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10 most popular boating destinations to visit after the Covid-19 pandemic

by Lauren Cordell 12 Aug 02:00 BST
10 most popular boating destinations to visit © Daria Nepriakhina

Are you missing the fresh breeze and the sound of seabirds during boating trips? The blue waters, the sunset view during a mouthwatering dinner on the deck of your boat? These thoughts might have been on every boater's mind since the lockdown. It's been months (and still counting) after we were strictly ordered to stay at home.

It's a tough sacrifice to make, especially for boating enthusiasts who are used to travel now and then but are hindered by the pandemic. However, even if you can't travel right now, it's never too early to plan your next boat trip.

For everyone who is planning to try boating for the first time, it is best to have a bucket list of boating destinations you want to visit. To help you fill your bucket list, here are the ten most popular boating destinations you may want to consider.

Marina del Rey, California

Minutes away from downtown LA, just a short distance from Santa Monica, the Marina del Rey is the largest small-craft harbor in the US. It holds more than 4,300 boats and yachts, making it the most favored spot for boats to dock.

Aside from its large harbor, Marina del Rey also has a terrific ambiance and highbrow amenities, including the Ritz Carlton. Most of America's rich and famous individuals have listed Marina del Rey as their number one boating spot as they are frequently visiting this destination.

If you do not have a million-dollar yacht to flaunt in Marina del Rey like all the celebrities who love visiting the spot, there are two options. The first option is to rent a boat, while the second option is to purchase one. If you currently don't have the money to do so, consider applying for the best boat loans you can find.

Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys are the boaters paradise, with Key West considered as the premier island for all things nautical, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and cruise sailing. Key West is also a cruise ship stop that can also be accessed from the mainland via overseas highways.

Key West, Florida, is known for its breathtaking underwater views that consist of coral reefs with sponges, anemones, and colorful feeder fishes. If you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of small sharks and large barracudas.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a boating destination that gives boaters a feeling of stepping back in time with its gilded age architectural designs and historic harbor. Sailing is best experienced at Newport, as these two are often entwined.

Boaters are welcome in Newport, whether you have your boat or planning to charter a boat and sail through the scenic Martha's Vineyard. You can explore the stunning beauty of Newport or take part in the vigorous waterfront festivals.

Newport has the best yachting facilities, making it the most popular seaside boating town in New England. It is also where the famous international yachting race, America's Cup, has been held for years.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

The boating destination popular amongst college-aged crowds, Lake Havasu, has 60 miles of waterways that boaters can explore. There are also hidden coves, beaches, and sandbars that you can enjoy during your boating trip.

If you love to party, this is the best spot for you as it has parties going 24hours a day. Party boats are also available for rent if you want to party while cruising Lake Havasu's waters.

The Bahamas

If you are looking for a luxury yacht vacation, the Bahamas would be the ideal destination for you. With the Bahamas Yacht Charter, you can enjoy cruising the Bahamas' crystal waters along three different island chains. You can also enjoy world-class fishing and diving locations.

The Bahamas is just two and a half hours away from Southern Florida by boat. It is the best place to enjoy your post-COVID vacation without going too far away. The Bahamas is considered a paradise by tourists with its blue crystal waters and scenic view.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale has 23 miles of beautiful beaches, 300 miles of waterways, with 100 marinas and over 40,000 yachts. This destination is, without a doubt, the "Venice of America," as everyone calls it. It's glamorous resorts and world-class diving and fishing spots, with the sun shining all-year-round, make it seem like the city is designed for boating enthusiasts.

Fort Lauderdale is hailed as the yachting capital of the world as this is where the largest boat show takes place every year, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. It offers tons of activities, from fishing, diving to snorkeling. You can also arrange a destination hopping from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas and Miami.

Seattle, Washington

Despite its rainy weather, Seattle is still one of the favorite destinations for boaters. It has a hundred miles of protective saltwater surrounding the scenic landscape of the Olympic and Cascade mountains.

Luxury boat rentals in Seattle, Washington, range from $250 per hour to $15,500 per day trips. Renting a boat is expensive. If you are planning to do boating regularly, it is more advisable to purchase your boat through boat loans.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii has a beauty that captivated many boaters and tourists alike. Maui, Hawaii, has become one of the country's fantastic boating destinations, with its tropical vibe and exotic sceneries. It's strong winds also lure sailing enthusiasts to sail along the coast of Hawaii.

Maui has two major areas, the West and South. Each area is divided into two sections. One section is where most luxury hotels are located, while the other one is where the less expensive accommodations can be found.

Between the two areas, the West was the most favored because of its lush green mountain view. It is also closer to Lahaina, a historic town with shopping centers, restaurants, and boat harbors.

Santa Catalina Island, California

Boaters have been returning to Santa Catalina Island in California for its laid back beach vibe with a scenic beach line that stretches out thousands of miles. Cruising to Catalina Island will give you a typical boating experience.

You can enjoy dolphin and whale sightseeing while sailing on the waters of Santa Catalina. The scenic waterfronts have boats floating peacefully in the harbor. The beautiful coves and amenities in Santa Catalina make it the most popular boating destination in Southern California.

Sag Harbor, New York

Sag Harbor is an important location for East Coast boaters for its rich history, clear waters, and colonial villages. The place sits in the Hamptons on the far east end of Long Island with different marine services and enough locations to restock ashore.

Sag Harbor was previously a whaling community. Many boaters visit this destination to learn more about the East Coast's maritime history. Sag Harbor offers an array of options for adventurer boaters from world-class fishing to vineyard tours.

Takeaway: Boating has been one of many American's favorite travel activities. Many individuals and families spend extra cash to cruise the open water and enjoy the best boating destinations they can visit. All of these destinations are beautiful in their own ways, offering different activities and amenities. Choosing a destination to add to your bucket list should be based on what you want to experience and what you enjoy the most.

Author's bio: Lauren is a full-time writer who often combines her love for travel and interest in finance. She loves to share her travel stories with her audience and suggests the best travel destinations and various ways to enjoy them, such as camping, RVing, and boating.

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