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RS Aero UK National Championships and International Open at East Lothian YC - Overall

by RS Aero UK Class Association 31 Jul 2019 07:32 BST 24-28 July 2019

Wow what a week! A Scottish heat wave, a full mix of wind and sea states, a beautiful seaside beach location, a friendly club, Scottish hospitality and intense RS Aero racing taken to all the way to the wire in all three fleets!

RS Aero Challenge Cup

The event started on the Wednesday with a warm up day. Pre-event coaching in the morning on the green allowed those new to the RS Aero, whether charterers, borrowers or new owners to quickly gain some of the technique and specifics learned in the RS Aero over the past five years.

The 'RS Aero Challenge Cup' followed in the afternoon. This is an 'all RS Aeros' race with the whole fleet starting together on a PY basis. Three RS Aero 9s sailed off into the lead with Greg Bartlett taking line honours from Ben Charnley and Ffinlo Wright. A bubble of RS Aero 7s followed with Richard Pye holding a slender lead from Peter Barton, Craig Williamson and Tim Hire all hot on his tail.

Ultimately the 7s prevailed after corrected PY with Richard taking the win and a bottle of NB Gin from Peter, with William Caiger in his RS Aero 5 taking 3rd. Tim Hire was 4th with Greg Bartlett 5th. Sixty RS Aeros finished the race held in medium winds with a good mix of each rig spread through the fleet.

Day 1

Exciting conditions with winds of up to 20kn from the more exposed east and some big waves on the outer loop provided some excellent surfing down the run!

By the end of the day there were waves upon waves to climb over going upwind. Downwind big gains were to be made by pushing hard around the waves although some balance of playing safe was wise! At the end of a big day and 3 races Liina Kolk (Estonia), Peter Barton (Lymington) and Greg Bartlett (Starcross) each had two wins in their fleets.

Juror, David Battye, was on hand to oversee racing and the fleet had the benefit of his expertise with a pre-racing clinic to explain his processes and guidelines for making rulings on the water, when necessary, with some explanation of the limits of Rule 42.

Day 2

After a couple of hours chilling on the beachside basking under the hot Scottish sun the fleet launched to the prospect of an increasing breeze. However, it remained patchy with large shifts and the fleet were eventually sent back ashore. Well done to the race team for trying to get a race in - and for not trying so hard that they started a bad one!

Friday night was the legendary Greek Night meal at ELYC with the Class Chairman's Annual RS Aero Awards presented during the evening to those of either noteworthy high and low achievement for various right and wrong reasons through the season!

Day 3

The breeze was back in the west with flatter water and softening from medium to light through the day making this a day for the lighter wind specialists. Local boats prospered with Ben Wilcox of East Lothian winning the RS Aero 7s and several new faces near the front of their fleets.

Day 4

In each fleet the title chase remained wide open going into the final day. The wind started fresh and again softened during the day. The north easterly produced some exciting surfing waves which were slightly skewed to the wind direction providing an interesting challenge.

In the RS Aero 5s Ned Stattersfield (Wells) held a small lead over Will Caiger (Sevenoaks School) with Liina Kolk (Estonia) close behind. Ultimately Will did enough with a race win to close out the series ahead of Ned and Liina who was 1st Lady. 1st Youth Lady was Lily Barrett in 9th.

The RS Aero 7s had Tim Hire (Lymington) just two points behind Peter Barton (Lymington) with Craig Williamson (Staunton Harold) just another couple of points back. A race win saw Peter extend his lead and a 4th in the Race 7 clinched the title. Craig Williamson won the day with a 3, 1,1 to take 2nd overall on tie break whilst Tim sailed consistently with a string of top 4 results to take 3rd overall and 1st Youth. First Lady was Ellie Craig (Draycote) in 14th and 1st Master was UK Class Chairman Nigel Rolfe (Burghfield) in 12th.

In the RS Aero 9 fleet saw Liam Willis (Lymington), Greg Bartlett (Starcross) and Ben Charnley (Snettisham Beach) all very close going into the final day. After Ben won the first race with Greg 2nd it was all near equal with 2 races to go! Ultimately the title went to Liam with Greg 2nd and Ben in 3rd also top Youth.

The RS Aero 9 had no less then 5 race winners over their 8 race series. However the RS Aero 5s must have been the friendliest fleet ever taking it in turns for the top spot with an incredible 7 different winners and a different leader after each day! The RS Aero 7s achieved their dubious notoriety with four general recalls in Race 8 as the tide set to carry the fleet over the start. PRO, Jim Sinclair, kept order and with about five RS Aero 7s pulled out on each attempt the fleet eventually got away with just 30 starters as the bad boys and girls sailed home to early showers!

Thanks to the all the event supporters - Rooster and Harken for their generous prize haul allowing daily prizes through the fleet. Airshed and Edinburgh Orthodontics for providing 'FREE PUDDIN' ' at the Class dinner and local Gin producer, NB Gin, for the winners' bottles! RS Sailing provided a huge fleet of charter RS Aeros allowing international visitors the ability to fly in and enabling local sailors to try out an RS Aero in a championship environment. David Battye's presence as Juror added great value to the event.

Huge thanks to East Lothian Yacht Club of North Berwick and their small army of volunteers who made us all feel so very welcome and made everything happen like clockwork. Their elite shore team delivering trollies into the water is perhaps the best in the world!

Next up for the RS Aeros is this summer's big one - The RS Aero Europeans at Malcesine on Lake Garda, Italy! Over 100 RS Aeros are already registered and excitement increases as the trip to the Italian Lakes draws closer! Keep in touch with Everything Aero via the Class website and Facebook group.

Overall Results:

1st1844William CaigerSevenoaks SchoolY222RDG52‑81‑714
2nd2325Ned StattersfieldWells‑Next‑The‑SeaY312265‑7‑1319
3rd2948Liina KolkSaaremaa/Pirita ESTL13165‑96‑822
4th1096Harrison PyeDraycote WSCY44‑81842‑1123
5th2966David PeatyUpton Warren SCY6‑206‑7465229
6th2531Jamie RastrickYorkshire Dales SCY575‑873‑9532
7th1596Henry RastrickYorkshire Dales SC 8‑10109124(BFD)34
8th2442Jonathan BaileyGrafham SCY‑1211‑13331011139
9th2105Lily BarrettIsland Barn RSCL Y‑967‑12973941
10th2552Sammy Isaacs‑JnsnMaidenhead SC 11‑14911131‑141459
11th1581Steve StewartRYA 754161519‑20(DNC)66
12th2708Maisie BristowIsland Barn RSCL Y10912‑15‑2013121066
13th2724Melissa MeredithTata Steel SCL‑158111011‑15131568
14th2386Fiona RiggEast Lothian YCL‑1713‑1641214101669
15th2739Lou BoormanDale YCL Y141215(DNF)1016‑17370
16th2953Giles BakerRoyal Thames YCY161714(DNF)‑19118470
17th2980Josie MeredithPapercourt SCL Y1316‑1814161215‑1786
18th1705Kate WharmbyRoyal Lymington YCL Y‑1918191814‑2016691
19th1964Alice LucyRutland SCL Y20‑22‑21131818181299
20th2929Elliott TomsFowey Gallants SCY‑211517171717‑1918101
21st1594Julie ArcherUllswater YCL M1819201921(BFD)(DNC)DNC121
22nd2150Jackie CravenScammonden SCL M222122(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC137
23rd2146Nick CravenScammonden SC (DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC144
1st2813Peter BartonLymington Town SC 2114‑1914(DNF)13
2nd2719Craig WilliamsonStaunton Harold SC 134‑9‑831113
3rd2439Tim HireRoyalLym/LymTownY3232‑1042‑616
4th2964Ben WilcoxEast Lothian YC ‑7721‑2365223
5th1020Richard PyeDraycote WSC 458‑13623‑928
6th2875Noah ReesTorpointMos/Cawsand 84751(BFD)6(BFD)31
7th2976Ants HaavelPirita SPK EST 5‑9973‑117839
8th3003Ben RolfeBurghfield SC ‑1185‑119581146
9th2553Mark RiddingtonEmsworth Slipper SC 96(DNF)3(BFD)1612551
10th2738Spike DanielsHayling Island SC 101410‑22‑25129762
11th2543Steve NorburyWarsash SC 1311615119‑16(BFD)65
12th3005Nigel RolfeBurghfield SCM14‑23‑178138101467
13th2106Roscoe MartinOgston SCY‑23‑24211641014469
14th2603Ellie CraigDraycote WSCL1621‑22671711(BFD)78
15th2811Richard KennedyEmsworth Slipper SC 12101410‑321422(BFD)82
16th2550Chris JonesSutton Bingham SCM‑20‑222014187131284
17th2318Karl ThorneLymington Town SC 151616171421‑31(BFD)99
18th2975Ian FitzgeraldPort Edgar YC ‑31‑3527202115193105
19th2907Ed StoreyYorkshire Dales SC 18‑2818‑3624181815111
20th1118Gareth WilliamsLeigh and Lowton SC ‑2925‑29195292410112
21st2288Paul GardnerStokes Bay SC (DNC)(DNC)DNC182231519126
22nd2581Peter CraggsYork RI SC 211525‑3320‑262623130
23rd2572Andy HillWarsash SC 2520‑3425162223(DNC)131
24th1739David CherrillBroadwater SCM2626‑2821‑28132521132
25th1265Angus BoydEast Lothian YCM‑341323283424(BFD)13135
26th2979Bruce MillarEast Lothian YC 303019‑35‑35202918146
27th2155Iain McGonigalEast Lothian YCM17172624‑30DNE‑2817150
28th1568Caitlin AtkinWhitstable YCL Y2429‑3332171930(BFD)151
29th1544James WittsQueen Mary SC 2227122915(BFD)(DNC)DNC154
30th2502Peter ChaplinBurghfield SCM‑3832312731(BFD)1716154
31st1747Andrew CooneyBroadwater SCM‑3937‑403122302020160
32nd2922Andrew WishartBroadwater SC 27183012(BFD)25(BFD)DNC161
33rd2299John WilcoxEast Lothian YCM1919153440(BFD)36(BFD)163
34th1336Joe GallivanLymington Town SC 353113233728(BFD)(BFD)167
35th1415Keith EscrittYorkshire Dales SCM61211(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC176
36th3002Jane PeckhamGurnard SCL M283335‑39362721(BFD)180
37th2582Nick NeveRutland SCM37(DNC)(DNC)30123127BFD186
38th1909Jorn DomresSV Harlebucht GERM323424‑4541(BFD)3325189
39th2429Robin CaigerBough Beech SC ‑434141‑4227373424204
40th2649Kent MartinOgston SC 3336(RET)262932(BFD)BFD205
41st2974Mark ColeGW de Vrijbuiter NED ‑414037‑4138343728214
42nd2978Kingsley BrownGurnard SCM423838(DNF)‑43353527215
43rd2990Martin RootsTata Steel SC (DNF)‑42393842333826216
44th2146Nick CravenScammonden SC (DNC)(DNC)DNC4339363222221
45th2505Neil WharmbyRoyal Lymington YC 404336‑44‑44383929225
46th1846Steve FraserEast Lothian YCM363932(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC254
47th2503Dan BirdLymington Town SC (DNF)(DNC)DNC4026DNCDNCDNC262
48th2150Jackie CravenScammonden SCL M(DNC)(DNC)DNC3733DNFDNCDNC266
1st2955Liam WillisLymington Town SC 222113‑4‑611
2nd2600Greg BartlettStarcross YC 11(DNF)432‑6213
3rd2865Ben CharnleySnettisham Beach SCY331‑10‑512414
4th1171Ffinlo WrightIsle of Man YC ‑5‑543443119
5th1331Rory CohenFrampton‑on‑Severn 4(DNF)(DNC)8261324
6th2527Robbie LawsonEast Lothian YC ‑6436‑1055528
7th1810Jeremy HigsonBartley SCM7‑8‑82688738
8th1926Jon ShawEast Lothian YC ‑10657‑977840
9th2369Tom EhlerLym Town SC GER 97657(DNC)(DNC)DNC45
10th2832Clive HarriesYorkshire Dales SCM89798(DNC)(DNC)DNC52

RS Aero Challenge Cup results can be found here.

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