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Sailor's Christmas Gift Guide

by Matt Churchward 4 Dec 2019 09:00 GMT
Sailor's Christmas Gift Guide from Allspars © Allspars

We know buying Christmas gifts for the sailor in your life is no mean feat and just in case you're finding the prospect of the upcoming festive shop a little intimidating, Allspars have compiled a selection of sailing and boating accessories that are perfect presents for any keen sailor or boat owners.

Protect Skid tape

PROtect SKID anti slip tape is heavy duty, slip resistant, light weight and durable. Perfect to put on boat deck, cockpit, stairs and ladders and any slippery surface that is walked on, it's particularly popular on dinghy rails for those out on trapeze! It's available in 3m rolls or wider and is easy to install. A useful item for any sailor, from those that sail dinghies to offshore cruisers!

Dr Sails Pocket

DrSails POCKET is a fast curing, flexible epoxy based adhesive, which cures under extreme conditions, even underwater. The product comes in a self-applying format and is ideal for repairs to Carbon Fibre, Fibre Glass, Sailcloth, Metal, Wood and even Neoprene. Easy to mix inside the pack, just open and use on the repair. It's ideal to put in a sail or boat repair kit ready for use in any emergency!

Wonder Wipes

Sika Everbuild heavy duty wonder wipes are specially formulated for the marine industry to clean hands, tools and surfaces. With an anti-bacterial additive they easily remove engine oil, bilge, grime, grease, mildew stains, scuff marks, waterline scum and exhaust stains. So they're great to have in your toolkit for use above and below the deck. They also contain lanolin which conditions the skin and prevents dryness and cracking.

Staff Pick - Marlow Splicing Kit

Splicing is a skill many boat owners wish they had and when learning to splice, the right tools will make the job much easier. The starter splicing kit includes small and large splicing needles, small Swedish Fid, whipping twine, Marlow tape and splicing instructions. It's perfect for the novice splicer or if you just want a kit that has everything you need for splicing rope. Every boat owner should have one of these, with all the tools to start practising right away, you just need to add the rope!

Staff Pick - Spinlock Rig-Sense Tension Gauge

This is an excellent rig tension gauge developed for reliable and repeatable measurement of loads on wire and fibre. Compact, durable, lightweight and easy to handle, the Rig-Sense outputs repeatable tensile load readings to a direct linear scale in Kgs, rather than having to check and calculate loads on a set of tables. Designed for 2-5mm or 5-8mm wire and fibre cable.

Spinlock's free Rig-Sense App, available for IOS and Android, lets you store and managing the data in digital format. Custom templates can be used to collect historic rig data, including images, for a range of boats or classes and differing race conditions, great to use later for analysis.

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