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Asymmetric Sailing by Andy Rice
Asymmetric Sailing by Andy Rice

RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021 Champions are Mike Sims and Mark Lunn/Jack Holden

by Sally Campbell 25 Nov 15:38 GMT
Mike Sims (left), RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021 Champion © Tim Olin /

Congratulations to Mike Sims and Mark Lunn/Jack Holden, winners of the RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021.

In second, just one point behind the leaders, were Ollie Groves and Sam Waller - definitely ones to watch for 2022! Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman were a well-deserved 3rd, again just 1 point behind 2nd place.

The RS400 class remains incredibly strong throughout the UK, with 91 boats on the scoresheet.

The RS Class Association thank Rooster for supporting the RS400 class so well (again) during 2021!

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RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021 Overall Results: (thanks to Jacob Ainsworth)

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubScottish ChampsSouthern ChampsNorthern ChampsInlandsWinter ChampsEOSTotal Pts
11488Michael SimsMark Lunn /Jack HoldenCarsington1392929222826
21316Ollie GrovesSam WallerBeaver SC9292331922837
31283Chris PicklesMatt SharmanBassenthwaite9292152922848
41502Jon HeissigNicky GriffinLlangorse SC92792927329317
51428Wayne FletcherMike Saul/Martin CooperYorkshire Dales 929242589231337
61516John HobsonGOIZ/Matt ReynoldsNotts County SC92921522921232549
71503Peter SnowdonLouise CarrShoreham SC92149225139232852
81515Steve CockerillSarah CockerillLee on Solent SC921929292137094
91505Jack HoldenRobert HendersonArun YC922922929237296
101508Richard CatchpoleGary CoopLeigh & Lowton SC929229259237599
111460Dave ExleyAlistair CoatesLeigh & Lowton SC9292924492376100
121376Sam KnightChris BownesBartley SC9292926392377101
131463Stewart ROBERTSONHannah/Sarah ROBERTSONRFYC5692929292379103
141456Barrie ThorntonNick HuntScaling Dam SC9292927992384108
151235Sam PickeringEmily HeathTorpoint Mosquito9289299292385109
161492Martin PentyNick CravenBeaver SC9298929292385109
171396Mark Dingsdale Ness EvansLLSC929211921092389113
181340Stuart HarrisAndrew Stickland / Julian LloydBanbury SC92929212929389113
191435Matthew SheahanEllie SheahanWarsash SC92929217925390114
20932Jonathan LyeNicola WebsterNotts County SC92925189292391115
211518Ben WilliamsonCharlie TicehurstRipon SC92929149292391115
221465Jon WillarsKayleigh RobertsWelton SC929292101492392116
231481Howard FarbrotherLouise HoskinLymington Town SC92492219292393117
241362Thomas ParkhurstMatt Reynolds/Ben WilletBeaver SC929210169292394118
25971Simon KitchenAbbi HooperGrafham Water SC921992929210397121
26527Andy PowellPaul Caiger‑WatsonWarsash SC92259292926399123
271513Neil ParkhurstIan ParkhurstBeaver SC929214199292401125
281263Dave StocktonJosh Tilley / Sophie StocktonWimbleball SC922292929211401125
29854Chris BrownAmber BrownRORC/RHYC922492929213405129
301519Steven BroomfieldJenni LewisLymington Town SC922092209292408132
311500Nick CraigToby LewisBurghfield/Lee on Solent92929219292461185
32874Jon GAYAmanda HENDERSONLochaber29292929292462186
331290Peter TAYLORRuary WILLIAMSONDalgety bay SC39292929292463187
341370Neil MCLELLANEwan RYCROFTDalgety Bay SC49292929292464188
351292Christopher EamesRachel TilleyQMSC92929292924464188
361398Phil MurrayNeil SchofieldTynemouth SC92592929292465189
37768Angus MarshallPeter CameronDalgety Bay SC69292929292466190
381189Steve RestallChris StubbsDowns SC92926929292466190
391511Hamish GledhillTom CoatesLeigh & Lowton SC92929292692466190
401124Robert YEAMANSNadia YEAMANSAberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club79292929292467191
411363Ross RyanJohn TailbyNotts County SC92927929292467191
421280Stewart BrownJoe HartiganChew Valley SC92929292927467191
43612Martin FAULKNERBill FORSYTHLargs SC89292929292468192
441449Jamie CalderKeith BedboroughDalgety Bay SC92929289292468192
45880Tim Le CouilliardJames Le CouilliardKing George SC92929292928468192
461148Hester ROBERTSONRichard HOPEDalgety Bay SC99292929292469193
471096Andrew BOYDJens BOESENAberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club109292929292470194
481377Neil BevingtonAlan SkeensLee on Solent SC921092929292470194
491294Mike GRANTAlan BIRSELargs SC119292929292471195
501414Ivan BurdenKieran ShrimptonPortchester SC921192929292471195
511444Chris CattChris MartinNetley SC929292119292471195
521191Louise MckeandNigel HallLeigh & Lowton SC929292921192471195
531445Phil BRITTONMike ATKINSONRoyal Findhorn Yacht Club129292929292472196
541487Andy BraySarah KingstonLee on Solent SC921292929292472196
551325James LoganPhillippa LoganNotts County SC929212929292472196
561401Bill KenyonMartin SpencerBudworth SC929292921292472196
57738Ian NICHOLLSGareth OWENLargs SC139292929292473197
581439Kevin PodgerHeather ChiperfieldLymington Town SC921392929292473197
591009Tim HarrisonTor HarrisonNotts County SC929213929292473197
601437Danny BoatmanLee BoatmanSunderland YC929292139292473197
611408Nick CharlesSimon CharlesRYA929292929214474198
62465Piers ShoesmithNiall SchiessEastbourne Sovereign SC929292929214474198
631444Nick MartinClaire DarchLee on Solent SC921592929292475199
641053Jamie MorganAnna‑Louise GlendenningRutland SC929292159292475199
651453Stuart HalmanAnna WalshLeigh & Lowton SC929292921592475199
661422Bruce MillsAndrea JarmanWarsash SC921692929292476200
671048Martin HartMoira HartNotts County SC929216929292476200
681461Charlie ExleyCaroline ExleyLeigh & Lowton SC929292921692476200
691509Robin Kirby Trisha ClancyStarcross YC921792929292477201
701355Paul ReynoldsCath ReynoldsNotts County SC929217929292477201
711410Jacob AinworthKayleigh RobertsTynemouth SC929292921792477201
721450Nick EavesGreg PaceBartley SC921892929292478202
731121Mark EhlersAsher EhlersNotts County SC929218929292478202
74543Ian Webber‑RostronLuke HarrisonDelph SC929292921892478202
751247Richard KelsallNeil KelsallDraycote Water929219929292479203
761029John CunninghamNicky CockayneCarsington SC929292921992479203
771298David GrayAlison GrayLeigh & Lowton SC929292922092480204
781312David SwiftRob BurgessWarsash SC922192929292481205
791383Phil RobinsonEmily CockayneCarsington SC929292922192481205
801175Fred LordLouise GaleCarsington SC929292922292482206
81870Joe GallivanSarah BurridgeLymington Town SC922392929292483207
821272Andy WilcoxHannah WilcoxCam SC929292239292483207
831184David RyderMichelle RyderIsland Barn SC929292249292484208
841479Mick WhitmoreSarah WhitmoreEastbourne Sovereign SC929292259292485209
851382Andrew HuntMatt HuntEastbourne Sovereign SC929292259292485209
861123Carl WhiteheadCarol MilnerFiley SC929292259292485209
871509Caroline WhitehouseTrisha ClancyStarcross YC929292259292485209
881493Geoff HoldenBernice HoldenLocks SC929292259292485209
891163Greg AldredMark HiltonGlossop SC929292259292485209
901051Ben HazeldineGeorge BridgeFrensham Pond SC929292259292485209
911234William OrmerodThomas OrmerodBRSC922692929292486210

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