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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Datchet Flyer 2021 at Datchet Water Sailing Club

by Andy Rice 14 Dec 2021 22:15 GMT 11-12 December 2021

Tom Gillard and Rachael Gray beat a 99-boat fleet in their Merlin Rocket to win the Datchet Flyer, the second event of the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series.

The Merlin narrowly beat Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane in their 505 with Jack Hopkins' Laser (ILCA 7) edging out the GP14 of Nick Craig and Toby Lewis for third place. Olympic Champion Dylan Fletcher stepped into the back of a National 18 with Michael Wilson and Ben Batchelor to finish in fifth place.

It was a diverse entry of boats with 34 classes ranging from the Topper to the Formula 18 catamaran, along with Flying 15 keelboats and National 18s. There was a big 420 turnout, the class making this one of the go-to events for the winter season.

It was also diverse weather. Saturday suffered temperature and winds in single figures; Sunday soared with temperature and winds both in double figures, occasionally gusting 15 knots and even causing some capsizes.

Gillard and Gray won the opening race on Saturday, and the next race went to Patrick Overs in his Solo. Overnight after two races very close, Laser (ILCA 7) sailor Ben Flower was just one point ahead of Gillard and Gray, just ahead of Laser (ILCA 7) sailor Jack Hopkins.

With the much better weather conditions on Sunday, PRO Seb Camisuli announced two races for the day, starting with Race 3 (average laps), followed by a long-distance split-fleet pursuit race.

With starting for the pursuit split into fast and slow handicap divisions, the big RS Aero 7 fleet headed the charge for the fast fleet and enjoyed some close class racing, with Steve Norbury, Pete Barton and Ellie Craig all pushing hard to head the pack.

At the 100 minute mark, Gillard and Gray just managed to hold off the hard-charging 505 of Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane. In the slow handicap race, last winter's runner-up, Luke Fisher's RS Vareo won from Hopkins' Laser (ILCA 7) and Nick Craig and Toby Lewis's GP14.

The overall scores were very close, with the Merlin Rocket of Tom Gillard and Rachael Gray (9 pts), 505 of Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane (12 pts), Jack Hopkins Laser (ILCA 7 - 12.5 pts) taking the top three.

SpeedSix challenge

Not surprisingly on Saturday, SailRacer GPS trackers struggled to record any sustained speeds over five knots.

Sunday saw many boats posting speeds in double figures, the F18 of Sam van de Velde the fastest with 13.19 knots in Race 3, followed by Musto Skiff sailor Fred Cudmore at 11.19 knots.

Adjusted speeds

Freddie Sunderland in his Laser 4.7 (ILCA 4), was fastest on adjusted speed in the pursuit race, followed by Stuart Jones on his Contender.

Jon Emmett interviews Rachael Gray

Past and future series

Online prize-giving for the 2001/21 season is this Thursday evening. More details here:

As for the 2021/22 season: coming up at the end of this month are two events on the same day. Yorkshire Dales Brass Monkey in the north, and Burghfield Breezer in the south. To enter these and other events in the series, go here:

Events in the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series 2021/22:

  • Fernhurst Books Draycote Dash, Draycote Water SC
    20 & 21 November 2021
  • Datchet Flyer, Datchet Water Sailing Club
    11 & 12 December 2021
  • Yorkshire Dales Brass Monkey, Yorkshire Dales SC
    27 December 2021
  • Burghfield Breezer, Burghfield Sailing Club
    27 December 2021
  • Grafham Grand Prix, Grafham Water Sailing Club
    2 January 2022
  • Bloody Mary (TBC), Queen Mary Sailing Club
    8 January 2022
  • King George Gallop, King George Sailing Club
    22 January 2022
  • John Merricks Tiger Trophy, Rutland Sailing Club
    5 & 6 February 2022
  • Oxford Blue, Oxford Sailing Club
    19 February 2022

Overall Results:

PosClassHcapSail NoHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4Pts
1Merlin Rocket9803759Thomas GILLARDRachael GRAYStaunton Harold SC16‑829
25058839215Roger GILBERTBen MCGRANENetley SC6‑11.51411
3Laser1108218526Jack HOPKINS Delph Sailing Club45‑22413
4GP14113014185Nick CRAIGTobytastic LEWISBurghfield / Frensham5‑74615
5National 18906425Dylan FLETCHERMichael / Ben WILSON / BATCHELORIsle Of Man YC‑1186620
6Laser1108215390Thomas BRINDLEY Redesmere SC74‑23.51021
7RS Vareo1093621Luke FISHER Emberton Park SC‑14147223
8Laser1108212109Ben FLOWER Paignton SC‑3332026
9Enterprise115322456Nigel BIRDIain BIRDR.Y.A2‑25131429
10Supernova10771060Alex HORLOCK Warsash SC‑51.59111636
11RS4009531408Nicholas CHARLESChris MARTINBurghfield10‑27171037
12RS Aero 710733597Peter BARTON Lymington Town SC9‑3025842
13420108356108Alice DAVISOliver RAYNERGreat moor / Draycote‑181092645
14Laser Radial1147216646Alastair BROWN Stokes Bay / Great Moor25‑47101247
15Laser Radial1147216115Jon EMMETT Weir Wood26‑33.514848
16RS4009531502Jon HEISSIGNicky GRIFFINLlangorse SC12‑26181848
17Solo11525693Fraser HAYDEN Papercourt SC811.5‑383251.5
18420108355242Harry GEORGERalph CAWRHORNELymington16‑49.523452
195058839177Tom JEFFCOATETim HARTLEYChew13‑16162857
20420108355854Joe WARWICKERHugo VALENTINEShoreham SC35‑5152262
21RS Aero 710733866Ellie CRAIG Starcross2919‑311462
225058839180Mark UPTON‑BROWNIan MITCHELLHayling / Bosham1723‑23.52262
23National 18906401Phil HARDISTYChris Hill PETE RICHARDSONIsle of Man YC22‑45123266
24RS300989348Chris HATTON Lymington Town32‑37.527.51271.5
25Osprey9361369Roger BLAKEJames BLAKEGreat Moor‑62.529192472
26RS20010461270Alex SMALLWOODTom KOSTELETOSDatchet Water SC19‑37.5213474
27420108354483Millie IRISHClara JONESDraycote Water SC382‑484080
28RS Aero 710733000Steve NORBURY Warsash‑4743.5291688.5
29Solo11525904Patrick OVERS Paxton Lakes SC39.51‑56.54888.5
30Scorpion10302042Dave WADEBen RAYNERDraycote Water2022‑265092
31420108356091Imogen WADEMatthew RAYNERDraycote Water‑41.535302893
32RS20010461019James WILLIAMSSarah TUPPENCVLSC21‑52472694
33RS400953767Chris LARRAbigail LARRDraycote Water33‑79422095
34Osprey9361347Philip MEAKINSNick WILLISWarsash SC2331‑324296
35Merlin Rocket9803787Chris MARTINJohn TAILBYMidland SC‑41.520364096
36Albacore10538209Cameron MOSSJake STOWLyme Regis SC1524‑445897
37Solo11524768Jon CAWTHORNE Shustoke Sailing Club2413‑736299
38420108356007Freya SEWELLArlo BRAUNDDraycote Water SC31‑574624101
39420108356112Sam GRAYTONRaife PIGGOTTNotts County27.5‑483446107.5
40Hadron H21034142Barry WOLFENDEN Bough Beech‑57173756110
41D‑Zero1043328Thomas SOUTHWELL Lee on the solent37‑424138116
42Laser 4.71208216023Freddie SUNDERLAND Draycote Water71‑7427.518116.5
43K1106473Ian DUKE Datchet Water27.5‑554544116.5
44Laser Radial1147194659Will SUNDERLAND Draycote Water‑58543536125
45Supernova10771083Serena STEWARDSON Emberton Park‑72186742127
46RS Vareo1093606Nick CRICKMORE WOBYC53.537.5‑6238129
47RS20010461721Michael WARWICKERKate FITZSIMMONSShoreham SC39.540‑5152131.5
48420108352915Jibriel BOSTANPatrick HILLIsland Barn4615‑7574135
49Enterprise115322901Paul YOUNGNathan MCGRORYMidland Sailing Club3037.5‑5376143.5
50RS Aero 710732717Chris HARRUP Burghfield SC43‑585448145
51D‑Zero1043191Nigel AUSTIN Cransley SC3649.5‑6062147.5
52RS20010461173Emily DAVISJo TRIBEGreat moor sailing club5541‑5854150
53Osprey9361175Emma STEVENSONTim BOWDENWeymouth  2030150
54Contender 2706Stuart Jones DWSC  1536151
55D‑Zero1043181Gordon STEWART NHEBSC‑62.5535248153
56RS Vareo1093443Paul NORTH Milton Keynes SC‑7533.56556154.5
57Osprey9361373Richard MARSHALLJonathan OSGOODPoole YC34 4380157
584709731Megan FARRERIain BLAKEEmsworth sc‑50213999159
59Laser1108213545George SUNDERLAND Draycote Water‑4543.54078161.5
60420108355244Henry HEATHCOTEHector BENNETTRLymYC  3330163
61Laser 4.71208205176Samson CROSS Shoreham/Island Barn70‑765050170
62Laser Radial1147190673Joe MOLE Papercourt‑74634960172
63Streaker11551462Paul CARRINGTON Paxton Lakes6061‑6852173
64Miracle11944114Graham WATTSHelen JACKSStaunton Harold53.556‑6664173.5
65Hadron H21034145Richard LEFTLEY Burghfield Sailing Club4432 99175
66420108353959Ellie CREIGHTONBea GREENFIELDCARDIFF BAY51.528 99178.5
67420108351766Emma BREESERichard BREESERLymYC‑78735554182
68Scorpion10301962Fraser EARLEWill COOKLyme Regis56‑70.56368187
69RS Feva XL12447264Jeremy LANDONHenry LANDONDatchey48‑696972189
70RS Aero 710732504George HOSKINS Datchet Water SC‑66616172194
71420108355633Noa MOSKOVITCHGabs BURLTONRoyal Lymington YC‑76.5685970197
72Blaze1033614Bob LADELL King George SC67‑757160198
73Hadron H21034124Chris BROWN RORC / BSC6861‑7070199
74Musto Skiff84986Fred CUDMORE Datchet Water76.577‑80.546199.5
75RS2001046952Paul ROBSONHadey LINESReading SC49 7676201
76RS20010461253Tom HIRSTJoe SUTTON‑JONESBroadstairs SC‑69656474203
77Hadron H21034148Dave BARKER Draycotewater5946 99204
78Vortex9172014Jonathan CARTER Rickmansworth‑82647466204
79420108353328Edwin CROSSFinley SOUTHONShoreham/Island Barn7370.5‑7968211.5
80420108355634Eva MILLERRose EDMONDSSnettisham Beach‑80807758215
81RS Aero 710732384Simon GEYMAN Datchet / Lymington Town  56.564220.5
82Laser Radial1147164918John CANT Erith Yacht Club6459 99222
83420108354682Oscar FRYJemima FRYWarsash SC79‑8180.566225.5
84Merlin Rocket9803667Tim MEDCALFMatty KEYTamesis Club6166 99226
85RS Aero 710731813Simon ETTER DWSC6567 99231
86Laser Radial1147217035Maddie CHILDS King George   44244
87RS500966942Alex RAEBURN‑JAMESNatalya WILLIAMSDatchet Water8172 99252
88Flying 15 4027Michael ClappMichelle FinchDWSC  7282254
89K1 131Ian Keyne DWSC  7878256
90Formula 186651261Sam VAN DE VELDEOli GREBERDatchet Water8378 99260

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