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Craftinsure 2012

Craftinsure Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller Open at Parkstone Yacht Club

by Mark Waterhouse & Nick Scroggie 19 Jun 09:57 BST 15-16 June 2019

Yes, we have no bananas. Chuffing windy event at Parkstone YC resulting in multiple capsizes, multiple damage and multiple bananas floating around the course.

Day 1 Report (by Mark Waterhouse)

Day 1 of the two day event at Parkstone was a Craftinsure silver tiller 'sea' event on Saturday 15th June. We were outside Poole harbour in Poole bay with a stiff onshore wind (25kts) and tide in the opposite direction creating a lumpy and sometimes confused sea. The 1 half mile run down to the start area from the Poole harbour entrance proved a little too tricky for some who retired back to the club while others quickly found their swimming legs. We, on the other hand, had to stop for repairs on the way. Fortunately, spare string was on board. Phew.

Race 1 the fleet wanted to get out to the right so the committee end of the line was a little crowded at the start. Olympic triangle sausage course was the order of the day. The first gybe mark started to take its toll with quite a few capsizes and breakages after a hairy but screaming reach. Another spray filled, ear to ear grin, superfast reach saw a few more boats fall over at the second gybe mark. A very lumpy sea made upwind difficult, especially on port tack sailing across the seaway. However, there was no stopping the leaders who stretched out a big lead very quickly, leaving us mere mortals hanging on and trying to keep the centreboard underneath us. The Saxton brothers controlled the conditions and won. And thus, the pattern established.

There was a bit of Poole Lifeboat action during the first race after a fairly serious incident at a gybe mark resulting in one crew member being taken off to hospital on the day and the boat limping off the course and back home to go off to the Dave Winder hospital ooop north. Thankfully, the crew is fine but the boat needs a little TLC. Thanks to the boys and girls in yellow who do a stirling job. Yes, I know a couple of them and one is called Stirling!!

'Hooray' for the PYC rescue boat who rescued our chocolate energy balls that were last seen floating off with the bananas after a wave got the better off us and we disappeared down the mine.

Race 2 - Wind speed had dropped a little but the sea was still lumpy making it difficult to sail, unless you're the Saxton brothers or Taxi and Pippa or any of the other superstars who make it look easy.

Again committee boat was favoured and the majority of the fleet disappeared off to the right. However, a couple of the top boats came in from the left and arrived at the front of the fleet. I suspect heavy weather technique was paying off, but some big shifts created overtaking opportunities. Less carnage this race in the depleted fleet but still busy on the race course.

Taxi and Pippa Kilsby took line honours followed by the Saxton brothers, Tim and Ben.

Race 3 - I don't know about anyone else but the thought of a third race with another 4 laps was really not very appealing. Thank god for choccy energy balls. Legs burning, arms aching and generally feeling a bit battered, we soldiered on and the fleet disappeared off to the right again. This time the sun came out and made everything OK. The first reach had become a little more of a run as the wind swung right which gave opportunities for those who noticed to gain some places on the sausage leg. Pattern re-established, the Saxton duo triumphed, followed by Simon and Ally Potts. The most consistent team of the day were Roger Gilbert and James Stewart who recorded a 3,3,3, and overall finished... 4th.

Big shout out to the race committee who must have felt fairly uncomfortable on their yacht in that swell.

An excellent day's sailing with an amazing demo from the top teams who made all look so easy. Well done all.

Day 2 Report (by Nick Scroggie)

So day 2 of the Parkstone Yacht Club Merlin Rocket Craftinsure Silver Tiller traded the lumpy seas of Bournemouth Bay and Olympic courses for bigger breezes, but mercifully (for the author at least) flatter water and 'around the cans', in the 'Top Triangle' of Poole Harbour. The 37 boats from day 1 were somewhat depleted through a combination of fatigue & breakage (mostly of crew 'on' and 'off' the water) but around 27 boats took to the water for day 2.

I won't be able to comment too much on the action at the front of the fleet as we only rubbed shoulders with them in the first few minutes after the start, thereafter concentrating hard on keeping the wet bits wet and the dry bits dry in the double-digit positions of the fleet. So apologies in advance!

Race 1 was a 45 minute affair starting at 10:40 with average wind speeds of 21 knots from the south-west and a race max of 28 knots. A good sized beat to a moveable mark, in the open water of the top triangle, was followed by a broad reach (or run) past Brownsea Island depending upon which route you fancied to what looked like an elusive 'Rebbecks' race mark for the visitors. The front runners appeared (a long way off and) to be Team Pascoe & Saxton, and I saw the 'blue flash over white' of a Chris Jennings kite in the mix - apologies for lack of credit to others. For me it offered an opportunity to catch up a few hundred metres by going 'as the crow flies' after a distinctly average first leg. Next up, a beat back into the top triangle, with Brownsea providing a navigational obstruction and plentiful shifts towards 'Wych' race mark. Then a mile long two sail reach towards the Wareham Channel, though I did see a couple of very temporary spinnaker additions, followed by rapid deletions! A gybe around 'Hutchins' race mark offered a great 3 sail reach towards the moveable mark with spinnaker drop, gybe, and short sprint reach to finish. The results say Team Saxton first, Team Pascoe second, Andy Davis and Pippa Kilsby third, with 25 finishers.

Race 2, again 45 minutes long, started at 11:55 in a freshening breeze of 22 knots average and a race max of 29 knots. The moveable first mark apparently had not moved, but somehow seemed a lot further away than it did in the first race, or perhaps it was just me! We started well at the port end with Team Saxton and Mr Whitworth crewed by Kat Kimber, heading out on starboard searching for the lift at Brownsea and the lee bow in the Wych channel. By the time we arrived at windward mark our start mates had pushed off, though it was good to see Jon Gorringe and Andy Brewer had found their top batten (after a no show in the first race), and were up there in the mix. A couple of blasting 2 sail reaches followed, via 'Piccadilly' and 'Morris Lane' race marks, then a beat to 'Balls lake'. At 'Balls Lake' race mark we turned left, hoisted, and headed towards 'Rebbecks'. Unfortunately for us the fleet had a much better idea where it was by now, and most headed straight for it when gusts allowed. However an early drop and we managed to creep inside a few before a fetch to the finish. The results say Team Saxton first, Team Pascoe second, Jon Gorringe and Andy Brewer third, & 21 finishers.

Race 3 kicked off at 12:55 in yet more breeze, which averaged 23 knots and peaked at over 30 knots. Moveable race mark had definitely got further away no matter what anyone says. The honest answer is I can't remember who we started with, but half way up the first beat we decided we had had enough fun for two days and peeled off the race course, only to have the mast part company with itself and the boat on the way home. The results say Jon Gorringe and Andy Brewer first, Team Pascoe second, Richard Whitworth and Kat Kimber third, & 13 finishers.

The 2019 Silver Tiller is once again sponsored by Craftinsure with Magic Marine as the clothing partner for the class. Weekend spot prizes were provided by Quaywest Chandlers and Exe Sails. Next up the Craftinsure Silver Tiller heads to Whitstable Yacht Club on 22 and 23 June.

Overall Results:


PosDivisionSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3Pts
1stGOLD3758BazingaTim SaxtonBen SaxtonItchenor SC1‑212
2ndGOLD3684Keyser SozeAndy DavisPippa KilsbySouth Staffs SC21(UFD)3
3rdGOLD3786KhaleesiSimon PottsAlly PottsBurghfield‑11426
4thGOLD3722StealthRoger GilbertJames StewartNetley/ Frensham‑3336
5thGOLD3739DoryBen McGraneRoz McgraneNetley55‑610
6thGOLD3759Red MistressSam PascoeMegan PascoeCastle Cove SC4‑14711
7thGOLD3796RobertaWilliam WarrenAlex WarrenShoreham Sailing Club‑107512
8thGOLD3658BernardChris JenningsChris MartinBurghfield Sailing Club66(RET)12
9thGOLD3726ArwenWil HendersonArthur HendersonSalcombe YC‑1212416
10thGOLD3778Peer PressureDavid LenzVictoria LenzLymington Town Sailing Club9‑10817
11thGOLD3736MetadorosisRoger PhillipsWill CrockerBurghfield7(UFD)1219
12thGOLD3795GoonAlex JacksonMary HendersonShoreham SC‑2791019
13thGOLD3691Quick FixMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe YC14‑16923
14thGOLD3709Wild at HeartRob HendersonJames EllisLymington Town SC‑2281624
15thGOLD3777MockingjayGeorge YeomanTom PygallItchenor SC‑17151328
16thGOLD3703FaithlessRichard whitworthKat KimberPYC + Hollingworth Lake SC‑21112031
17thGOLD3756RobertSophie MackleyJames WardShoreham Sailing Club(RET)211132
18thGOLD3742Speed MachinePete BallantineRob AllenSalcombe YV‑20131932
19thSILVER3641Puff the Magc DragonMark WaterhouseMat CurrellParkstone‑30181533
20thGOLD3781the force awakensDavid WinderLiv BellHollingworth Lake13‑252134
21stBRONZE3763Dancing braveMark BarnesAngus CookWhitstable YC/ North Devon YC‑28171734
22ndGOLD3676Hot TottyFrances GiffordToby LewisRanelagh SC18‑201836
23rdSILVER3694Soup DragonSteve TylerAlly TylerParkstone16‑302238
24thBRONZE3780Time MachineSarah RichardsNigel WakefieldRLymYC1923‑2442
25thSILVER3746Point N SquirtJames WellsAnna AylwardStarcross(RET)291443
26thGOLD3784Strung AlongMark BarwellLouise JohnsonLymington Town SC2422(RET)46
27thBRONZE3767One LoveBen ArcherTheo HarrisPYC23‑242346
28thGOLD3712Okey DokeyIan SharpsIan MartinBurghfield8(RET)DNS47
29thGOLD3673The OldieCaroline CroftTom LonsdaleBlithfield SC3119(UFD)50
30thSILVER3745OutnumberedPaul DeanRussell HallWembley26‑282551
31stGOLD3670Filthy GorgeousTim ParsonsSarah ParsonsLyme Regis SC2526(RET)51
32ndGOLD3791Didley SquatJon GorringeMimi GorringeParkstone YC15(DNS)DNS54
33rdBRONZE3723DESGeoff KimberHelen KimberStone Sailing Club29‑312655
34thSILVER3683Blue birdChloe GeorgeBen GeorgeLTSC(RET)27DNS66
35thGOLD3729ShabazzleAndy BrewerKelly AaronParkstone32(DNS)DNS71
36thBRONZE3704Factory MaidJemma HorwoodSel SharThames(DNS)DNSDNS78
36thSILVER3789 Nick ScroggieEdward Scroggie / Claire JohnstonePYC(RET)DNSDNS78
36thGOLD3803 Chris GouldRhos HawesMidland SC(RET)DNSDNS78


PosDivisionSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3Pts
1stGOLD3758BazingaTim SaxtonBen SaxtonItchenor SC11(RET)2
2ndGOLD3791Didley SquatJon GorringeAndy BrewerParkstone YC(RET)314
3rdGOLD3759Red MistressSam PascoeMegan PascoeCastle Cove SC‑2224
4thGOLD3684Keyser SozeAndy DavisPippa KilsbySouth Staffs SC34(RET)7
5thGOLD3703FaithlessRichard whitworthKat KimberPYC + Hollingworth Lake SC‑7639
6thGOLD3673The OldieCaroline CroftTom LonsdaleBlithfield SC4‑121014
7thGOLD3726ArwenWil HendersonArthur HendersonSalcombe YC‑99514
8thGOLD3722StealthRoger GilbertJames StewartNetley/ Frensham105‑1115
9thGOLD3736MetadorosisRoger PhillipsWill CrockerBurghfield8‑11715
10thGOLD3778Peer PressureDavid LenzVictoria LenzLymington Town Sailing Club‑1110616
11thGOLD3691Quick FixMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe YC‑128816
12thGOLD3709Wild at HeartRob HendersonJames EllisLymington Town SC‑1913417
13thGOLD3777MockingjayGeorge YeomanTom PygallItchenor SC‑1771219
14thGOLD3676Hot TottyFrances GiffordToby LewisRanelagh SC14‑161327
15thGOLD3781the force awakensDavid WinderLiv BellHollingworth Lake1315(DNC)28
16thGOLD3756RobertSophie MackleyJames WardShoreham Sailing Club‑2321930
17thSILVER3789 Nick ScroggieClaire JohnstoneParkstone YC1517(RET)32
18thBRONZE3780Time MachineSarah RichardsNigel WakefieldRLymYC2114(DNC)35
19thSILVER3694Soup DragonSteve TylerAlly TylerParkstone YC1619(DNC)35
20thSILVER3746Point N SquirtJames WellsAnna AylwardStarcross2018(DNC)38
21stSILVER3745OutnumberedPaul DeanRussell HallWembley2220(DNC)42
22ndGOLD3658BernardChris JenningsChris MartinBurghfield Sailing Club5(DNS)DNC43
23rdGOLD3712Okey DokeyIan SharpsIan MartinBurghfield6(DNS)DNC44
24thGOLD3796RobertaWilliam WarrenAlex WarrenShoreham Sailing Club18(DNS)DNC56
25thGOLD3742Speed MachinePete BallantineRob AllenSalcombe YV24(DNC)DNC62
26thSILVER3641Puff the Magc DragonMark WaterhouseMat CurrellParkstone YC25(RET)DNC63
27thGOLD3670Filthy GorgeousTim ParsonsSarah ParsonsLyme Regis SC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thSILVER3683Blue birdChloe GeorgeBen GeorgeLTSC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thBRONZE3704Factory MaidJemma HorwoodSel SharThames(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thBRONZE3723DESGeoff KimberHelen KimberStone Sailing Club(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thGOLD3729ShabazzleAndy BrewerKelly AaronParkstone YC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thBRONZE3767One LoveBen ArcherTheo HarrisPYC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thGOLD3803 Chris GouldRhos HawesMidland SC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thBRONZE3763Dancing braveMark BarnesAngus CookWhitstable YC/ North Devon YC(RET)DNSDNC76
27thGOLD3786KhaleesiSimon PottsAlly PottsBurghfield(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thGOLD3784Strung AlongMark BarwellLouise JohnsonLymington Town SC(DNC)DNCDNC76
27thGOLD3795GoonAlex JacksonMary HendersonShoreham SC(DNC)DNCDNC76

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