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2019 Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Nationals at Castle Cove SC Day 2: Big or Small? Making the call

by IMCA UK 13 Sep 2019 18:03 BST 12-15 September 2019
2019 Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Nationals at Castle Cove SC day 2 © Mark Jardine / IMCA UK

The Moth fleet were met with a serious dilemma on Friday. Up to 20 knots from the North when leaving the shore, but a forecast showing a rapidly decreasing wind strength as it veered towards the East. What call should they make?

Big foils ready for the lighter winds or small foils for what they were seeing on the water at launch time? Complicate that a little with combinations of small rudder foil and big main foil, then add the option of deck-sweeper sail or a higher aspect rig, and you create a dinghy park full of people scratching their heads.

The wind held true for a sparkling first race of the day, creating perfect foiling conditions for the 75-strong fleet who all looked thankful that the wind was a notch lighter than the brutal conditions of the first day.

It was after this point that those who believed the forecast - and went for the big foil and chose the lighter wind rig - started to see their choice vindicated as the wind progressively dropped for the second and third races of the day, subsequently leading the Race Officer to fly AP over A, sending the fleet home for the day.

Top US sailor Brad Funk is using the event as practice ahead of next year's Worlds and said of the racing today:

"It was a head out of the boat kind of day, trying to stay in the pressure. I didn't particularly care where I was going, as long as I was going into pressure. I broke my foil in the first race while I was in second place, but still managed to limp across the line in seventh. Then I managed to get the big foil back on, and the new Maguire big foil is pretty slick and I managed to get the win in the last one.

On his battle with Dylan Fletcher, Brad said:

"We've done a lot of training together and so I think we are a bit more tuned up. A lot of people haven't put the same amount of time into their boat and their sailing. It takes a lot of energy and time to keep these boats together as there are hundreds of things that can break at any moment. For example, we're running up to a tonne of load in the vang on a 30kg boat. I've been fortunate to train here this summer and put in the hours."

Irish sailor David Kenefick had a decent day on the water and talked about the choices that need to be made ashore:

"Most people went with deck-sweeper sails, so a windy weather rig, with a big main foil and small rudder foil. The crossover wind strength is getting lower and lower to the deck-sweeper, so we're already down to 10 or 11 knots, so we're using that for the majority of the time. But today the breeze dropped to 7 or 8 knots; we were a little bit caught out, but thankfully most of the fleet were in the same boat."

David described the point when you drop off the foils in a lull:

"It's really frustrating and you probably start swearing! It's stressful and horrible when it happens."

On his day overall David said:

"I had a much better day after a shocker in the first race yesterday followed by a breakage in the second race - today was much better."

Mike Lennon sailing a Thinnair Moth and designer of the almost universally-used Lennon Sails:

"The first race was good! It was windy enough for small foils and deck-sweeper rig, but then right from the start of the second race you needed to be on the big main foil. Once you make the first tack off the foil you lose a load of places and it feels really bad. I came in after the race to get the big front foil and it wasn't enough. I needed the higher aspect rig as with the deck-sweeper you start to get up on the foils and then it collapses in on top of you as there's not enough leverage in the rig to pull the boat up. Even with the big foil I struggled like crazy and got timed out in the last race!

"We were having the debate ashore before racing as it was winder than forecast and overcast and we thought 'Is it really going to drop that much?'. It was forecast versus what we could see in front of us. For the first race it was right call, but after that we should have gone with the forecast and put the big stuff on."

Isn't hindsight a beautiful thing?

Paul Williams, Managing Director of Wetsuit Outlet had these words to say about their title sponsorship of the event:

"Wetsuit Outlet is delighted to return this year, growing our sponsorship to be the lead sponsor of the Moth Nationals. As the largest online retailer of premium performance sailing brands, such as Zhik and Gill, it's a perfect association to be involved in the all-action Moth class.

"Over the last 14 years Wetsuit Outlet has grown to be Europe's biggest dinghy and yacht sailing retailer, supporting everyone from the leisure sailor to the serious racer, by offering the best customer service and next day delivery from our extensive stock."

IMCA UK (the UK Moth Class Association for those not into acronyms) is fortunate to have the support of some key sponsors who we'd like to thank individually below:

  • Noble Marine Insurance have been involved with the class for many years and probably provide the best service to Moth sailors when things don't go as smoothly as planned. A quick chat with the sailors in the dinghy park will reinforce this.

  • Allen Brothers have been designing and manufacturing high quality deck hardware in the UK for many years. Their XHL blocks are in use in many of the kicker systems across the fleet thanks to their extraordinary load-bearing capabilities - it does no harm that they look the business as well.

  • Maguire Boats are the builders of the market-leading Exocet Moth but have supported designs of every flavour during class events. Simon and his team work tirelessly to ensure that every sailor spends as much time as possible during a championship on the water.

  • Shock Sailing are based just around the corner from Castle Cove SC at Portland, servicing high-performance boats at the WPNSA and around the world. This is a company which is always innovating, and they are loaning a RIB for the Nationals.

  • The Rutland Moth Squad are a growing band of competitive sailors who are notching up some top international results. They take the phrase 'loyal to the foil' to new levels and the class are actively looking to add Rutland to the Grand Prix circuit.

Results after Day 2:

PosSail NoBow NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1463522Dylan FletcherWPNSA1411‑57
2424Bradley FunkWPNSA2‑1172112
3453352Jim McMillanStokes Bay SC9(UFD)53421
445095Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC57‑1941026
5450119Dan EllisYealm YC81011‑26231
6452512Ben CleggBrightlingsea4212‑312038
7454854Tom OfferRock‑24.51882441
8455743David KenefickRCYC20(DNC)351341
9458447Mike LennonHISC1015412‑3641
10459940Danny InkyovKSSS‑315189941
11873Dan WardStokes Bay SC‑1391313641
12431221Conway FionnNational Yacht Club1216910‑1947
1341498Eddie BridleBrightlingsea6620‑401850
14438636Simon HiscocksCastle Cove SC18(RET)2151752
15463734Ross HarveyHISC16(DNC)10141252
1645803Sam BarkerCastle Cove SC7191616‑2558
1745461Alex AdamsCastle Cove SC‑221315191562
18749Benoit MarieSno Nantes(DNS)34217365
1945817Stu BithellHollingworth Lake SC312644(DNS)65
20430929Paul GliddonNetley Sailing Club11‑3029111465
21408048Max LutzKieler Yacht Club14822‑412771
2246592Arthaud AymericAntibes29141423(DNC)80
23452256Tim PenfoldHISC‑30242824783
24452438Ollie HoldenHISC24.5‑2525211686.5
25449370Ricky TaggHayling Island SC27(RET)3122888
26449268Nic StreatfieldRutland Water SC26(DNC)3662189
27470567Kyle StonehamTBYC152121‑583491
2839416Menno BerensVW Braassemermeer‑403327251196
29454446Matthew LeaRutland Water SC193117‑5237104
30467342David JessopOMSC‑5118342826106
31439010Cian ByrneRCYC/UCCSC35‑36231831107
32453463Jason RussellHISC/QMSC38(DNC)44728117
3345629Craig BurltonNetley Sailing Club23174037‑49117
34455466David SmithwhiteHISC36283727‑41128
35457823Andrew FriendNorfolk Punt SC21(DNC)264542134
36454133Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SC33(DNS)393033135
37404935Paul HirtzmannSNL42(DNS)383323136
38460262James RossNetley Sailing Club3934‑413430137
39457758Doug PybusQMSC3720‑543845140
40466257James PhareQMSC17(DNC)24DNC29145
41449939Dominic HuttonStokes Bay SC32353543(UFD)145
42448974Chris WhiteRestronguet SC28274551(DNC)151
43452111Madeg Ciret‑Le CosquerASNG532630(DNC)47156
44398059Ed RedfearnBrightlingsea4323(DNC)5538159
45454564James SainsburyRutland SC48(DNC)332952162
46409628Josie GliddonNetley Sailing Club(DNS)DNC472022164
47316927Brad GibsonMYA4138‑464644169
48429360Alex ReidQMSC45(DNC)513953188
49420845Tom LambertWilsonian SC(DNS)DNC433539192
50362372Roald VerschuureFrisia(DNS)DNC503635196
51406171Billy Vennis‑OzanneWPNSA4729(DNC)DNC46197
52463318Luka DoganJK Split(DNS)DNC324848203
53373055John PeatsCCSC44(DNC)535355205
54467751Ewan McMahonHowth YC3422(RET)DNCDNC206
55458931Adam GoldingHISC(DNS)DNC524732206
56423020Mark EmmettHISC(DNS)DNC483254209
57441132Christian HamiltonDatchet Water SC(DNS)DNC495043217
58387026Eddie GatehouseHISC52(DNC)575751217
59447913Adrian CoatsworthRYA493759(DNC)DNC220
60407269Morgane SuqartASNQ(DNS)DNC585440227
61392225Paddy GambleHayling Island SC4632(RET)DNCDNC228
62452330Greg GoodrumStokes Bay SC50(DNC)5549UFD229
63378717Mark DickerRORC(DNS)DNC565650237
64394814Neil CooneyCarsington Sailing Club54(DNC)60DNCDNC264
65470215Gareth DaviesBlackwater Sailing Club(DNS)DNCDNC42DNC267
66430816Alan DavisTBC55(DNC)DNCDNCDNC280
67362953Thomas MehewAYC(DNS)DNCDNCDNC56281
68=465665Graham SimmondsHayling Island SC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300
68=397961Ian RenilsonDalgety Bay SC(DNS)DNCDNSDNCDNC300
68=444241Paul JenkinsEastbourne Soverign SC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300
68=33814Paul BeardQMSC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300
68=438550Steve McLeanHISC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300
68=467644Alistair KissaneHowth YC(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300
68=463437David HiveyWPNSA(DNS)DNCDNCDNCDNC300

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