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Ovington 2021 - ILCA 2 - LEADERBOARD

Gran Prix 3.2 - Persico 69F Cup: Day 2

by 69F Sailing 12 Sep 06:07 BST 7-12 September 2021
2021 Gran Prix 3.2 - Persico 69f Cup: Day 2 © Kevin Rio - 69F Media

Tight racing between the two leaders in the championship while the Russian crew started showing their true potential.

"In 69F you feel very cared for, from the boat setup to the moment you get into the water and get back. There is no situation where you feel left alone, even the information sharing on WhatsApp is very useful, so we always know what is going on.

The media output is also a major aspect not only for the sharing of images and videos but as a source of useful feedback during debriefs.

It's also nice to meet the same people throughout the year, getting a closer relationship with the shore team and all the 69F team."

Ann-Sophie Volz - SDS Swiss Dentals Solution

"After these days of experience on Persico 69F I can say that it is certainly a very interesting boat. It will have a good future as it is a one design class where you really give the best crew the chance to win.

It also seems accessible to me compared to an America's Cup boat where a lot of people and a large budget are needed, 69F offers the opportunity to have an experience quite similar to that of an AC75. With the necessary differences in terms of crew and speed, the sensations given are very similar but I think 69F also has some similarities with Olympic classes, where you can play a lot with weight on board.

The format is also engaging, with events in which the boats are prepared by the 69F shore team and you just have to race and think about winning the regatta."

Matteo Celon - Team Balthasar

"Right now, each day we're learning something about the boat and we are aware we need to gain a lot of experience. We've been thinking about training sessions before the events as this makes you understand much and also be safer while sailing. We enjoy sailing on this lake, it's probably one of the best places for wind conditions but gives you the opportunity to enjoy the location. It would also be nice to see a 69F fleet in Russia, we have a couple of teams who sailed on Olympic classes and I'm sure we would have some fun. In the meanwhile, we would definitely like to come to Miami and train all together."

Konstantin Besputin - Russian Bogatyrs

Results after Day 2:

1st Okalys Youth Project, 99pts
2nd Section 16, 88pts
3rd Balthasar, 65pts
4th Fly Marga, 45.5pts
5th FIN1Racing, 44pts
6th SDS Swiss Dental Solutions, 44pts
7th Russian Bogatyrs, 37.5pts
8th Tixwave/Timeon, 34pts

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