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Jump Into a Career in Sailing - Join

by Kerri Robson 31 May 17:00 BST are trying to revolutionise the sailing industry by turning the traditional distribution model on its head © Ronstan / Armare

If you're not already aware, is trying to change the world. Okay, not quite... but we are trying to revolutionise the sailing industry by turning the traditional distribution model on its head - and we are looking for new people to help us achieve our goals.

As an online start-up, over the last three years we have been building a worldwide digital sales and marketing infrastructure, supplying our customers with performance deck hardware and rigging systems that help them achieve our goal of lighter, faster and safer sailing.

So, what's our mission?

Specialists in sailing systems, our utlimate goal is clear:

We want to work with all leading equipment manufacturers and stock complete ranges for all brands

We want to supply high quality technical data for all products, to enable our customers to make direct product comparisons and choose the product that is right for them

We want to host a multitude of guides, specification tools and educational resources online to help our customers make informed decisions

Finally, we want to provide one to one expert support, plus distribution and installation worldwide

That's quite a task, right? That's where you come in.

We're expanding, and we're in search of more people to join the team.

We are currently recruiting for roles in marketing, sales and fulfilment, and we are looking for graduates or those with 1-2 years' experience to fill them.

We are recruiting from the usual channels but the key ingredients for our new recruits is talent, drive and passion for sailing, and we are struggling to find the right people. Sailors where are you?

This is a real opportunity for young sailors to combine their love for the sport with a professional career with solid development prospects.

If you know anyone that would be interested in applying for one of these roles, then please forward them this article.

Alternatively, for more information yourself, click here to download the job description.

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