the shwags cream tea for the non sailors, evening entertainment is the Isle of Sheppey Raffle - bring your coins! - one not be missed - remember Llandudno!

Working backwards from Friday morning whilst awaiting prizes in the sunshine we'll be having free bacon baps and tea / coffee- I know it seems backwards but at this stage it'll all be upside-down, fancy-dress kit will be strewn around the town and perhaps the odd seagull will be seen sporting a pirate hat as Thursday night is the big fancy dress P Party - more free rum shots this year Mr Chairman?

Sailor wise let's look at the contenders and their relationships to the class:

The favourites - and current champs:
Gilly and Rach 2013 - Gilly hasn't lost a Scorp championship whenever he's sailed one hmmmm, after last year the only target left is to win every race...

The challengers - and they've all won it before:

Tom and Penny 2025 - Long term Scorp helm and three times champ Tom is back and teamed up with little sis Penny, with her mastery of all things wavy and tidal this should count well, rather a handy helm in her own right the crews race could be interesting.

Andy and Stevie G 2040 - They've won it before and Stevie is back at the front of a boat for the first time in ages......... Pasty consumption could be a real issue if they get soggy - rumours of a special development pasty holder as yet unfounded.

Chris and Oli - (selection of boats available - could be a surprise to us all) Chris is back! - Great memories for the legend of boat building - remember 2005 fancy dress - Chris does and so does the washing machine- expect a relaxed holiday atmosphere till the 5 minute gun goes. One of the few (only?) people to have won as both crew and helm is Mr Turner.

Wadey and Ben 2042 - Yet another ex-champ, Wadey's missed out on Scorps in recent years - he's back with favourite crew Ben - however whispers that a light wind week might see a different Raynor at the front are currently unfounded, hopefully the pole inflicted damage to both helm and crew at Lymington will have healed in time for the prize-giving photos....

Alan and THE BEAR - 2051 - winners in 2018, can they do it again? Mrs Bear is tuning up the new boat so Alan can do his usual and step in on the first day, is he ready for the pink everything tho...

Mursell and... 1943 - He's back in a woody - 9 championship wins but has age finally caught up with the class president and ace twitcher - if it's a bit light the legend could be back on the top of the podium but who's the crew???

Caddy and Ellie 2026 - Yes, we know Caddy last won as a crew back before decimalisation - but he's won it before so he's in the list - no pressure Ellie....

Gonzo and Scurvy 1932 - Scurvy is a top crew (anyone else on the list been to the Olympics as a competitor?), but can Kev get his hands out of the paint pot and pump downwind - above or below Kev?

Mike and Georgina - champ from the 70s - has he lost it or was it all too long ago to remember... Gone plastic I've heard...

Steve and Jerry 2044 - 25 years on from Jerry's first title can Steve make it a jubilee to remember for the super veteran crew.

Matt and Bob 2037 - Bob (or is it Rob) crewed Wadey in 2004 for the win - Matt's got pedigree in any number of classes and they were rapid at Sidmouth in May.

Others who should be considered as serious contenders (but not won it... yet):

Pete and Rich 2045 - 50 shades - deeper / darker or just better! - Too many championships just missing out on the top step of the podium - is this the year? Plenty of sailing this year for the buoys so no more excuses please.

Sam and Shandy 1986 - If only the O flag was used Shandy could get those guns working to pull away from the fleet downhill - as it is he'll have to content himself with once per wave...

Nev and Karl 2039 - Rapid as you like at a windy Lymington well for one race anyway - and Nev's got results in lots of other classes - can he do it in the Scorp too?

Ryan and Hannah 2028 - They might sneak in for another race win on the right day.... String it together and who knows....

Other Pots - and there's plenty! I've not described the challengers in these categories - something to do with a word limit...

Individual race wins including the practice race (biggest pot of the lot!):

  • Female Helm
  • Female Crew
  • Silver Fleet / Bronze Fleet
  • Flyer of the Week
  • Old Boat
  • Really Old boat
  • Old crew - 60+
  • Old Helm - 60+
  • Really Old Sailors - Combo over 110
  • Ancient Sailors - Combo over 130
  • Top Club

And plenty more too - the table used for the prizes is rather large...

On completion of our little light week's socialising in Looe, the F50s will be in Plymouth. Rumour has it that one or two of the Olympic superstars could pop over for a lesson in how to sail from the Scorp fleet...

The Darwin Award for daily incompetence (aka Pirate Pecker) is scheduled for 7.30 along with daily prizes though you all know the Darwin is the real draw.

Lots of Scorp sailors + shwags = pasty consumption overload! Look out Looe we're coming your way.

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