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Border Counties Midweek Sailing Review

by Dave Turtle 1 Oct 2021 08:27 BST

It should have happened last year, but didn't. Then it should have started in April, but didn't. So, we were uncertain how this series would pan out but as restrictions were gradually relaxed, we made the decision in June to go ahead with our first event.

Therefore, we are pleased (and relieved) to report that Border Counties Midweek Sailing has been a great success. In fact, in many ways, sailing on a Tuesday has been a useful tonic for combatting the "Covid blues" particularly the picnic lunches in the sunshine and meeting up with friends, old and new, after such long periods of isolation.

The ethos is simple; friendly competition at a variety of sailing venues within easy reach of the Cheshire/Welsh border.

Racing took place at six very different venues between June and September attracting a total entry of 63 different boats entering on 118 occasions. We enjoyed days out on the river at Chester through to the large expanse of the biggest lake in Wales at Bala. All for just £5 per boat per event! Classes sailed ranged from Toppers to A-class catamaran and, with no age-limit, competitors both young and old. There were no protests throughout the series with everyone willingly accepting their penalties without argument.

First off was Budworth; no changing rooms, no galley, no clubhouse but who cared? The sun was shining and everyone was happy just to be there! Nineteen boats turned out including eleven visitors. All that was missing was a good breeze but, even so, all three races were completed with Phil from Chester in his new Solo staking an early claim on the series followed by Dave Nicholson (Laser) of the home club and Dave and Zara with their smiley spinnaker in a Miracle. An excellent start to the series.

Next came Chester with all the challenges that the River Dee has to offer. After a damp start the sun broke through for a thoroughly enjoyable day "messing around on the river" as the song goes. There were plenty of place changes as the wind came and went but, at the end of the day, Dave (Shotwick) was the most consistent taking first place in his Streaker with Ted (Solo, Budworth) second and Jeremy (Lighting, Shotwick) in third.

Nantwich was our third venue and twenty-two competitors were greeted by warm sunshine and light winds. The race team did well to get all races completed in such fickle conditions. The only drawback was a thundery downpour in the last race but at least it was accompanied by an increase in wind providing the best sail of the day. Pete from Winsford in his Supernova started to make his mark on the series with three straight wins followed by Dave (Streaker) and Jeremy (Lightning) both from Shotwick.

Everyone was looking forward to our next event at Bala and they were not disappointed. Twenty-six boats arrived at Llyn Tegid to be greeted by overcast skies and a cool brisk breeze blowing straight down the length of the lake. However, even the typical mountain weather could do nothing to dampen the spirits of the sailors keen to sample one of the very best sailing venues in the area. The weather gradually improved throughout the day and there was a great atmosphere with so many boats accompanied by a number of supporters who had come to encourage their clubs. Two newcomers to the series, Daniel (Bala) and Glyn (Leigh and Lowton), in their Laser Radials soon mastered the conditions and between them won all three races taking first and second positions overall. Third was Pete (Winsford) in his Supernova who was always in the top three consolidating his spot at the top of the series leaderboard.

Competitors arriving at our fifth venue, Shotwick Lake, were treated to glorious sunshine more akin to the Mediterranean than to North Wales. The icing on the cake was a decent breeze and temperatures that approached 30 degrees in the afternoon. Short beats across the lake made good starts and clear air particularly important. However, it was the usual culprits who made their way to the front with Pete (Supernova, Winsford) first followed by Ted (Solo, Budworth) and Dave (Streaker, Shotwick).

The final event was at Winsford where competitors were greeted by mirror-like conditions. Fortunately, after a short postponement, a light breeze appeared providing a long beat down the entire length of the lake. The lone Solo of Phil (Chester) found conditions to his liking, winning all three races, followed by Pete (Supernova, Winsford) and Dave (Streaker, Shotwick). A great day on the water was rounded off in the clubhouse by prize-giving both for the day and for the Series overall.

So, Pete Coop is the deserved first winner of the Border Counties Midweek Sailing trophy (kindly made by Geoff Weir) having sailed in every event and rarely out of the top three. Phil Snewin claimed second with a flourish of firsts in the last event leaving Dave Turtle in third place.

It's always good to see double-handed boats on the water especially with the dominance of single-handers in recent years. Apart from anything else, they add a little colour to the fleet! With this in mind, there is a separate trophy for double-handed boats won this year by Dave and Shan in their Enterprise followed by Ellen and Pete in a Miracle.

An award for the club with the most boats attending was presented to Winsford Flash Sailing Club who really embraced the team spirit of the series sending an average of seven boats to each event.

In conclusion, we feel the series has been a great success but this could not have been achieved without the warm hospitality and commitment of all the clubs involved. Each club relies on a raft of volunteers to make these events happen so many thanks to all those who put so much effort to make these events so enjoyable.

Finally, a big thank you to all the competitors who have turned out and supported us because without them there wouldn't be a series! Roll on next year!! Hopefully we will encourage another club or two to join us.

Please check the website for further news and information on Border Counties Midweek Sailing or email us here.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewClubBudworth 1Budworth 2Budworth 3Chester 1Chester 2Chester 3Nantwich R1Nantwich R2Nantwich R3Bala R1Bala R2Bala R3Shotwick1Shotwick2Shotwick3Winsford 1Winsford 2Winsford 3Pts
1stSUPERNOVA1168Pete Coop Winsford Flash1.5‑7‑3‑5‑4‑2111‑3‑221212‑3214.5
2ndSOLO5963Phil Snewin Chester1.5314‑9‑5‑63‑7‑6‑9‑5.553‑711123.5
3rdSTREAKER1926Dave Turtle Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)3212.5‑52(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)343.532‑626
4thSOLO5016Ted Garner Budworth(OOD)OODOOD613‑1243‑11‑8(RET)212(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)34.6
5thLIGHTNING 368410Jeremy Cooper Shotwick Lake‑5‑10523‑6‑11245‑73(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)44537
6thSUPERNOVA1120Eric Haselden Winsford Flash‑11‑147(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)796(DNF)(DNS)(DNC)776911372
7thCOMET311Steve Bellamy Winsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)910912‑1412‑1791156487
8thENTERPRISE22688Dave ThomasShan StapleyShotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)13121051112‑18‑24‑19‑16‑1414131213115
9thLASER RADIAL8Jim Young Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)910(DNF)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)1413(DNC)12131311812115
10thSTREAKER1621Paul Newman Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)17657479.555(DNC)(DNC)DNC130.5
11thCOMET705Martin Loud Winsford Flash13DSQ988111017(DNC)(DNF)2018(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)134
12thSUPERNOVA519Pete Chambers Winsford Flash9.5DSQ6(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC9.5896711151
13thLIGHTNING 368257Duncan Cheshire Winsford Flash9.5DSQ11(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC81181259158.5
14thMIRACLE4116Ellen DinelowPete WilliamsBala(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)15161419‑23(DNC)191618151415161
15thSOLO5286Phil Proctor Chester65107542.58(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC177.5
16thLASER/ ILCA 7211145Frank Lafferty Winsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)161313212115141519(DNC)(DNC)DNC212
17thMIRACLE3794Dave TurtleZara/HuwShotwick Lake422(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)4611(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC289
18thLASER/ ILCA 7198833Ros Benson Winsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)141210(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC7107320
19thGP1413813Peter ThomsDawn FrostNantwich(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)131511911RET(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC341
20thCOMET877Charlotte Coop Winsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNF1513DNCDNCDNC8910342
21stSOLO3636Ben Beachnll Llyn Brenig(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNF2217151815DNCDNCDNC374
25thSOLO4463Kieran Lewis Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC463.5DNCDNCDNC468.5
30thALBACORE8065Eric HaseldenJulieWinsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)1177(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC480
38thRS AERO 51595Jeanette Davies Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC10199DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC493
39thSUPERNOVA1041Steve Vandersteen Winsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC161210DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC493
43rdRS AERO 71595Jeanette Davies Shotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC131712DNCDNCDNC497
44thPHANTOM1414Dave Smith Hollingworth Lake121317(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC497
45thsupanova511Dominic Oakshott WFSC(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC161314498
48thLASER/ ILCA 7133420Garry Thompson Budworth161516(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC502
50thLASER/ ILCA 7139587Jacqueline Purvis Budworth171618(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC506
52ndMIRACLE3520Simon DolmanJulie DolmanShotwick Lake(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC201917DNCDNCDNC511
55thNational 122345Brian HerringRos StevensonWinsford Flash(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)2014(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC554
59thGP1413554Dave EdwardsSky RogersNantwich(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)2218(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC560

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