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RS Aero UK End of Seasons at Draycote Water Sailing Club

by RS Aero UK Class Association 14 Nov 2019 06:57 GMT 9-10 November 2019

Sixty RS Aeros turned up for the UK Class' End of Seasons Champs at Draycote supported by Rooster, to celebrate the end of a successful year and to mark the start of the new winter season.

Saturday started with a quick pre event coaching briefing to help prepare the new and rapidly expanding RS Aero fleet at Draycote to be ready to race. Medium breezes provided excellent racing although the first bite of winter was felt and sailors wrapped up warm for the 7 race series. A very welcome Aero Hot Chocolate was provided at registration together with Aero bars to take afloat - perfect for a chilly weekend!

A wonderful touch for Remembrance Sunday was RS Aero sailor, Will Gifford, playing The Last Post on his horn from the committee boat after Sunday's first race. The fleet then observed two minutes silence to remember our fallen heroes.

RS Aero 5

The RS Aero 5s saw an entry of 21 and several sailors keen to test themselves before the upcoming World Championship in Australia. Jonathan Bailey (Grafham) took the series by a point from local RS Aero sailor Fergus Pye (Draycote). Ben Millard (Emsworth) was 3rd and Sam Blaker (Thorpe Bay) 4th. Alice Lucy (Rutland) had a great weekend opening her series with a couple of 2nds to take 5th overall and first Lady.

RS Aero 9

The small but competitive fleet of RS Aero 9s raced tooth and nail all weekend with all the sailors very closely matched in the medium breezes and flat water. Any gains made were really hard earned! Chris Larr (Northampton) made the early running but a win in the final race gave the series to Peter Barton (Lymington Town) with Chris 2nd and Greg Bartlett (Starcross) 3rd.

RS Aero 7

Class winner, Chris Hatton, picks up the story from the 34 boat RS Aero 7 fleet...

Race 1 started with light winds, a long square line and a nice long beat. Coming into the windward mark from the right Nigel Rolfe (Burghfield) took an early lead which he extended. The second beat saw another right hand shift which allowed those who chose the unfavoured port gate mark to actually make up some positions on the next beat. The final run saw a first penalty from the Jury boat to Will Gifford (Whitefriars) and some warnings after the race for those on a 'yellow light'. Nigel held on to the win followed by David Ellis (Lymington Town) and Chris Jones (Sutton Bingham). Ellie Craig (Draycote) picked up 4th after claiming 3 positions on the final run.

Race 2 saw a slight committee boat favoured line and another right hand shift up the beat. Noah Rees (Torpoint Mosquito) went back thinking he was over, though later found out he was not. This allowed Chris Hatton (Bowmoor) clean air off the line and to the windward mark first followed by Nigel Rolfe. Nigel was quick downwind and managed to close on Chris. The wind was beginning to pick up, Chris worked hard to keep the lead and the race finished Chris, Nigel then David.

Race 3 saw the first general recall and straight into the Black Flag. Everyone went a tad line shy as a result, with Chris, Noah and Mark Riddington (Emsworth Slipper) starting a boat length in front of the rest of the fleet allowing Chris to make the windward mark first again with a healthy lead to Tim Hire (Royal Lym). Despite being 15kg heavier than Chris, speedy Tim ate up the 30 metre gap and sailing straight into the lead on the first run. Tim was able to keep the lead in the increasing breeze, Chris followed up in 2nd with Noah 3rd.

Race 4 was the windiest race of the weekend. It was also the coldest with sleety rain and about 3 degrees! The line was still committee boat favoured for this race, however, Noah and Chris started near the pin and made the windward mark 1st and 3rd with Tim in between. An intense battle ensued between the three of them, with the trio ending up pulling out an immense lead over the rest of the pack by the finish. Despite the battle and constant changing off positions, they ended up in the same order they went around the windward mark.

After day 1, it was looking close. Chris had a small lead, but Tim, David, Mark and Noah were all easily within striking distance.

Sunday morning looked like it may be a breezy day but by the time of Race 5 it was dying off a little. This time the beat was shorter and a few boats overlayed the mark, coming in hot and fast. With the remaining beats quite short and biased in the wind shift, there were very few opportunities to make up positions. Noah lead most the race with Tim second and Simon Geyman (Datchet Water) 3rd. Simon rounded the windward mark 1st, 3rd and 1st in races 5,6,7 coming of the pin end and waiting for the shift from what was a committee boat bias end every time.

Race 6 had Mark leading most the race followed by Chris, Tim and Noah. However on the final beat, Chris boldly went right when left had paid every other lap, and ended up with a healthy lead at the finish. On the final run Noah got an overlap on Tim and was able to pinch 3rd.

Race 7 was now the decider for the event. Chris was leading with 13pts, from Tim on 14pts and Noah on 15pts. Chris was looking good if there was to be a tie break. Chris went midline, with Tim and Noah at the committee boat end. Early on the fleet all got lifted on starboard, looking like Chris was behind. However, all day left had paid and later on up the beat Chris was able to cross Tim and Noah and be second round the windward mark with Tim and Noah in 5th and 6th. Noah ended up doing two sets of 720's putting him in the mid teens. Chris then focused on covering Tim and lost ground, dropping to 4th and after a shift also allowed Tim through into 3rd but managed to grab the position back on the run. Someone flicked a switch for the final beat as the wind dropped.

Chris knew he just had to sit on Tim closely and not let him by. The lighter breeze paid into Chris' favour and he actually popped into the lead whilst still covering Tim. The wind then went right and from absolutely nowhere, Noah appeared not 15 metres down on Chris after banging right. Noah briefly got through nearing the line. Albacore World Champion, Nev Herbert (Lymington Town), came charging out of the left having passed wind near the shore, as he claimed the lead just before the line with a shortened course at the windward mark. Noah was now second and Chris had lost a vital position to David Ellis.

The event was going to Noah, until another shift got Chris back in front of Noah. An intense tacking battle took place between Chris and Noah. Noah clipped Chris' transom on a tack and took his 3rd penalty of the race. This gave Chris the event and Top Youth too. Dropping down the 8th Noah ended up 3rd overall. Despite finishing 15th Tim held onto 2nd overall. David took 4th and Mark 5th. Top Lady was Ellie Craig in 12th and Top Master was Nigel Rolfe in 7th.

Huge thanks to Draycote Sailing Club for being excellent hosts and providing excellent racing, master minded PRO Matt and local RS Aero sailor Richard Pye. Thanks to Ellie Craig for cooking curry for 40 odd on Saturday and to National Judge, David Battye, for helping to improve the fairness and quality of our racing including educate the fleet with his excellent debrief and tutorial pre dinner. Rooster provided a generous spread of excellent prizes to help keep sailors warm and comfortable during the winter ahead!

Next up is the start of the RS Aero UK Winter Series at the Bowmoor Bubble on Saturday 30th November. Check here for full details of the RS Aero UK Events List which is nearing completion for 2020.

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubCatR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
RS Aero 5 Rig
1st3042Jonathan BaileyGrafham WSCY73121‑10216
2nd1096Fergus PyeDraycote WSCY‑952331317
3rd1819Ben MillardEmsworth SCY84‑14443427
4th2071Sam BlakerBenfleetYC/ThorpeBayY166556‑1129
5th3073Alice LucyRutland SCY L229‑1169634
6th2552Sammy Isaacs‑JnsnMaidenhead SC 6112(DNC)241237
7th2105Lily BarrettIsland Barn RSCY L47(SCP)9712140
8th2708Maisie BristowIsland Barn RSCY L‑141156107746
9th2966David PeatyUpton Warren SCY179(BFD)1115851
10th2748Oliver HicklingWembley SCY131248142‑1953
11th1566Abby HireRoyal Lymington YCY L315111098‑1856
12th2356David CalderBurghfield SCY15‑167715141068
13th2293Caroline MartinLee on Solent SCM L1113‑15151315976
14th2929Elliot TomsFowey Gallants SCY191031216‑201777
15th1301Emily DavisGreat Moor SCL581616‑17171577
16th2317Theo DeverellHunts SCY10‑1881412181678
17th1809Iona WillowsDorchesterSC/StokesBayY L16141013(DNC)111478
18th1568Caitlin AtkinRYAY L18(DNC)DNC18816587
19th1597Felix GoodmanWhitstable YCY12171717‑18131389
20th1308Ellen CampbellDraycote WSCL(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC1920127
21st1888Abigail LarrNorthampton SCY L(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC132
RS Aero 7 Rig
1st1590Chris HattonBowmoor SCY6123‑91316
2nd2439Tim HireRLymYC /LymTownSCY851224‑1522
3rd2875Noah ReesTorpointMosq/Cawsand 7‑113113823
4th1209David EllisLymington Town SC 23‑1451111234
5th2553Mark RiddingtonEmsworth Slipper SC ‑15457521336
6th2541Nev HerbertLymington Town SC ‑13964107137
7th3005Nigel RolfeBurghfield SCM1276816(DNC)40
8th2550Chris JonesSutton Bingham SCM36486‑151441
9th2672Will GiffordWhitefriars SC 9‑2489417552
10th2890Andrew RawsonWeston SC 10810‑14712653
11th2001Simon GeymanDatchet Water SC ‑2512151135955
12th2603Eleanor CraigDraycote WSCL471217168‑2464
13th3032Thomas PentyBeaver SC 5181612196‑2376
14th3043Philip BaileyGrafham WSC 1715‑20132014786
15th2114Fernando GamboaLee‑on‑Solent SC 191491018‑271787
16th1108Charlie PearceDabchicks 16161118(DNC)201697
17th2195David BlakerBenfleetYC/ThorpeBay 112017151719‑2799
18th2318Karl ThorneLymington Town SC 201318191518‑21103
19th1135James SmaggasgaleHillingdon (HOAC)Y‑23192121142211108
20th2502Peter ChaplinBurghfield SCM(OCS)DNC131621918112
21st2004Richard AdamsCombs SC 121024252321‑30115
22nd2285Roger CowanBurghfield SC 24222220‑282310121
23rd3016Jeremy WarrenThornbury SCM28171923(BFD)2512124
24th1742Edward Tuite‑DaltonDraycote WSCM222123222424‑31136
25th3031Paul HemingwayCarsington SCM29252729(RET)284142
26th2986Mark SmithEastbourne SovereignSC 14272828‑292920146
27th1926Sarah Tuite‑DaltonDraycote WSCL M‑27232527222626149
28th3018Robin CaigerBough Beech SC 1828262430‑3325151
29th2932Pete BlakeyDraycote WSCM(DNC)DNCDNCDNC131322153
30th2731Andrew GreenDraycote WSC 2126302626‑3129158
31st2225John McKeownLancing SCM2629‑3130273019161
32nd2420Nigel DavisDraycote WSCM(DNC)DNCDNCDNC1210DNC162
33rd1792Rob RobinsonLancing SC 3030293125‑3228173
34th2428NevilleHigh‑StephsnDraycote WSC 313132(RET)DNCDNCDNC199
RS Aero 9 Rig
1st2813Peter BartonLymington Town SC 2‑3211219
2nd2891Chris LarrNorthampton SC 1212‑31310
3rd2600Greg BartlettStarcross YC ‑313323214
4th3023Richard WatshamStarcross YC / RNSA 445444(DNC)25
5th2420Nigel DaviesDraycote WSCM554(RET)6DNC6DNC6DNC32

Y = Youth, L = Lady, M = Master

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