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Rooster Solo National Championship 2021 - Overall

by Will Loy 28 Aug 2021 05:56 BST 21-27 August 2021

I arrived at Mounts Bay Sailing Club promptly at 8.45a.m. keen to ensure I would not miss the boat. Apparently, last night I had been awarded Wally of the Day having missed my ride out to yesterday's 'racing'. I would argue that I should have been awarded the common sense prize but there is no requirement for that in this fleet if race 3 is anything to go by.

Saint Michael's Mount stood majestic, slightly shrouded in the morning mist, its distorted shape reflected in the glassy surface of the water. No wind then. I reduced my walking pace from shuffle to crawl, my fitbit re-calibrating my target for the hour to 50 paces.

The coffee vender was already running low on beans, the few left in the grinder jostling for position to be chosen next. Competitors sat in small groups, or should I call them bubbles, scanning their phone apps for some hope of an indication of wind.

Championship Organiser Steve Ede, who has once again done an amazing job in arranging this regatta, explained that we should hold off on a decision until 1pm.

The Championship is balanced on a knife edge with just 4 points separating the top two sailors so any chance to race must override the urge to sit in holiday traffic for 6 hours.

Peter Jelliss and his faithful team, fully togged up in their drysuits and PFD's sat becalmed in their vessels, the odd crackle from the radio confirming there is no wind and no direction.

At 11 am the AP was signalled and so the wait began. Sailors drifted in and out of the clubhouse while above them the odd cloud took turns to blanket the rays of the morning sunshine.

"16 knots in Salcombe," one distinguished sailor commented while our jury man Steve Watson added that the Cadets had launched in Brixham.

We looked to the horizon for some hint of breeze, time ticking by and hope fading. The mist had cleared now and a faint ripple, albeit in streaks, covered the race area but even we could see that the pressure was negligible.

Talk turned to yesterday and the quality of the Salcombe golf match. Clearly, these boys are a bunch of bandits, all claiming they had never played before but with the sort of distinguished careers behind them which would have definitely required sub-10 handicaps and membership to Wentworth.

One Salcombe sailor (who shall remain anonymous but we shall call him Graham) explained that all went well until Roger Lumby, who had opted to utilise one of the golf club's electric golf bag trolleys, capsized it into a bunker. Clearly his skills on the water have transferred well to this new hobby.

Back to the racing, and as I write this report and look out towards the Mount I see a constant stream of wooden launches transferring punters to the island and back. Their revenue drops significantly when the tide is low; I am surprised they have not bombed the causeway yet.

The ripples on the water indicating breeze, much like hope for racing, have diminished - but that is not stopping judge Steve from donning waterproofs and ankle wellies. The last ferry to the island will leave soon - the tide here recedes quicker than a twenty pound note into Chris Brown's wallet.

The aforementioned punters, clearly keen to save a few quid, wade across the treacherous walkway, holding their children and babies above their heads; the women will have to fend for themselves. Paddleboarders glide to and fro, oblivious to the Solo Championship and the thrilling climax that may never take place.

With one hour to go until a decision it looks like Andy Davis will take the title with Tom Gillard second and Paul Ellis third. Olli Davenport will be fourth and Richard Lovering fifth. So that is HD Sails, North Sails, P&B Sails and Hyde Sails in the top five.

Update: Racing was indeed canned and the overall results remain as listed after day 5.

New class President Patrick Burns officiated the Prize Giving on the Mount's Bay Sailing Club veranda, overlooking St Michael's Mount.

  • Sal Erskine Furness is first lady
  • Harry Lucas is first junior
  • Paul Ellis is first Veteran
  • Tim Law is first Grand Master
  • Graham Wilson is first Septimus
  • Salcombe win the Wetherall Cup
  • Jarvis Simpson is Plate Series winner.

Apologies If I have misrepresented any of these winners, I did leave before the final whistle.

Finally, and keen not to be too loquacious, we must thank the race crew and land based team at Mounts Bay SC for providing us with a great week on and off the water. PRO Peter Jelliss did a sterling job despite some testing conditions. The irony of the east wind is that it is constantly inconsistent here in Marazion.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, we hope our success as a class ensures your businesses continue to flourish.

Big thanks to on-the-water umpire Steve Watson who was really put through his paces early in the week, off the water rather than on it. I do believe the sailing instructions across the world will never be the same again.

Finally thank you to the town of Marazion, we have been warmly welcomed and in these times of change, we feel that this regatta has reminded us of what a Championship is all about. While there can only be one Champion, and Andy Davis is well worthy, we are all winners this week.

Overall Results:
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PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1st5967Andy DavisSouth Staffs2342‑121315
2nd5675Thomas GillardSheffield Viking SC51‑10323519
3rd5574Paul EllisSalcombe YC2182142(DSQ)38
4th5954Oliver DavenpportNorthampton/Redesmere182‑5011110143
5th5831Richard LoveringHayling Island SC712‑404552154
6th5781Alex ButlerHayling Island SC1‑225610221256
7th5868Andy TunnicliffeBurwain SC91918977‑3769
8th5918Chris BrownGrafham Water SC12139‑1614141072
9th5966Tim LawSalcombe YC14152114321‑2388
10th5914Paul DavisLymington Town SC1611‑41132813788
11th5691Guy MaygerFelpham SC36‑51179282992
12th5942Richard PepperdineStaunton Harold SC1192012‑31232499
13th5835Dave LucasGWSC‑414081011625100
14th5911Nigel DaviesDraycote Water SC6206‑32292715103
15th5407John ReekieBassenthwaite SC32726‑5681718108
16th5406Jarvis SimpsonBrightlingsea SC8‑46123818324112
17th4951Olivier VidalPenzance SC‑3333112215266113
18th5879Chris CleavesSalcombe YC34‑71178191232122
19th5780Nigel ThomasHill Head SC154164530‑5116126
20th5130Mark LeeLymington Town SC2323‑823013931129
21st5956Tom LonsdaleWest Oxford SC1024‑7550241111130
22nd5749Michael HicksSalcombe YC4358‑8856417133
23rd5652Michael GiffordStaunton Harold SC13538‑5532369133
24th5369Andy RitchieHykeham SC25(DSQ)2429201619133
25th5923Jamie MorganRutland SC4510‑8920251535150
26th5850Vince HoreyKing George SC193022183933‑42161
27th5938James GoodfellowArdleigh SC22273036418‑47164
28th5897Ian HopwoodNantwich3718‑565134198167
29th5964Paul BartlettStarcross‑80294337162914168
30th5744Iain McGregorSalcombe YC‑6348257271849174
31st5905Isaac MarshNorthampton SC56141424.526‑7545179.5
32nd5887Steve DennisonRYA3537715‑625336183
33rd5837Richard InstoneChase SC20‑642324.5493140187.5
34th5421Andy BaylissHykeham SC313414447‑5733190
35th5898Simon DobsonSalcombe YC426‑6419425257200
36th5909Andy FoxLeigh & Lowton‑72313421173067200
37th5524Kev HallNorthampton SC244531‑53213544200
38th5792Dave GreeningSalcombe YC47162939‑482448203
39th6000Doug LattaHayling Island SC‑6059322845442210
40th5393Simon DerhamLittleton SC582519335237‑59224
41st5601Simon YatesSalcombe YC26493949‑653428225
42nd5925Robin MilledgeLymington Town SC6428‑7631223846229
43rd5836Mark HarperDell Quay SC4244‑6523445622231
44th5755Graham Cranford‑SmithSalcombe YC513247(DSQ)373939245
45th5804Steve EdeArdleigh‑65424626234564246
46th5941Simon ForbesStaunton Harold SC27363741‑604958248
47th5968Nick HornsbyHollingworth Lake SC68392765‑752526250
48th5901Lawrence Cavill‑GrantGrafham Water SC8217‑8634354638252
49th4317Charlie NunnFowey Gallants SC55‑706948402027259
50th5779Mark MaskellBlackwater SC2835524650(DNC)55266
51st5801Willie ToddLargs SC54213‑85666560269
52nd5604Roger GibbTorpoint Mosquito SC304133527243‑74271
53rd5900Andy HylandLymington Town SC4960‑6227366243277
54th5818Mike DrayLittleton SC‑81515760554041304
55th5876Patrick BurnsRYA1752608183(DNC)20313
56th5747Roger LumbySalcombe YC38‑736142646354322
57th4851Geoff HoldenTorpoint Mosquito SC7453‑8159685813325
58th5644Paul BottomleySouth Staffs SC5378287959(DNC)34331
59th4005Kim FurnissFowey Gallants SC6647‑7967386152331
60th5734Adrian GriffinSalcombe YC57505547‑636062331
61st5778Shaun WelshTorpoint Mosquito SC‑88761373544773336
62nd5926John SteelsStarcross YC‑76637443464271339
63rd5547Peter WarneNorthamptom SC626915547169‑79340
64th5771Tim JacksonPapercourt SC77‑883561535561342
65th5889David ParkinAberdeen & Stonehaven44‑864564437870344
66th5950Phil KilburnLymington Town SC‑78617762335466353
67th5819Phil SturmerBrightlingsea SC(OCS)544270585080354
68th5865Stephen RobertsTorpoint Mosquito70385972‑796453356
69th4999Harry LucasGWSC5280‑9235746650357
70th5786Siimon GreensladeStarcross YC2983‑9058694875362
71st5721Graham WilsonNorthampton SC36‑873663817385374
72nd5902Ian BartlettSouth Cerney SC59438069‑865968378
73rd5815Tom KeyPapercourt SC465649767774‑81378
74th5164Anthony WheatleyWest Riding SC‑75556666737051381
75th5927Alistair BanksWest Riding SC718448406180(DNC)384
76th4903Alex McKayFowey Gallants SC9179445757(DNC)56384
77th5724Terry PalmerUpper Thames SC48755471‑856877393
78th5331Andrew SquireSalcombe YC406870747072‑86394
79th5570Malcolm BuchananLymington Town SC7382(DNF)77674172412
80th5921Stephen WaiteHighcliffe SC6965‑9182566776415
81st5544John SewellMounts Bay‑83745368807765417
82nd5479Bill ChardChew Valley Lake395758(DNF)DNSDNC69425
83rd5044Alastair FraserGrafham Water SC6762837878(DNC)78446
84th5410Huw ReynoldsWhitstable SC7989728051(DNC)84455
85th5904Patrick OversPaxton Lakes SC866684837679‑90474
86th4527Paul HoadClub Hwylio Aberdyfi‑84727184828383475
87th5731Vernon PerkinsSouth Cerney SC‑92778775847187481
88th5844Nick FisherTMSC(OCS)8168DNSDNCDNC30482
89th5888Geoff GrittonBrightlingsea SC616795(DNF)DNCDNC63488
90th4208Peter HampshireAttenborough SC5090939090(DNF)89502
91st4635Simon JohnsonLittleton‑93858587898193520
92nd5913Steve HaggettLymington Town SC8794(DNF)86887691522
93rd4006Sal Erskine‑FurnissFowey Gallants SC8991789187(DNF)88524
94th5313Jonathon ReynoldsSalvo be YC90937388(DNS)DNC82527
95th5648Simon StrodeRollesby SC859567(DNF)DNSDNC92541
96th5088Tristram SquireSalcombe YC959694899182(DNF)547
97th5838Michael WildeSpinnaker949263(DNC)DNCDNCDNS552
98th5880Martin HonnorOgston SC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC606

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