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Sailserver, Your Sailing Adventure Data Log

by Leon Kirchberg 7 Jul 17:00 BST
Sailserver, your sailing adventure data log © Sailserver

Sailserver is a system that is tracking all your data provided through your NMEA200. It is smaller than a lunch box and enables you to share your data with friends and family. At the same time it is your automated logbook as well as your anchor alarm.

The Danish company founded by passionate Sailor Jorg Ulrich Hansen is giving everyone access to data that was normally lost the second it was created.

Easy Going

The system is running on a built-in SIM card and is online as long as it has got phone signal. In case you sail offshore without phone service in reach, Sailserver will continue to log all the data on the system and upload the data to the cloud automatically as soon as the network is reconnected.

You do not need to worry about extra subscription costs or any other hidden costs. It just comes all in one. As you buy the product the cloud storage and SIM card are included.


The Installation process is as easy as it comes. Just plug the box to your NMEA2000 and it will track everything from the second it connects. It doesn't need any power source, as it is drawing the small amount it needs from the NMEA2000 itself.


You simply register your Sailserver at and you will be able to see and extract your recorded data and decide which parts you want share. Whether it's a link to your data in the cloud or publishing the data about your trips via social media.

Friends can track your progress and view the details in real time or later. You stay in control of your online data, by using the privacy settings.

Why should I get Sailserver?

It enables you to share data from your personal sailing experience. It gives you the chance to relive sailing experiences by putting the data you collect as an extra layer of detail into your personal logbook. It stores all the data and can even create a logbook for you.

So, plug in, lean back and enjoy the moments you loved the most once more.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sailserver, or want any advice then contact us at or follow the link below:


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