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How to use sailing Dog Bones

by Allen 13 Jan 12:00 GMT
Dog bone on a clew © Allen

We know what you’re thinking “how can a dog bone be used on a sailboat? We’re not playing fetch!”.

Well, the type of dog bone we’re talking about here is not something you would want to feed to your favourite four legged friend.

Why use a dog bone?
Dog bones can be used in a vast array of applications due to the shape and features of the product, however, it’s main purpose is to connect rope to something. Dog bones have opened up a variety of new ways to streamline, lighten and adapt the way we attach things to the hull, sail or control lines of a boat.
Allen dog bones are shaped differently to others on the market. Our triple cut-out design allows the rope to be looped perfectly around the dog bone without loosing any strength in the rope. The two protruding edges between each of the three tapered cut-outs act as a barrier which stops the dog bone from being able to slip off of the rope.
How to make a 20cm dog bone soft shackle
If you’re no good at tying diamond knots and want a simple splice-able solution, then here is a great, easy way to make a soft shackle which is suitable for a 40mm Tii-on block.

You will need

1 x A8606

1 x A2040Tii

50cm of 3mm Dyneema

1 x 4mm splicing fid

1 x Pull fid or small splicing needle

1 x Sharp scissors

Optimist Sprit System
Optimist Sprit System
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RS Tera Racing Vang Pack
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