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Royal Harwich Yacht Club Junior Race Week

by Mike Clayton 24 Aug 2020 12:59 BST 17-21 August 2020
Royal Harwich Yacht Club Junior Race Week © Carly Jones

A team of 25 volunteers under the leadership of the Handicap Class Captain Stephen Olle and Race Officer Joe Hunt delivered a fantastic week of racing for 60 junior and youth sailors from 17th to 21st August.

This year more than ever we had significant numbers of club members and parents offering to help make the week a success. Entry numbers were restricted to allow the shore side activities to be more easily and safely managed and sadly the usual regatta fleet for the youngest sailors was furloughed for 2020.

Racing started on Monday morning once the early morning mist had cleared leaving a shifty southerly wind for the first race. Shortly after the start of race 2 the sea breeze filled in, causing its abandonment for the main fleet and a re-start. Meanwhile on a separate course the Optimist gold fleet managed three races. Leaders after day one were Laura Elms (Handicap), James Deaton (Laser), Nathan Russell (Tera), Jemima Gotto (Topper) and Thomas Davey (Optimist). The afternoon saw two rules master classes run by International Judge Graham Louth.

Tuesday again bought an early 10:00 launch with the course area further down river close to Pin Mill to make the best use of the river's width. The main fleet were set an M shaped course to give two shorter beats. The first days leaders remained in control, although two wins each for Joseph Henderson in the Tera fleet and Robbie Hudson in the Optimists allowed them to close the gap on the overall leaders. The afternoon shore side programme included a race debrief for the Optimists from Chris Mayhew, the class national champion from 1989, and a Topper master class from James Deaton.

Wednesday saw a little more wind from the South-East allowing for longer beats on a triangular course for the Toppers and Teras with a D course for the Lasers and Handicap. The Optimist course saw some drama in the first race with a broken down support boat causing one sailor to claim re-dress. Henry Means in the Optimists closed the gap on the series leader Thomas Davey with two first places. The leaders in the Teras, Toppers and Lasers also all dropped places with James Russell claiming two wins in the Lasers, Joseph Henderson a win in the Tera fleet and Katherine Burgess a win in the Topper fleet. After racing organiser Stephen Olle described his experience in crewing for Reg White in a Tornado catamaran at World Championships in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Further increases in the wind strength came through on Thursday with Storm Ellen threatening Friday's racing. In the Handicap fleet Laura Elms maintained her 100% record. James Deaton increased his points lead in the lasers with one first and two second places, Joshua Means and James Russell were the other race winners. Joseph Henderson moved into first plave in the RS Tera fleet with two race wins, Nathan Russell claimed the other race. Jemima Gotto increased her lead in the Toppers winning all three races, whilst Thomas Davey claimed wins in three of the four Optimist races.

Friday was a bright sunny day, but with gusts of over 32 knots being recorded in the morning an early decision was made to abandon racing for the day and the prize-giving for each fleet was organised. The Cormorant award for seamanship was awarded to Gracie Joslin for dealing with a mainsheet issue and the Burgess Award for their positive approach was awarded to Imogen Palmer.

Off the water was also a success with the programme of talks and master-classes being supplemented with films on an outdoor screen and a very successful curry and quiz evening with 13 teams competing. The Club was grateful to the support for the event from Fox's Marina, Fox's Chandlery, The Royal Hospital School, Sail and Cover and the Orwell Yacht Club.

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12F13Pts
Handicap Fleet
1stRS Aero 51815Laura ElmsRHYC‑1‑1111111111  9
2ndRS Aero 51047Robert StewartRHYC‑2‑3222222222  18
3rdSplash1756Joshua ReasonRHYC‑32‑333333333  26
Laser Fleet
1stLaser Radial215271James DeatonRHYC21111‑42‑4122  13
2ndLaser Radial206251James RussellRHYC62753‑9113‑131  29
3rdLaser Radial208163George Ellis‑MillerRHYC‑17823514527‑9  37
4thLaser Radial200680Sean WoodardRHYC83342‑1233(DNF)83  37
5thLaser Radial214906Joshua MeansRHYC75‑8673‑102514  40
6thLaser Radial210236Ethan DaveyRHYC‑10.545276679‑158  54
7thLaser Radial212783Max ShielRHYC36412‑1325137‑145  57
8thLaser 4.73Ciara WoodardRHYC‑15111110478.59‑1456  71.5
9thLaser 4.7203975Catherine AlboneRHYC910109‑1157‑118311  72
10thLaser Radial209009Toby HuntRHYC176710‑17(DNF)16.516410  77.5
11thLaser Radial188220William ThorogoodRHYC1312.5‑15‑171210.58.5669.512  90
12thLaser 4.7193722Daisy RobinsonFishers Green12‑15‑1313710.5128139.57  92
13thLaser 4.7192455Finn Morris 499‑15‑1615141441214  95
14thLaser 4.7142026Imogen PalmerRHYC10.512.512‑161581310106(DNF)  97
15thLaser Radial2353Robin DeanRHYC5‑181481413‑1612111115  103
16thLaser Radial162576Finley WebbHTSC14‑17‑17119161115121613  117
17thLaser Radial185604Josh WarringtonRHYC‑18161614171415‑18171716  142
18thLaser Radial160690Isobel StewartRHYC1614(DNC)(DNC)18DNC1716.5151817  150.5
Tera Fleet
1stTera Pro2652Joseph HendersonRHYC‑221121‑42121  13
2ndTera Pro2086Nathan RussellRHYC11221‑31321‑7  14
3rdTera Sport2385Harry LawRHYC4‑5433‑521533  28
4thTera Sport3253Toby PearsonRHYC3‑43442‑54342  29
5thTera Sport2612Caspar ThorpRHYC53‑655.54354‑66  40.5
6thTera Pro2743Evie MayHTSC67565.56767‑8‑8  55.5
7thTera Sport415Sophie PearsonRHYC767‑8‑8768674  58
8thTera Sport2167Bailey PittRHYC‑8‑8877887855  63
Topper Fleet
1stTopper47302Jemima GottoRHYC‑11111‑211111  9
2ndTopper47777Katherine BurgessRHYC3‑422‑4133322  21
3rdTopper47680Ollie JenningsRHYC22‑53‑5322233  22
4thTopper97Millie DeaconRHYC‑7‑8443445464  38
5thTopper42685Gracie JoslinRHYC533527566‑9‑8  42
6thTopper4730Daisy ClabburnNBYC4566‑8567‑955  49
7thTopper96Amelia MayhewRHYC‑87‑976884587  60
8thTopper44978Elouise MayhewRHYC66787‑99984‑10  64
9thTopper95Emilia MayhewRHYC‑119‑1099678776  68
10thTopper44192Jago JenningsWSC10‑1381011101011‑121111  92
11thTopper99Charlotte MainRHYC9101112(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC10109  99
12thTopper 4.244113Tom KrailingWSC‑12111211101111101112(DNC)  99
13thTopper98Lauren SimsRHYC13121313(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC  121
Optimist ‑ Gold Fleet
1stOptimist6163Thomas DaveyRHYC/RHS11RDG‑2‑511211‑51111
2ndOptimist6512Henry MeansRHYC2‑113333RDG13‑6‑43224
3rdOptimist651Oliver MeansRHYC33‑6‑42233‑6324328
4thOptimist6331Robbie HudsonRHYC441114‑66‑7‑715431
5thOptimist5300Milo ClabburnNBYC‑65466‑7‑752536547
6thOptimist5754Cameron BowdenRHYC‑82‑9‑976245867754
7thOptimist6154Anna MorrisRHYC7‑87‑8‑95578282657
8thOptimist5837Dominic BowdenRHYC56‑115411(DNF)8949(DNF)1071
9thOptimist4940Rachel ElmsRHYC‑10‑1057810894979(DNS)76
10thOptimist5990Anna ElmsRHYC97810‑1199‑1110‑111110891
11thOptimist5507Oliver JoslinRHYC‑11910‑111081010‑1110108994

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