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Certified LED Navigation Lights from Mantagua

by Matt Churchward 10 Nov 2020 16:29 GMT
Certified LED Navigation Lights from Mantagua © TMS

Mantagua are market leading manufacturers of lights for both leisure and commercial boats. Building on their experience working with world renowned racing teams, Mantagua design and manufacture a broad range of navigation lights which you could say are the "fastest" navigation lights in the sailboat world, with all recent Vendée Globe and Route du Rhum winners using Mantagua to light their boats!

With this expertise Mantagua have developed a new range of LED Navigation Lights, the NAVIPRO range aimed at both sailboat and commercial vessels up to 20m. Whilst managing to retain both the compactness and the lightness of their navigation lights, Mantagua have achieved Wheelmark approval for the entire range of NAVIPRO & DECK NAVIPRO.

The quality of these lights is unrivalled as the range is packed with features that set them apart from the next best available. The Mantagua team wanted to push the envelope regarding the lifespan for this range and the result is that all NAVIPRO lights have a 45,000 hr service life, and when that threshold is met the light will flash 10 times over a 10 second period when turned on each time until the unit is replaced.

Key Features of the Navipro range:

  • Easy to install, lightweight & space saving. See how to install a Navipro light here.
  • Waterproof Rating of IP67.
  • Low power consumption with a choice of 2 or 3 nautical mile range.
  • Does not disturb nor is effected by VHF or AIS.
  • Regulated input voltage of 10-30v and supplied with 1 metre of tinned wire.
  • WHEELMARK 60427/A0 MED certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/90/EU.
  • An incredible 45,000 hr service life.
For more information - Call Technical Marine Supplies on 01752 600454 or watch our James's guide to the Navipro range here.

View the range in full online here.