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Technical Marine Supplies update - Karver Winches now available!

by Matt Churchward 22 May 2019 14:00 BST
Karver Winches © Karver

In the last quarter of 2018 we announced a new range upcoming winches from Karver... after waiting patiently we are delighted to say they are NOW IN STOCK!

If you did not see our original article detailing the many innovations and benefits of the Karver range, then allow us to refresh you.

The new Karver winches are equipped with a double gear mechanism, a classic first stage identical to current winch designs and a second consisting of an epicyclic gear train. This patented technology is used for the first time on a winch and has the effect of multiplying efforts. Thus and according to its original set up, Karver winches are either 6 times faster than any other winch in the current market (Speed Range), or 3 times more powerful (Power Range).

The Karver Winch Series KSW Speed Winch, KPW Power Winch & KCW Compact Winch (above). The origins of this major innovation in sheet winches were the Pontos Company. It sought a way to drastically reduce the physical effort to operate a winch on a sailboat and make the practice of sailing accessible to the greatest number of people. Pontos was bought by Karver in 2018 and the combined knowledge and technical know-how from both companies and their 15 years of boating experience, means these winches have evolved into the greatest winch innovation in over 40 years!

Except for the KCW Compact model (2 speeds), all other winches in the range are equipped with 4 automatic speeds. As soon as the effort is too much, simply operate the handle in the opposite direction. Speeds pass instinctively from one to the other without activating any extra mechanism. Once the tension on the rope is released, the winch will return to the initial speed. It's very fast, efficient and simple to use.

These winches are designed to last, using the latest materials: Aluminium hard anodized drum, 17-4PH stainless steel gearboxes and clutch, triple polyoxymethylene needle bearing cage, plus full 5 year warranty.

KSW Speed Winch

The extra speeds of the KSW provide the ability to trim much faster than standard winches. In first gear, a single handle turn pulls 6 times the length of rope of a two-speed winch. The gear change is simple. When the load on the handle becomes too much, simply reverse the direction to change gears automatically.

The simplicity and speed of the manoeuvres will certainly make you save seconds for the overall leader board. To hoist a main sail with a 20m halyard requires 142 turns of crank with a traditional winch against 29 turns with a KSW Speed Winch!

KPW Power Winch

What delights KPW users is the multiplication ratio that converts minimal effort on the handle into maximum effort on the line. The manoeuvres become accessible to the whole family.

This winch is really dedicated to cruisers but racers will also have noted that at similar sizes our winches are 20% stronger than the others. This allows you to come down in winch size if needed.

On a 38-foot, with a 40 m" genoa, in 25 knots of wind, a standard winch will require 13 kg to trim the sail. The effort required with a KARVER Power will be only 4.7 Kg!


KCW Compact Winch

Total concentrated innovation in a two-speed self-tailing winch. By transposing the technology of its 4-speed winches, Karver invented the most powerful small winch.

The winch Compact has the size of a winch 20 but the power of a winch 45. In first gear, you enjoy a tailing speed twice the speed of a conventional winch, and in second gear, you benefit from the power of a winch 45. The unique combination of a small size and a workload of 850 Kg makes the Compact an extremely versatile winch.

The Compact winch can replace any winch up to and including size 40 and accepts 8 to 11mm ropes, providing increased comfort and improved performance.

The Karver Winch range is in stock and available NOW... don't miss out!


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