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Expert Sailing Skills by Tom Cunliffe
Expert Sailing Skills by Tom Cunliffe

Bottlenecks - Cause for concern

by Noonsite 3 Oct 14:14 BST
Caribbean © Noonsite

Long distance passages always have a certain amount of uncertainty: what will the weather be like, will the crew all get on, will any gear break and so on.

But in 2020 there are so many more unknowns: Will we be able to get in? Will there be space to anchor? Will we be quarantined on arrival? To name a few.

Cause for concern are the cruising community bottle necks that have been developing in many parts of the world. A large number of transient cruising boats have had to stay put where they wouldn't normally be out of season.

The Caribbean is one such place as only a few Islands offered options for hurricane season (with Trinidad still notably closed), meaning the area as a whole has a much higher concentration of summer cruisers than normal. Listen to a number of key yachting figures in the Caribbean discuss the current situation for cruising boats at this SSCA webinar on Atlantic and Caribbean cruising.

?The South Pacific is turning into another bottleneck now that the Australia and New Zealand Governments have definitely refused cyclone refuge for foreign yachts. With the official start of Pacific cyclone season on 1 November, cruising boats in the area now need to start executing plans B and C, but all will likely stay put filling up the parking lot for next season's inundation. Listen to the cruising experts in the area talk about this cyclone season and what options there are for cruisers at this Pacific SSCA webinar.

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