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Noble Marine Allen RS100 Nationals at Brixham Yacht Club - Day 3

by Clive Eplett 12 Sep 2021 12:55 BST 9-12 September 2021
Noble Marine Allen RS100 Nationals, day 2 © Gareth Fudge

Somewhere below, there is a proper(-ish) race report. Which might be a first for this correspondent. But before that, the prologue.

There seem to be a group of people here in beautiful Brixham living under the misapprehension that there's an RS100 National Championship in progress.

History, however, is actually defined by whatever the writers of the time document. In the absence of his sorely missed greatest rival Greg Booth, my co-correspondent and new class chairman David Smart, has decided that all that really matters is which of us beats the other. Obviously, this is pretty egocentric, but his rules. What's weirder is that for five minutes of race 10 today we actually raced each other for the first time this week.

Obviously, this is tosh, so back to the Nationals.

The sail out to the start for four scheduled races (bringing one forward as the forecast for the final day is looking precariously light) finally delivered the big breeze promised for yesterday. Happily for those of us with leaden legs from day 2, it dropped off to the actually forecast F3-4 westerly - more big shifts off the land, gust lanes and soft patches To add to the fun, Cunard's Queen Vic was (unavoidably for the race team) in play if you went hard left down the run.

First shout out and "we're not worthies" go to Nick Shuttleworth for his first at the first mark in race 1 of the day. One of my sailing heroes once said to me that success is just three things, getting there, staying there and doing it consistently. You're a third of the way to success, Nick.

To bookend the special mentions, Nigel Wakefield was so desperate after racing to be first up the club slipway, he hoisted his kite in the harbour, where the wind does very interesting pirouettes. We assumed he must be on a hot date, but he was later in the bar with the rest of us. I'll leave alternative explanations to the readers imagination.

Back to the racing. As race 1 of the day progressed, the more usual suspects (and your correspondent) found their way to the front, headed by Brett Aarons, yours truly (Clive Eplett) and Andy Jones. On the last run, Brett strategically put himself in the middle, Andy stayed right and found pressure, with Clive between the two. Andy was flying, Brett in the Doldrums. As it unwound, Clive crossed first, with Brett just rescuing second from Andy, followed by a whooping Steve Main and Huw Powell.

Race 2 of 4 was an 'after-the-Lord-Mayor's show for the previous race winner, who gave up and stopped for lunch half-way thru. More big shifts and gusts spread the fleet hugely. Andy was again on fire, winning by a big margin from David Smart, equally comfortable in second, Huw third and Brett fourth. Getting tight at the top.

Race 3 of 4. Clive, rested, won the pin, accompanied by Andy and Tim Hulley. At which the rest of the fleet to windward got a massive private lift. Andy bit the bullet and cut his losses. Ouch. Clive kept going and it came back. Nils Jolliffe led, Brett was extracted at the windward mark for a U-flag infringement leaving Clive and Andy after a huge recovery again battling. At the last Andy dumped the mainsheet, sailing higher between gate and line to steal second. Rude words might have been uttered. The ever present, consistent, Huw 4th and Ian Gregory next.

Race 4 of 4; Huw led reasonably comfortable from the outset, pursued by James Ross and Clive who had a battle royal up the last beat (he likes tacking on you, does James). Clive got his revenge on the run by hoisting early and rolling him, then setting off in pursuit of Huw. Error. Too busy match racing. 50 yards from the gate, they look up and see Brett and Nigel Wakefield planing in four times the pressure - those two grab first and second, with James fifth. More Anglo-Saxon ensued.

At the end of the day, the scores show Brett leading, three points ahead of Huw but carrying a 14th and UFD as discards.

Andy in third cannot catch Huw who is six points ahead but discarding a fifth (I said he was consistent), but Andy needs to look over his shoulder at Nils, 4 points behind but with much better discards.

James is a further two points behind and one ahead of Clive, safe in 6th, followed by Nigel and David.

With one race to go, the forecast is for barely enough to race and veering 180 degrees, N to S. Hence, the only sure prediction for Sunday is that there will be early packer-uppers and a game of 'chicken' for others wondering whether to do the same.

Final word is a round of applause, 3-cheers and huge thankyou from the whole RS100 family to Mark Harrison who has been acting as Class Chairman for, nearly, ever, but stood down at the AGM today. He's done a fantastic job and we are all really grateful. Some act to follow Smartie. No pressure.

Results after Day 3:

1stGold527Brett AaronsGurnard SC1‑14425124(UFD)120
2ndGold508Huw PowellRed Wharf Bay/Netley SC3224‑102‑534323
3rdGold172Andrew JonesChew Valley Lake SC‑111182‑153121129
4thGold370Nils JolliffeNetley SC54‑9146‑761633
5thSilver264James RossNetley SC633715‑225‑11535
6thGold509Clive EplettFrensham Pond2‑10610641(RET)3436
7thSilver145Nigel WakefieldNetley SC4659‑1279‑126248
8thGold277David SmartChew Valley Lake SC10712333‑15214‑1554
9thGold239Matt JohnsonWeirwood SC7514‑161112‑1688974
10thGold372Steve MainNetley SC‑18‑1615121394712880
11thSilver300Leighton KingNetley SC887(RET)9‑171014161082
12thSilver421Jeremy TroughtonNetley SC169867101116‑19‑1883
13thGold130Stephen JonesChew Valley Lake SC121310158148‑227‑1987
14thGold259Ian GregoryFrensham Pond15‑171613‑18814115789
15thGold287Rob BurridgeWeirwood SC13111111‑19(RET)139151497
16thSilver364Duncan BarrNetley SC912(DNC)516(RET)191013DNC109
17thSilver229Nick ShuttleworthNetley SC‑191813‑201713617916109
18thGold379Mark HarrisonGurnard SC14(DNC)211414(RET)12131012110
19thGold247Tim HulleyWeirwood SC‑2019‑2018201118151717135
20thSilver156Nick CreakNetley SC171517171520‑231918‑21138
21stSilver206Jon ElmesChew Valley Lake SC21‑221821‑221617202013146
22ndSilver526Mostyn EvansMounts Bay SC‑23201919‑211921182120157
23rdSilver266Andy TrickettNetley SC‑22212222‑231820212222168

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