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Charles Hurst Jaguar Land Rover Ballyholme Yacht Club Icebreaker Series Part 1 concludes Sunday

by Mark Mackey 21 Dec 2019 19:46 GMT 22 December 2019
Ballyholme YC Icebreaker Series © Mark Mackey

Excitement is building for the end of Part One of the Charles Hurst Jaguar Landrover Icebreaker Series which comes to a finale tomorrow Sunday (22nd December 2019) at Ballyholme Yacht Club.

One of the biggest open dinghy series in Ireland and UK, it runs from October through to the start of April 2020 with 22 races scheduled in 2 parts before and after Christmas. The prize-giving tomorrow is followed by the infamous Icebreaker dinner which has been held for over 25 years with the usual merriment planned again.

Over 90 dinghies have raced in this years competition so far. The biggest fleet as per usual are the Laser Standards with veteran Chris Boyd yet again leading the fleet boosted by a few light wind races in the last few weeks. The start of the series had plenty of Northerly breezes which allowed the Simms - both father John and son Conor to put in some strong results alongside Jonathan Henry and other Grand Master Charlie Taylor. A broken rudder pintle 2 weeks ago dropped Johny behind Conor and Chris with only 4 points separating the top 3. All eyes will be on the weather forecast and who will benefit most from the conditions.

The Laser start line has been compressed further with the Radial fleet joining in the action meaning up to 50 dinghies on the start line. Dan McGaughey has been off practicing with the GBR Radial squad (coming 2nd of the "brits'" at the Palomas Christmas regatta yesterday, leaving the rest of the BYC fleet to fight for honours - youths Jess Winton, Ollie Haig and some of the other RYANI squad joined by seniors Russell Finlay, Joni Rock and Colm McLarnon and others. We expect to see many more appear after Christmas as people start gearing towards the Laser Radial Youth Europeans next July to be held at BYC.

The large dinghy fleet has a mix of boats with RS Aeros' of varying shapes (including IRO Robin Gray) and sizes, Rs200s, RS400s, 505's but they have been largely following the Laser 2000 of Dave Fletcher and Ryan Smyth throughout the series. A number of 2000's have appeared this year mainly helmed by more at the other end of the fleet but its great to see the PY handicap to the fore showing that some of the older designs can still compete well.

Adrian Allen and a variety of crews aboard his F18 has been sharing race wins with James McNicholl and Richard Swanston in the multihull fleet with Adrian leading overall.

The small dinghy fleet and Topper fleets have fluctuated depending on the wind speed and also whether the very popular Junior Icebreaker has been held on the previous Saturday which has seen 20 plus Toppers compete. Lucas Nixon has been leading the way in 4.7's with Ellen Barbour coming stronger on the lighter days. Various winners have appeared in the Toppers with Charlie O'Malley, Daniel Palmer, Dan Sheriff and others all sharing the spoils. Points are close for the overall Part 1 so tomorrow's race should be very interesting to see who comes with the pressure of trying to win the first series.

This is the first time that Charles Hurst Jaguar Landrover have sponsored the event and many thanks must be given to them for supporting this great series.

Results so far:

PosDivisionSail NoClassHelmCrewNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R9R11Pts
1stGold200435LaserChris Boyd ‑514242‑54421
2ndGold190916LaserConor Simms 3DNC(DNC)11‑1511223
3rdGold185032LaserJonathon Henry 46243112(DNF)‑1232
4thGold213539LaserCharlie Taylor 2413599(DNC)(DNC)33
5thGold198554LaserJohn Simms 1DNC(DNC)82‑17102643
6thGold198552LaserConrad Simpson 610357‑1386‑1345
7thGold175813LaserJames Moore (DNC)2(DNC)1015177951
8thGold208855LaserBill O'Hara/Flipper (DNC)DNCDNC(DNC)10433354
9thGold191305LaserGareth Martel (DNC)DNCDNC(DNC)8548157
10thGold202055LaserRichard Ramsay (DNC)3(DNC)166101212766
11thGold207741LaserKeith Storey 757713(DNC)(DNC)91866
12thSilver213637LaserCavan Fyans 128891112‑15(DNC)868
13thSilver204044LaserDes Magee 1391015‑208‑18131078
14thGold198559LaserShaun Doran DNCDNCDNC612311(DNC)(DNC)86
15thGold213958LaserGarth Maxwell 97DNC1214(DNC)6DNC(DNC)89
16thSilver203319LaserDavy Wilson 8DNC6(DNC)‑211817111993
17thGold180924LaserMark Mackey DNCDNC5(DNC)9201310(DNC)94
18thGold202442LaserMike Kimber DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)6145(DNC)103
19thSilver8LaserMickey Forbes 10DNC911(DNF)(DNF)20DNC16104
20thSilver197910LaserCharlie West‑Hurst 15DNCDNC1416‑2221(DNF)15112
21stSilver192328LaserRobert Kirk DNFDNCDNC171914‑2614(DNC)117
22ndSilver193573LaserRobin Moran 11DNCDNC19‑252122(DNF)14118
23rdBronze185156LaserAlex Ward 14DNC1220‑24‑25241520119
24thSilver203715LaserPaddy Brow DNCDNCDNC13171916(DNC)(DNC)119
25thBronze165503LaserJohn Pierce DNFDNC111823‑261918(DNC)125
26thBronze180934LaserEd Winton 17111322‑27‑27271922131
27thBronze188589LaserChris Mackey (DNC)DNC152122‑23231721133
28thGold173139LaserDave Nelson DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)7(DNC)DNCDNC136
29thBronze00FLaserDavid Smyth DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNC(DNC)DNC5137
30thBronze210978LaserGarth Beattie 16DNC14DNC26(DNC)‑2816DNC137
31stBronze211133LaserAdam Fermour DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNC(DNC)DNC11143
32ndBronze145942LaserR Eadie DNCDNCDNCDNC‑281625DNC(DNF)143
33rdBronze173109LaserJaques Picton DNCDNCDNCDNC18(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC147
34thBronze206939LaserNicky Finnegan DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNF)DNC(DNC)DNC17149
35thBronze179769LaserNeil Cameron DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)24‑29DNC23149
36thBronze181432LaserJames Turner DNF12DNCDNC29(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC155
37thBronze135409LaserTommy Wilson DNFDNCDNCDNC(DNF)DNC(DNF)DNC24155
Laser Radial Fleet
1st 201583Laser RadialJess Winton ‑5224311‑6215
2nd 182606Laser RadialOllie Haig 4(DSQ)31(DNC)424321
3rd 140096Laser RadialRussel Finlay (DNS)4132(DSQ)81928
4th 191309Laser RadialJoni Rock 1(DNC)4DNC123DNC(DNC)30
5th 193539Laser RadialColm McLarnon 2(DSQ)DNC253(OCS)3830
6th 201000Laser RadialDavid Smyth 31DNC84(DNC)7DNC(DNC)39
7th 193604Laser RadialJennifer Whitaker (DNF)DNC5575(DNC)5139
8th 192602Laser RadialSara Sofia Odisio 65DNC78(DNC)4(DNC)441
9th 194991Laser RadialJosh McGregor (DNC)(DNC)DNC6DNC652642
10th 174421Laser RadialKaitlyn Eadie (DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC679DNCDNC59
11th 213972Laser RadialEllen Barbour (DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC6DNC760
12th 137135Laser RadialHoward Massie (DNC)3DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNCDNC61
13th 17...21Laser RadialLucas Nixon (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNC563
14th 74001Laser RadialColleen Connoly (DNC)6DNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNCDNC64
15th 212519Laser RadialAileen Smith (DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)7DNC67
16th 213Laser RadialConn Finnegan (DNC)DSQDNCDNCDNCDNC(DNF)DNCDNC68
17th 186301Laser RadialJack Swan (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCUFD(DNC)DNCDNC68
18th 142769Laser RadialConn Finnegan (DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNCDNC69
Large Dinghy Fleet
1st 27782000Dave FletcherRyan Smith111111(DNC)1‑57
2nd 1534RS 200Rob Milligan 2333(DNC)212(DNC)16
3rd 2525RS Aero 5Sandra Halliwell 3222(DNC)725‑923
4th 1320RS Aero 7Brian Bibby 444‑5‑7443427
5th 748RS400Robin FlanniganDiane BurgessDNFDNCDNC(DNC)3(DNC)34236
6th 2134RS Aero 7Christina Cunningham DNFDNCDNC45(DNC)5DNC(DNC)48
7th 27462000Colin Robinson DNCDNCDNF6(DNC)5DNF(DNC)650
8th 23012000Dave AndersonLaura Thompson(DNC)DNC(DNC)74DNFDSQ7751
9th 1317RS Aero 7Christina Cunningham DNCDNCDNC(DNC)(DNC)3DNCDNC353
10th 382RS 200Ken GreenHelen HurstDNC6DNC(DNF)667(DNC)1053
11th 220722000Roger Armson 5559(DNC)DNCDNC8(DNC)54
12th 2912RS Aero 7Robin Gray DNCDNCDNC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNC6155
13th 8095505J Wylie DNCDNCDNF‑10DNS86DNC(DNC)57
14th 1259RS400Gareth FlanniganBrian SpenceDNCDNCDNC(DNC)2DNCDNCDNC(DNC)60
15th 778RS 200Charlie WintonJess MackeyDNCDNCDNC8DNF(DNC)(DNC)DNC861
Multihull Fleet
1st 2014MultihullAdrian AllenBarry Swanston   1122(DNF) 6
2nd 1759MultihullJames McNicholl    DNC(DNC)DNC11 11
3rd 500MultihullSwannie    2(DNS)1DNFDNF 11
4th 339MultihullPete McDowellDee McDowell   DNC(DNC)3DNCDNC 17
5th 1959MultihullMatt McMurtrie    DNCDSQ(DNC)DNCDNC 18
Small Dinghy Fleet
1st 55625MirrorIan MooreAaron MooreDNC(DNC)DNC(DNC)DNF11DNF117
2nd 162608Laser 4.7Lucas Nixon 112(DNC)(DNC)2DNCDNCDNC19
3rd 5482FevaRuan O'Tierney DNC(DNC)DNC21(DNC)2DNFDSQ19
4th EBLaser 4.7Ellen Barbour DNC21(DNC)(DNC)3DNCDNCDNC22
5th 4TopazJenny MullanJonny PottsDNC(DSQ)DNC1(DNC)4DNCDNCDNS24
6th 5481FevaJohn HarringtonMadeline HarringtonDNC(DNC)DNCDNC2(DNC)DNCDNCDNC27
Topper 5.3 Fleet
1st 48575TopperCharlie O'Malley 12(DNC)(DNC)3221112
2nd 48032TopperDan Sherriff (DNC)DNC1DNC233(DNF)218
3rd 47722TopperMax Killiner 2DNCDSQDNC11(DNC)(DNC)DNC20
4th 47611TopperConor Allen (DNC)DNCDNCDNC4(DNC)1DNCDNC28
5th 42125TopperCharlotte Eadie (DNC)DNC(DNC)DNC544OCSDNC30
6th 48603TopperDaniel Palmer DNF1DNCDNC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC31
7th 42521TopperBobby Driscoll 3DNCDNCDNC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC32
8th 43665TopperO'Tierney? DNCDNCDNC1(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC33
9th 46801TopperToby Hughes (DNC)DNCDNCDNC(DNC)DNFDNCDNFDNF33
10th 48603Topper 4.2Daniel Palmer DNCDNCDSQDNC(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC34

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