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North West Junior & Youth Travellers Trophy & Topper NW Area Championship at Bassenthwaite SC

by Alastair Duncan & Mik Chappell 1 Jul 2019 06:38 BST 29-30 June 2019

An impressive fleet of 50 boats took to the water to sail the North West Junior and Youth Traveller Series & Topper NW Areas Championships at Bassenthwaite Sailing club with helm and crew under 19.

As racing was about to get under way at 1200 hrs the light breeze faded and started to swing through 180 degrees... With hopes of a sea breeze moving in to settle things down, it was noticed that wind was filling in from the SE again, so the course was reset and racing got under way.

Half an hour into the race the wind swung to the SE, and a shadow was cast over mark 1, so the race was shortened, and Tom Brindleg from Redesmere took his first of four wins of the day in the NWJTT, with Emily Page from Budworth 1st Topper.

The course was reset again, and the wind freshened for a short while, but then swung more to the NW, and back to the SW again. A sign of things to come? Will Burbridge from Chester was 1st Topper.

After a break, the clearly hadn't settled as the OD set a windward mark, moved to position the leeward mark only to find the wind was blowing from the opposite direction! Fortunately, the SW wind took control again and race 3 was started. As with the previous race, the wind swung between the NW and SW. This time Tom Bates from Ripon was 1st Topper.

Mathew Somerville (Pictured) from Dalston sailed into 21st position overall and was the 1st Terror Sport and 1st under 11.

A sterling performance from Charlie Rowell, Katter Smith and Erin Dawson from Bassenthwaite Sailing Club.

After a slight adjustment of the beat, race 4 was under way, but the wind soon eased for the back half of the fleet. With various zephyrs passing through the fleet continued on for another lap after which the race was shortened, before the wind faded altogether. George Colquitt from WKSC was 1st Topper. Tom Brindleg was overnight leader for NWJTT and Emily Page led the Toppers.

Strong winds were forecast for Sunday, but the Bass micro-climate resulted in windy, but sailable, conditions which put off some less experienced sailors.

Unlike Saturday, the stronger winds were more settled in direction so the course just had to be set once! There were numerous capsizes, some notable (an Oppie nosediving), but there were some very determined sailors that tried their best and carried on racing even after various capsizes.

Report from Mik Chappell

These two events held as a combined fleet took place on Bassenthwaite Lake over the weekend. There were a total of 50 entrants representing in excess of 20 clubs. There were 23 Toppers and a mix of Lasers, RS200s, Teras, Optimists and the occasional interloper within the Traveller fleet.

Saturday's weather was a continuation of the warm and sunny conditions which have been a feature of the last week but, with the forecast that these would not continue throughout the weekend, four of the six scheduled races were held on the first day.

This created havoc for the OD as the light wind was continually swinging through 90 degrees and sometimes more necessitating frequent resets to the line. Race 1 was shortened when the wind swung to the extent that one of the marks was in a wind shadow. Tom Brindley (Laser) from Redesmere took the first of four wins during the day in the NWJTT with Budsworth's Emily Page the leading Topper.

In the following two races the first Toppers were Will Burbridge from Chester and Tom Bates from Ripon. By race 4 the wind was fading so this one was also shortened, George Colquitt from West Kirby taking the Topper win.

Brindley was overnight leader in NWJTT and Page led the Toppers.

True to forecast Sunday was a much windier day and a fair number of crews decided not to take to the water. There were numerous capsizes some of which were quite spectacular but the hardy sailors were, in the main, unaffected and carried on to finish the races.

Bates won race 5 in his Topper with Brindley's Laser finishing second. Bates won again in the race 6 giving him second place overall and the Topper NW Area Championship.

Although he only finished in seventh place in the final race, Brindley was the overall series winner and the lead finisher in NWJTT.

North West Junior & Youth Travellers Trophy Results:

PosFleetClassSail NoHelmClubPYCategoryR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1stNWJTTLaser209139Tom BrindleyRedsmere1099Y11112‑76
2ndTopperTopper48577Tom BatesRipon SC1363J<16‑133291116
3rdTopperTopper47393Will BurbridgeChester1363J<16428‑1610226
4thTopperTopper46876Emily PageBudworth Sailing Club1363Y254‑119929
5thNWJTTRS 200922Tom BurkeConiston / Bassenthwaite1046Y3103312‑1331
6thTopperTopper47462George ColquittWKSC1363J<1418‑20783339
7thTopperTopper48164Megan GreavesElton SC1363J<161449‑227539
8thTopperTopper48451Daisy FisherHollingworth Lake1363J<16‑21710204445
9thTopperTopper47601Tom MossRipon1363J<14‑2216.55156648.5
10thTopperTopper47536Chloe MillsPennine1363J<1619‑2161451155
11thTopperTopper47768Charlotte CooperWest Lancs YC1363J<1411614‑17131256
12thNWJTTLaser Radial197306Tom PlattBolton Sailing Club1145Y715‑307111656
13thNWJTTRS 2001256Adam DinHollingworth Lake Sailing Club1046Y128‑232211962
14thNWJTTLaser Radial159251Kieron FreerJumbles1145Y819‑286151462
15thTopperTopper44793Hector DroungosHollingworth Lake SC1363J<1459121917.5(DNF)62.5
16thTopperTopper48368Henry SmithWest Riding SC1363J<14201316‑2181067
17thNWJTTLaser Radial195817James BishopRossendale Valley1145Y914‑342514870
18thTopperTopper47228Jacob DinHollingworth Lake Sailing Club1363J<14‑27121312162275
19thTopperTopper 4.247299Jasper BramwellHollingworth Lake Sailing Club1416J<1423261118‑2723101
20thTopperTopper45440Lucia AikmanChester Sailing and Canoeing club1363J<1629181524(DNF)15101
21stNWJTTLaser Radial189464Ceridwen BellLLSC1145Y101126.54(DNF)DNC101.5
22ndNWJTTLaser Radial176459Joseph BleaseBassenthwaite SC1145Y616.5255(DNC)DNC102.5
23rdNWJTTRS Tera sport2114Matthew SomervilleBassenthwaite SC1438J<11242818‑3117.517104.5
24thTopperTopper47075Grace CullingConiston1363J<16‑282319262018106
25thTopperTopper37155Charlie ExleyBassenthwaite SC1363J<161522222919(RAF)107
26thNWJTTRS 200698Will RowlandLLSC1046Y16‑3837102826117
27thTopperTopper44573Morgan BusbyLLSC1363J<143131201325(DNC)120
28thTopperTopper43749Sam EllisRed Wharf Bay1363J<16382421‑412420127
29thTopperTopper 4.246303Harriet WoodJumbles1416J<1432‑3424272225130
30thNWJTTOptimist6344Jacob BennettLLSC1642J<142637‑38302624143
31stNWJTTRS Tera sport2821Finn HoustonConiston1438J<1436‑3932322321144
32ndNWJTTByte CII1625Alex HorsmanWRSC1138J<1417303623(DNC)DNC156
33rdTopperTopper46162Elise BusbyLLSC1363J<14332526.537(DNF)DNC171.5
34thNWJTTLaser Radial197633Katie BishopRossendale Valley1145J<1625273338(DNC)DNC173
35thNWJTTMirror56398Hannah PrestonBassenthwaite SC1390J<1639331736(DNC)DNC175
36thTopperTopper41811Jack ExleyBassenthwaite SC1363J<1435293133(DNC)DNC178
37thTopperTopper18689Jessica BallRossendale Valley Sailing Club1363J<1430352940(DNF)DNC184
38thNWJTTRS Tera sport2985Katia SmithBassenthwaite SC1438J<1437324439(DNF)DNC202
39thNWJTTOptimist5576Poppy MossRipon SC1642J<1145(DNC)3928DNCDNC212
40thNWJTTRS Tera sport2989Erin DawsonBassenthwaite SC1438J<16343643(DNC)DNCDNC213
41stNWJTTOptimist6003Julia SmithWest Riding SC1642J<1143(DNC)4035DNCDNC218
42ndNWJTTLaser Radial212906Faye CrookJumbles1145J<16(DNF)DNC3534DNCDNC219
43rdNWJTTRS Tera sport437Jasmine perryLLSC1438J<11414046(DNC)DNFDNC227
44thNWJTTOptimist5433Charlie RowellBassenthwaite SC1642J<1142(DNC)42DNCDNCDNC234
45thNWJTTRS Tera sport15Grace StockdaleBass / Ripon1438J<1140(DNC)45DNCDNCDNC235
46thNWJTTOptimist6013Lochlyn BellLLSC1642J<1146(DNC)41DNCDNCDNC237
47thNWJTTOptimist5737James ReekieBassenthwaite SC1642J<1144(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC244
48thNWJTTRS Tera sport0Nicole perryLLSC1438J<11(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC250
48thTopperTopper44200Tom OldriniPennine SC1363J<16(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC250

Topper NW Area Championship Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1st48577Tom BatesRipon SC‑5212117
2nd46876Emily PageBudworth Sailing Club1423‑8717
3rd47393Will BurbridgeChester2168‑9219
4th47462George ColquittWKSC8‑12512319
5th48164Megan GreavesElton SC637‑136527
6th47601Tom MossRipon‑1210375631
7th48451Daisy FisherHollingworth Lake‑1168113432
8th47536Chloe MillsPennine9‑13464932
9th47768Charlotte CooperWest Lancs YC45‑119101038
10th44793Hector DroungosHollingworth Lake SC3791012(DNF)41
11th48368Henry SmithWest Riding SC109‑13127846
12th47228Jacob DinHollingworth Lake Sailing Club‑14.58104111447
13th45440Lucia AikmanChester Sailing and Canoeing club16111214(DNF)1164
14th37155Charlie ExleyBassenthwaite SC71417.51713(RAF)68.5
15th47075Grace CullingConiston14.51514‑16141269.5
16th44573Morgan BusbyLLSC182015517(DNC)75
17th47299Jasper BramwellHollingworth Lake Sailing Club13‑1917.515181578.5
18th43749Sam EllisRed Wharf Bay‑22161622151382
19th46303Harriet WoodJumbles21‑222218161693
20th46162Elise BusbyLLSC19171920(DNF)DNC99
21st41811Jack ExleyBassenthwaite SC20182119(DNC)DNC102
22nd18689Jessica BallRossendale Valley Sailing Club17212021(DNF)DNC103
23rd44200Tom OldriniPennine SC(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC120

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