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Craftinsure celebrates GP14 Anniversary

by 27 Mar 2020 08:00 GMT
Graham Knox celebrates an earlier anniversary of the GP14 Association with scheme insurers 20 years ago © Craftinsure

Congratulations to the GP14 Class on reaching 70 this year and in such great shape! Craftinsure is proud to have been a partner of the Association since 2012 but our connection goes back much further...

The idea of an insurance scheme for the GP14 class can be traced back to 1955, when a chance meeting between a staff member at Navigators & General's office in Manchester and a local GP sailor led to what was probably the first such scheme designed to ensure that policies and terms were tailored to a particular dinghy class. From there on the scheme grew from strength to strength, and many others followed.

As all Craftinsure policies are underwritten by N&G (now part of the Zurich Insurance group), the link has never been broken. The connection is reinforced by the fact that prior to joining Craftinsure in 2006, Rod Daniel worked for N&G for many years. During that time Graham Knox did a great job as insurance administrator for the Association, liaising with Rod and his colleagues. He often helped individual members with their claims as well as representing the Association on wider issues.

Graham used to visit the N&G office in Brighton occasionally. The photo shows him on one of these visits around 20 years ago where he was surprised to be presented with a half hull model of his own GP14 to commemorate 25 years of working with them. In an odd twist of fate Graham and Rod (who moved north some years ago), are both active members of Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club.