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Flying Dutchman World Championship at Nelson Yacht Club, New Zealand - Overall

by Alisdair Daines 24 Feb 2019 10:24 GMT 16-21 February 2019
2019 Flying Dutchman World Championships © Graeme Robertson

The last two days of racing for the 2019 Flying Dutchman World Championships wrapped up on Thursday. Three races were sailed over the last two days of the regatta.

Thursday's start was brought forward to 11am due to forecast higher winds in the afternoon. The race ended up being one of the lighter wind races sailed in shifting 8 10 knot breezes.

Szabolcs Majthenyi and András Domokos (HUN) confirmed their status as the world's best Flying Dutchman sailors when they won their 13th World title in Nelson

The results in the last three races were a benefit for the top three boats. HUN 70 had two firsts and a second, GER 88 a third, second and first, and NED 26 a second, third and fourth.

HUN 70 (Szabolcs Majthenyi and András Domokos) were declared overall World Champions for 2019 with a total score of 9 points. Their counting scores included five firsts and two seconds. Another two seconds were their discarded scores. GER 88 (Kay-Uwe Lüdtke and Kai Schäfers) were second overall with a score of 13 points with NED 26 (Enno Kramer and Ard Geelkerken) third on 19 points.

The top three boats dominated the event with none of them finishing lower than fifth in any race.

Top New Zealander was America based Paul Scoffin in seventh place.

With the exception of race one where the wind built from 10 20 knots shortly after the start races were sailed in perfect Nelson sea breeze conditions of 8 14 knots with at times relatively large waves. Conditions were perfect for the Flying Dutchman which enjoyed the steady upwind sailing and long surfing rides down wind.

The fleet was very competitive throughout with close battles for every place in the 41 boat fleet.

A total of 10 countries were represented.

Overall Results:

PosNatSailBoat name:Helm NameCrew NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Pts
1stHUN70PlanaTech008Szabolcs MajthényiAndrás Domokos‑211‑2121129
2ndGER88CommodoreKay‑Uwe LüdtkeKai Schäfers‑4‑5312132113
3rdNED26HittechEnno KramerArd Geelkerken‑522‑43323419
4th 98.....Shmuel MarkhoffLars Stöckmann33455(BFD)74‑2531
5thAUS7TBAEdward CoxPeter Bevis1963464‑14‑3033
6thHUN4PBRJanos ZieglerBalazs Czeizel96‑106‑14896347
7thNZL145CopacabanaPaul ScoffinBrendan Heussler‑174779569‑1847
8th 111Terminal VelocityAndrew McKeeDave Hislop(DNF)‑395861955856
9thHUN13TrediciAndrás SüliDávid Papp7811911‑14107‑2763
10thNZL7Drive it like you borrowed itFinn BismarkMatthew Bismark10‑239148121112‑1676
11th 33Lupercus 60Ian Douglas McCrossinJames Cook8108(DNS)1218818‑1982
12thAUS1Freight TrainMatt DraperAndrew McCowan111112‑191391319‑3188
13th 21BlackjackPeter BartelsDarren Hocking67(DNF)20101521(UFD)1089
14thNED18Van BillFrank NooijenSjors Riemslag12161513164‑1917‑2493
15thCZE11TakenakaPetr StorchTomá Palkovský1615‑17151717‑278997
16th 78Peter Tenke DrCsaba Polgar Dr15‑22(DNC)1218720226100
17th 12Hein TüütErnst GretenEric Schlisske1312(UFD)117(BFD)151329100
18thGER117Bella CarolinaArne GruskaNiklas Kiel14182124‑25‑33121013112
19th 209nothing else mattersMarianne MüllerThorsten Gaubisch(DNF)‑2420162113181612116
20th 94XPierfrancesco EustachiPaolo Rossi181719(UFD)191016‑2020119
21st 36SojournerLin RobsonKim McDonald(DNF)201418‑2320141521122
23rdITA20AlbaGiacomo Samuelli FerrettiAttila Koles2021‑2322‑262122237136
24th 213LastOneRolf AlbertAxel Priegann2NE13(UFD)10(UFD)DNC17115140
25thAUS9Chill ITMatthew MooreBrad Greenrod1914182120‑292624‑35142
26th 118Fiddlers DelightBruce Lissant‑ClaytonJohn Booth(DNF)‑2828232711232117150
27th 104StacattoDavid GibbNick McBribe(DNF)19162522(BFD)292722160
28th 133ApolloElisa KoenigHans‑ Albert Koenig (Schappie)(DNF)2525(DNC)2926322614177
29thNED33Flying DutchwomanTanja HeijinkMaarten Bausch22302229282430‑31‑32185
30th 110VPHideo TayamaDurk Schroor(DNF)3226(DNC)3030282915190
31st 32Green Eggs and HamDavid HamMichael Greenhalgh(DNC)(DNF)27262428252834192
32nd 107Prime ContenderJustin FletcherTony Walker(DNF)2932283223‑333026200
33rd 106 Peter GambleCallum Foley‑Logan21(DNF)(DNC)DNC3822312528207
34th 321ProspectorColin McLeodNeil Kafer(DNF)27243231(DNF)383223207
35th 22SpeedZbigniew FilipiakPatrycja Zawistowska(DNF)31293033273633(DNC)219
36th 72Ruth‑EllenJohn BaileyMark Howard(DNF)‑3831313525373633228
37th 103PZAZZRalph UrwinIan Beattie(DNF)35302736323534‑38229
38th 131Sharks in CustardJoseph BaileyPeter Bailey(DNF)3433(DNF)3431343537238
39th 10 Macgregor JonesLuis Schneider(DNF)37(DNF)33393439DNC36260
40th 153Manannan mac LirDouglas DommermuthMichael Manning(DNF)33(DNF)DNC37DNCDNCDNCDNC280
41st 87Diva 2Jim AlgertBruce Barrett(DNF)36(DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC288

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