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Aegean 600: The focus of international offshore sailing will soon be on the Aegean Sea

by Aegean 600 3 Jul 19:30 BST 4-10 July 2021
Aegean 600 © Nikos Alevromytis

Yesterday's Opening Ceremony for the Aegean 600 marked the final countdown for the start of the race, which will take place tomorrow (4 July) at 1400, in front of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. The 40 monohull and multihull entries coming from 16 countries will make a non-stop journey of 600 nautical miles in an offshore tour of the Greek isles. The Hellenic Offshore Racing Club and co-organizers from the Region of Attica have developed this race "by sailors, for sailors" as the longest of its kind in Greek offshore racing history.

"The warmth with which the sailors have embraced this new event is amazing," said the HORC Commodore Ioannis Maragoudakis. "The pandemic has restricted us from offering all that we intended, yet we have been congratulated from everyone for our decision to fight to make this race possible."

Regional Governor of Attica George Patoulis started the ceremony with an inspirational message: "This is a great sporting event which will contribute to the strengthening of the sports and tourist identity of Attica. The strategic development of the Aegean 600 helps promote to the whole world one of our strong advantages in having these unique waters that are ideal for competitive sailing," he said. "It will highlight the area as an attractive tourist and sports destination."

The Region of Attica has been a strong supporter with HORC from the very beginning of this event. "The Aegean 600 sailing race has managed to succeed before it even started," said the Deputy Regional Minister of Finance Nikolaos Peppas. "This is because the interest of the international community of this sport is so great that it makes us feel proud that we, as the Attica Region, have helped create this opportunity for these sailors to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Aegean."

Among the race's competitors are sailors who have distinguished themselves in both Olympic class and offshore race competitions. Greek Olympians Dimitris Deligiannis and Dimitris Mougios, and fellow Olympian Michalis Pateniotis, are all competing here, as is the 2012 49er Bronze Olympic Medalist Peter Lang. Numerous prominent veterans of other 600-mile offshore races are also competing in the Aegean 600, such as Pericles Livas, Nikos Alessandro and Puri Negri. Both veterans and newcomers are readying themselves and their boats for tomorrow's start at the Olympic Marine in Lavrio.

The overall trophy for the race is an impressive heavy silver cup that is an exact copy of a ceramic urn created in an ancient Attic pottery studio in the 5th century BC. The special marble base weighs 12.5 kg and is made of Thassos marble. It was constructed 50 years ago and is a permanent trophy in the collection of the HORC. The winner will receive a replica of this impressive prize.

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